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Launched in 1998 by Christopher Ruddy, Newsmax is an American cable TV channel that deals primarily with news and opinion-based programming. It is a favorite of a certain demographic in the U.S. — especially people with strong views about national politics.

With its strong visions about major issues and clear preference for one side of the aisle, Newsmax is available to millions of subscribers across the United States. It is included as part of both cable and satellite TV services.

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Is Channel Newsmax on Xfinity?

Newsmax on Xfinity is available with the two higher tiers of Xfinity service – Popular and Ultimate TV. Since it is a cable TV channel and not a broadcasting network, Newsmax is not available as part of the starter TV plan.

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What Number is Newsmax on Xfinity?

The Newsmax channel number on Xfinity is 1115 for almost all of the areas where it is available. It is an HD channel so you can rest assured that all your entertainment would be in the best quality possible. If however, you do not find Newsmax in your lineup, you can check your Xfinity on-screen program guide or ask your Xfinity voice remote to search up the channel for you. Alternatively, you can put your address in this tool to check the number in your area.

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Popular Shows on the Newsmax Channel

Most of the Newsmax Channel programming is just news or related to it in some way. There are a bunch of political and opinion-based shows that you can indulge in from time to time. These include but are not limited to:

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In the End…

Newsmax brings you up to speed on all the important stuff that is going on in the world of politics. Newsmax on Xfinity is available as an HD channel on the number 1115. It is included with the higher service tiers of Xfinity: Popular and Ultimate TV. You can always stay in touch with the channel on the Xfinity X1 at home or use the Xfinity TV app when you are away from home.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Newsmax channel on Xfinity?

Yes, the Newsmax channel on Xfinity is included with the Popular or Ultimate TV plans from Xfinity. These are the mid-tier and the highest tier of Xfinity TV service and carry the channel. However, Newsmax is not included in the starter plan from Xfinity or Choice TV.


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