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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to make your partner feel like they mean the world to you. Chocolates, bouquets, and Hallmark cards, are all sure part and parcel of celebrating the day, but how about adding a touch of 21st century tech to your Valentine’s Day gift? A smart gift that maybe used everyday, and become a reminder of the love it symbolizes.

It is understandable getting a gift for your beau can be quite challenging. Especially if you have been together for a while. There’s a good chance you’ve run out of ideas. But guess what! If your partner is a tech-lover, there is a variety of smart gadgets which allows you to shove aside cliché gift ideas and pick something they may actually love to use everyday!

Our today’s article presents 5 smart and techy gift ideas for the Valentine’s Day 2022. Read on to pick one for your tech-savvy sweetheart.

Industry-Leading Wireless Headphones

Sony WH-1000XM4

Whether your partner works onsite or has been working remotely lately, it is very likely they would want to be able to work without the background noise. So would it not be great if you got them the industry-leading, noise cancelling, wireless headphones from Sony?

Rated 5 Stars and Best in Class by What Hi-Fi? & TechRadar, the Sony WH-1000XM4 overhead headphones deliver the best ever noise cancelling performance from Sony. It keeps out mid and high frequency sounds, whether you are in a noisy office space or working from home with a lot going on around you.

The device incorporates 2 technologies to maximize its noise cancelling capabilities, uses dual Noise Sensor technology, and also features 2 microphones on each earcup. With the Sony Headphones Connect app, you can adjust the ambient noise while still letting through essential sounds. Which works really well when you are on the go, travelling, walking or waiting!

Not only will these headphones boost your partner’s productivity at work, but allow them to take phone calls, and enjoy listening to their favorite music in high-resolution audio, totally hands-free! The Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa come built-in. The best part is the styling of these light-weight headphones makes it extremely comfortable to wear even all day long.

A gift such as this one is likely to remind your partner of you, each time they pick up the headphones to enjoy music or when they appreciate the “silence” while working. Albeit listed for $349.99 on Amazon, this is one of the most useful everyday gift ideas your partner is sure to appreciate.

Blue Light Protection Glasses

GUNNAR Intercept

The white-light LEDs used to backlight digital displays on gadgets such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, are considered the primary source of blue light. While this blue light is unlikely to cause a physical damage to the retina, it does stimulate your biological clock more than the traditional sources of light. As a result you experience more awake hours, sleep disruption, and other effects on the rhythm of your internal clock. Not to forget the perpetual eye strain.

With as much contact as we have everyday with a variety of digital screens, blue light protection glasses from GUNNAR can be an excellent gift for your partner this Valentine’s day. GUNNAR offers a wide spectrum of protection level, ranging from the lowest to the highest. For workaholics and gamers who find themselves looking at digital screens late at night, GUNNAR recommends the highest protection factor of 98.

The GUNNAR Intercept comes with a classic frame infused with futuristic technology. Not only the GUNNAR glasses block harmful blue light, but the 100% UV Protection coating keeps you safe from UV light. The silicone hard coated lens is scratch-free, and the frame is stiff and sturdy. GUNNAR gives you color options for the frame, and tint options for the lens. You can select the lens power, Natural-Focus GUNNAR-Focus, or prescription, in addition to the protection factor you want.

Help your partner work on digital screens without feeling the eye strain, and watch how their sleep regime straightens out. Surprisingly, it is not an expensive gift item. The GUNNAR online shop sells it at the list price of $69.99.

Pillow Talk from Little Riot

Do you spend a lot of time away from your partner other during the year? Well, if your lifestyle is such that your days are spent apart more than together, here is something little that can help you feel each other’s presence intimately despite the physical distance.

Pillow Talk by Little Riot is a creative techy arrangement that lets couples stay connected even when  sleeping thousands of miles apart. All there is to it is a wristband that you wear as you sleep, and a small pillow speaker that is connected to your phone via an audio cable. The wrist band with the heart rate sensor picks up your heartbeat, and your beau gets to hear it in real time.

While staying connected to your partner via audio and video calls or instant messaging is all good, having the opportunity to experience intimacy at bed time, despite the physical distance, is something that Pillow Talk gets you. Just bear in mind, the Pillow Talk app works the best with Samsung S series and Google Pixel devices.

This smart gadget costs about $184 when you purchase it from Little Riot, and includes 2 wristbands, 2 speakers, and a FREE iOS and Android app. Each individual box also contains 1 audio cable to connect the speaker and phone.

Get one for your partner this Valentine’s Day and make them feel special like never before!

