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In this digital age, our lives have become more connected than ever. On the internet, you can find information about almost anything that can enrich your life. Web specialists keep coming up with new fun apps, games social networks, and other web tools that make our online experience smoother and more fun. But as these apps and networks gain more popularity, the risk of cyberattacks on your system also increases. And the victim could be you or your family members.

Laptops, tablets, computers, and smartphones are common at educational institutes. Not only that, they are a significant part of virtual learning. And these devices are here to stay, which is why families should have conversations about internet safety. Make sure that you take the right steps to protect your loved ones against malicious software or attacks. While online activities may seem harmless, it would not be wrong to say that the internet poses security dangers to your household members. Thanks to the MetroNet fiber internet, we not only have fast internet but a safe and secure way of conducting online activities.

What Is MetroNet Defense Security?

Protecting your family online is, without a doubt, one of the biggest challenges of living in a connected world. And MetroNet understands that you cannot afford to leave your loved ones vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Therefore, the provider ensures to protect your family’s digital life with MetroNet Defense Security. 

The best part is, MetroNet Defense does not only keep all your devices protected but it also gives you the reassurance that your loved ones are safe from cybersecurity threats. The Defense Internet Security service from MetroNet is capable of supporting multiple devices at once. It comes included with a firewall, antivirus protection, password manager, banking protection, website blocker, ransomware protection, and not to mention, safe browsing mode. What makes this security service worth a shot is that it gives you the option to schedule regular virus scans and monitor files and folders for all kinds of unauthorized changes. If you have Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS devices, MetroNet Defense Internet Security will work perfectly on them.

How Does MetroNet Internet Security Help?

MetroNet Defense Internet Security is ideal to:

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Data Privacy Compliance

MetroNet promises to take strict security measures to maintain the confidentiality and safety of your personal and professional data at all times. To learn more, make sure that you take a look at the full privacy policy here.

Administrator Permission of the Device Required

You need Administrator rights for the application to work. MetroNet security makes the respective permissions mandatory in full accordance with Google Play policies. Here is why the administrator permission is important:

MetroNet Security Uses Accessibility Services

The app also needs Accessibility permissions, which are used for the Family Rules feature:

Password Manager

Save your usernames, passwords, and credit card information in a single, password-protected location, that too in a secure way. When you sync the password and other important information across all of your internet-connected devices, you will no longer have to worry about forgetting your password.

Breach Alerts

As soon as a popular service is hacked, you are notified instantly so you do not have to compromise on your data or account.

How to Browse Safely With MetroNet Internet Security?

Now it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of how you can maneuver the MetroNet Defense Internet Security into delivering you maximum protection:

Separate ‘Safe Browser’ Icon in Launcher
You can make the most of your online experience when you are browsing the Internet with Safe Browsing mode on via the MetroNet Defense Internet Security. You can also set the Safe Browser as default browser easily because this mode is installed as an additional icon in the launcher.

Steps to Turn Browser Protection On

Now take a look at the steps to block access to harmful websites. Here is how you can turn Browsing Protection on:

How to Set Screen Time Limit With MetroNet Defense?

Constantly supervising your kid's online activities yourself is tiring and simply not plausible. MetroNet Defense Security helps you with managing your kid’s online world effectively. You may start with setting a screen time limit.

Steps to Set Screen Time Limit

The EndNote

For the protection of your online transactions, web browsing, and online shopping, MetroNet Defense Internet Security is there to give you a safe online experience. So make sure that you sign up for the MetroNet service before it’s too late.

If you could not find the answer you were looking for here, speak to the MetroNet customer service representative at 1-844-343-1143 for questions regarding your account and MetroNet Defense security.

Frequently Asked Questions

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