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The use of the internet has drastically risen over the past two decades, with most homes around the country now equipped with a connection. As internet provision and services continue to evolve in the U.S., Xfinity is a major game player in the industry, serving over 41 states with gig speeds.

In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about the Xfinity internet to carry out the speed test successfully.

What You Need to Know About Xfinity Internet Speed

Xfinity accommodates its large and varied customer base by offering its internet service in multiple speed tiers. This makes it easier for people to pick a tier that works for their families while also being favorable to their budgets. As a cable internet provider, Xfinity offers different upload and download speeds. The highest Xfinity internet speed for downloads that you can get with any plan is 1200 Mbps, which is perfect for households that have many users and devices.

The high download speeds offered by Xfinity allow you to not just browse, email, and chat, but also stream videos, play games, and jump on video calls with your friends. Here is a list of the Xfinity Internet speeds that you can choose from for your home.

Xfinity Internet Plan

Max. Download Speed


150 Mbps

Connect More

300 Mbps


500 Mbps

Super Fast

800 Mbps


1000 Mbps

Gigabit Extra

1200 Mbps

How To Do An Xfinity Speed Test

An Xfinity internet speed test allows you to measure the internet speed of your home network at any time. It is simple enough to do; all you need is the Xfinity speed test tool and run it until it stops. It will show you both the download and upload speeds of your connection.

A speed test allows you to not only check the internet connection speed if you feel like there is a problem but also allows you to keep an eye on the network. If you feel like your internet speeds are slowing down more often, or lagging, it might be time to consider upgrading your internet plan.

Do remember that performing the test over an Ethernet connection while putting a stop to any other online activities would help you get the most accurate results. So that is something you can follow while attempting this speed test.

Tips and Tricks to Increase Xfinity Internet Speed

Although the speed test is a good tool, it merely functions as a rough estimate of your internet speed. Let us take a look at some of the most popular hacks to increase your internet speed without putting in too much of an investment.

Slow Xfinity Internet bothering you?

It might be time to consider an upgrade

At the End…

An Xfinity speed test gives you an estimate of the internet speeds you are receiving and a rough idea of what your internet needs are. The tips and tricks we have shared above may help you resolve your slow speed issues that originate from crowded networks and software issues. However, in cases where you feel like the speed is just not cutting it anymore, it might be best to step back for a moment and consider your needs and budget before going for a higher-speed plan. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How fast is Xfinity Internet?

Xfinity Internet is one of the best services available in the U.S. broadband industry. You can expect to enjoy seamless internet speeds ranging from 150 Mbps to 1200 Mbps. Multiple speed tiers are available for users of all kinds. You can take your pick and choose whatever you want.

Check out the best Xfinity internet plans in your area, or call Xfinity customer service at 844-207-8721 to learn more.  

Is the Xfinity speed test accurate?

Xfinity speed test is a rough estimation of what the internet speed is on your network. It is not accurate down to the last Mbps, but it does give you a fair understanding of how fast your connection is. To check your Xfinity internet speed and learn more about the service, reach out to us at 844-207-8721.