Pick a Smartwatch from Apple or Fitbit

A smartwatch makes a perfect gift for your tech-savvy partner. However with the wide variety of smartwatches available to choose from, picking the best can be difficult. Here are some of the best you can take your pick from:

Apple Watch Series 6

One of the best older Apple smartwatches, the Series 6 watch is the best for your partner if they own an iPhone. It has a rounded, metal body design, and a square display that sits in elegantly. You get a variation of colors that look appealing on the wrist. The display uses OLED tech so its bright and clear.

While this watch does have a remarkable sensor and app, which allow you to track your blood oxygen level and keep track of your overall wellness, Apple does clarify it is not a medical tool. You can also use the smartwatch to take an ECG anytime anywhere, track down your workout metrics more precisely, and keep an eye on your sleep trends. Perhaps the best part is it gives you access to your favorite music, podcasts and audiobooks to keep yourself motivated during your workouts.

All in all, the Apple Watch Series 6 can be the perfect gift for your fitness conscious techy partner this Valentine’s day. You can purchase it for $399 on Best Buy.

Apple Watch SE

If budget is a concern, the Apple Watch SE is the best affordable bet! Slightly cheaper than the Apple Watch Series 6, it ranges from $279-$329, but gets you a capable and colorful smartwatch. The swim-proof watch tracks all your daily activity, measures your workout sessions, sends you high and low heart rate notifications, and provides fall detection. The best part is you can go without your phone because it features cellular support. Take a call while on the trail, or check on notifications at one glance as you workout. Not to forget your favorite music, podcasts and audiobooks are all accessible.

Cased in aluminum, the Apple Watch SE comes in 3 types of finish i.e. Space Grey, Silver and Gold. And it also gives you a variety of band types such as the Solo Loop, Sport Loop, Sport Band, and Braided Solo Loop.

All of that and more makes this a great gift for your partner, something they are likely to use on a daily basis and be reminded of this Valentine’s day everyday!  

Fitbit Versa 3

The Fitbit Versa 3 smartwatch comes with a built-in GPS which tracks in real-time the pace and distance as you walk, run, ride the bike or hike. You get heart rate based notifications during your workout, and the watch makes a buzz when you enter the fat burn, cardio or peak zone. Also, it tracks your blood oxygen, and temperature during sleep. The display is large and lovely relative to its predecessor, and is always-on. It is bright, and you can see it without trouble even in direct sunlight. This fitness-oriented Fitbit smartwatch is faster at charging than previous models. In 12 minutes it gets you enough charge to last 24 hours. And, in 30 minutes you can charge it 100%, and run it for up to 6 days.

Listed for $229.95 on Amazon, it is more than an accessory that would rarely get used. Instead every bit a useful gift that can help your beau stay on top of their health and fitness regime. 

If you think the branded smartwatches we’ve listed are too expensive, you can check out other options in the market, but let’s add these are among the top most both in terms of design and functionality.

SAMTIAN Ring Light Kit

Ring lights have gained popularity in the past few years. A ring light does not only help you look better in YouTube tutorials and TikTok videos, but gives you the light you need to look presentable in video meetings. Whether your partner runs a YouTube channel or they just like creating video content on a daily basis, buy them a nice one, and let them be reminded of you whenever they sit in front of that amazing Ring Light for a live stream.

The SAMTIAN 20-inch RGB Ring Light Kit is one of the best in the market. It is a large sized full color Ring Light which does not need extra plastic filters to change colors. It supports 8 customized scenes to make your shooting environment rich. Whether it is a selfie you take, or a make-up tutorial you conduct on YouTube, you will find the SAMTIAN Ring Light is the best.

The SAMTIAN Ring Light Kit comes with a sturdy and adjustable light stand and phone holder. With the stand, you can adjust the height of the light as per your needs, while the phone holder makes it comfortable to shoot videos. Also, the wireless remote and app allow easy access to light controls. 

Listed for $160.39 you can purchase it on eBay.

The Endnote

Take your pick from the above listed gift ideas and make your partner feel all the more special this Valentine’s day. There is no denying money can’t buy love. But it can certainly buy your tech-savvy partner a unique and cool Valentine’s day gift they would actually use, and be reminded of you each time. These technological wonders are not only exciting, but very useful tools that can enhance anyone’s everyday routine.  

The only thing is to take full advantage of the capabilities of these 21st century techy gifts, your home will need a reliable high-speed internet plan. After all you cannot expect these hi-tech gadgets to perform optimally on a sub-par internet service. So as you get ready to celebrate Valentine’s day, perhaps you should also look into upgrading to a connection that gets you the speed these smart gadgets love to run on! In that case explore internet deals available in your area, and speak to experts at 1-855-349-9328 for a quick subscription.  


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