Alder Cellular Panel

7” Touchscreen Cellular Panel with 2-way Talk

Alder Smoke Detector

Smart Smoke/CO Detector, an Early Warning to Fire and Carbon Monoxide

Alder Remote Alarm System

Key Fob Keychain Attachment for Remotely Arming/Disarming Alarm System

Alder Indoor/Outdoor Camera

Indoor/Outdoor Cameras Provide Protection No Matter Where You Are

Alder Alert Button

Medical Alert Button Offers Emergency Assistance at the Push of a Button

Alder Door & Window Sensor

Door & Window Sensors Alert You To Possible Danger

Alder Security

Alder Security

Alder strives to offer the best home security, protecting homes and families nationwide. Providing home security in all 50 states, Alder is growing rapidly and offers home security protection to guard against break-ins, fire, flood, and medical emergencies. And because Alder does everything in-house, costs are low, and quality and performance are high. In addition, a simple design allows users to install and set up security equipment in just minutes.

An Alder security system is covered forever. So if any device were ever to break, you’d never have to pay out of pocket. There’s also a benefit to moving to a new home; a new security system at no cost to you. And the final guarantee you get from Alder is free labor. So if you need help with installation or your security services, call Alder for help.

30 Seconds

A burglary occurs almost every 30 seconds in the U.S. - according to FBI data.


70% of home fire deaths occur in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms.


The number one cause of home flooding is plumbing.

Save Lives!

Medical alert buttons deliver fast medical support when you’re alone.

Response Time Matters

On average, Alder monitoring centers respond to medical, fire, and burglary alarms in 3.4 seconds or less - 10x faster than others in the industry.

Alder Security Image 24/7 Professional Monitoring

Alder Security Image 3.4 Second Avg. Response Rate

Alder Security Image 10x Faster Response Than Industry Standard

Alder Alarm

Control Panel Configuration

Plugin the control panel and use the intuitive instructions to set it up. This process will take less than 10 minutes. After which, position the sensors in the selected location. Finally, add the yard sign to the front lawn, and the configuration is complete. You now have home security and 24/7 monitoring and support.

Alder Mobile App

The Alder app gives users complete control of their home security system from their phones. In addition, the app is compatible with Android and iOS on an internet connection. So whether you’re at work or halfway across the world, you can check in on your home security. This convenience includes receiving alerts and notifications regarding your system. So you can rest easy knowing that the best home security protects your home.

Security Devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the equipment, like sensors and detectors, are installed with only a few screws. The control panel requires only a few drill holes to connect power and attach. However, after installation, the holes will not be seen.

The control panel allows you to arm and disarm your system, access emergency services, bypass sensors, change user codes, customize chime settings, clear alarms, and clear severe weather alerts.

In the case of a false alarm, you should disarm your system and contact the monitoring center. The monitoring center will contact emergency responders to cancel any response.

Yes. If sensors trigger your alarm after you arm the system, you can bypass the sensors in your control panel.