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If you are looking to level up your home security, you have got a variety of courses of action. From investing in smart home security systems to identifying vulnerable spots in your home, there are several proactive measures you can take to keep your property and everyone in it safe.

To help you create an ideal home security setup, we’ve compiled the top 10 tips & tricks in this article to ensure your safety is never compromised. So, let’s get started!

Top Home Security Tips

Follow these simple tips to step up your home security and keep your family safe:

Get a Smart Home Security System

Installing a smart security system in your residence is the most foolproof way to prevent home burglary. If an intruder notices a home security burglar alarm or a sign showing you have a security system, he will likely keep moving. The good thing is there are different types of smart security systems available in the market, so you can choose the one that satisfies all your needs. You can add various components to your smart home, such as smart locks for windows and doors, smart home security cameras, smart plugs, lighting systems, alarms, and many more. As a cherry on top, a smart home system offers 24/7 live surveillance, no matter where you are. All you need is a strong internet connection and a smartphone to ensure everything back home is good.

Set Up Loud Alarms

The loud peel-and-stick alarms can alert you in case any window or the door of your home is forced open. Such alarms are small, but the noise they produce with sirens can scare burglars away and even notify the neighbors. Although they are not as protective as complete home security systems, they're quite affordable and get the job done.

Starting at $7, a peel-and-stick alarm can make the prospects of a home burglary seem hopeless. Also, you can turn them off and on with a switch when you want to open a particular window or door.

Never Advertise While Leaving the House

Planning to go on vacation? Never put out the word on social media. Computer-savvy burglars are always active on all social media platforms to target those who announce that their homes will be empty for a while. For this reason, putting out such crucial information on social media is never recommended.

Pinpoint the Vulnerable Spots

Take a walk around your home’s exterior and look out for windows that clearly show the interior of your house. This is something that grabs the attention of burglars and becomes a reason for a burglary. You may even contact the local police department to run a security check on your home. This way, you will be informed of any vulnerable spots around your home that burglars may use to break in.

Ensure Your Front Door Is Secure

The main door is used most of the time by burglars in an attempt to get into the homes they target. The area where the deadbolt lock inserts in the doorjamb is the weakest in the door. A few powerful kicks to that spot can easily break the strike plate and door frame with ease.

To prevent this from happening, you must replace the shorter screws in the strike plates (less than 3 inches) and install long ones for more resistance. Moreover, you can also secure the door by reinforcing the doorjamb strike plate. Your doorjamb will be covered with a steel guard to ensure the wood does not split in case the door is kicked in.

Secure Windows with Simple Locks

A burglar with a ply bar won’t have to work so hard to break open your double-hung window latches. In order to add more resistance to them, you should go with pin locks, as they're an effective solution. All you need to install pin locks is to drill a hole. However, to lock the window when it’s partially opened, you must also drill a second hole. You can find such pinholes online and at various home stores too.

Keep Your Home Well Lit

Bright lightning is something that makes burglars think twice before making their move. This is the reason why most home burglaries take place in areas that are not lit very brightly. The dim lighting makes it hard for neighbors and passers-by to catch a glimpse of what’s happening.

Keeping that in mind, it is imperative to keep your yard well-lit. Spotlights can help as it’s a great way to keep the yard lit. However, if you consider spotlights with motion sensors, that will take things to another level as they automatically turn the lights off if any movement is detected near your home.

Always Have a Neighbor Check-In

A neighbor checking in on your home can help bring peace of mind regarding the safety of your home. Ask them to use your driveway and take in your mail when you're away. This will alert a potential home burglar regarding the frequent movement of someone in the home all the time.

Moreover, it is not smart to leave your spare key under the mat; instead, you can hand it to your neighbor for safekeeping.

Lock Your Garage Door

Make it a practice to always keep your garage door closed if you’re not using it. It’s easy for thieves to get into your home through the unlocked garage door, which is why it is imperative to never leave it open. Additionally, never keep the garage opener in your car, as a thief can easily break into your car and get his hands on it.

Always Leave the Radio On When You’re Not Home

An inexpensive way to make burglars believe that someone’s at home even when they are not is by leaving the radio on. This might prevent any possible home burglary from taking place. However, if the unthinkable does happen and someone breaks into your house, you must call the police.

If you just get home and get an impulse that a burglar might still be in there, call the police from your neighbor’s phone as soon as possible. Also, do not touch anything, as fresh fingerprints may help police track the burglars down.

Wrapping Up!

Considering the increase in the number of home burglaries in the US, it’s necessary to ensure that your home is secure. We’ve rounded up the best home security tips and tricks in this article to assist you in securing your home against any thefts and burglaries in 2023.  

If you still don't have any security defenses in place, ensure to get some right away. Figure out which of these strategies are the best for your security needs to make sure that your home stays protected!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the meaning of home security?

Home security indicates the security hardware installed on a property to prevent burglars from breaking in. There are various types of security hardware, such as alarm systems, motion detectors, home security cameras, door & window locks, light sensors, and many more.

How can I improve my home security?

There are many ways to improve your home security, such as;

  1. Find and fix the vulnerable spots around your home
  2. Keep the front drive and back yard well-lit
  3. Set up a smart security system
  4. Have the neighbors check in while you’re not home.
  5. Never advertise on social media that you’re going on vacation.
  6. Ensure that your fence and gate security is top-notch.
  7. Install smart locks on windows and doors

What scares intruders away?

The motion-detecting lights come in handy to scare burglars away. If burglars try to break their way into the house at night, the smart lights will detect motion and expose them to you. Furthermore, a home security camera can help as well. Burglars are easily scared of seeing the security cameras in your front yard. This way, you can protect your home and fright burglars away quite easily.