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As screen preferences change, people are realizing how space-saving and efficient a laptop screen is when compared to a large TV screen. Since the crazy spread of smartphones, more and more people are getting accustomed to smaller screens. Smartphones and Tabs have made it possible for people too carry entertaining and engaging content with them everywhere and anywhere they go—which is a function that a TV screen lacks. It is less about the size of the screen now, and more about what is practical and convenient. So, if you wish to watch cable TV on your laptop, it is only reasonable.

Connecting your laptop screen to your TV is actually pretty simple. And can be done via an easily available HDMI cable. But, when it comes to connecting your cable TV service connection to your laptop, things get a little complicated. Still, not difficult to do, even if you are not tech savvy.

Today we will discuss two options here. Both aimed at helping you decide which way would you prefer to watch cable TV on your laptop.

Step-by-step Guide to Connecting Your Laptop to Cable TV

To connect the two you will need a TV Tuner card, a cable that connects the wall cable outlet in your home to the USB port on your laptop. You can find this cable at the same computer or electronics store as you get the TV Tuner card from.

The TV Tuner card allows TV signals to be received by your laptop. Better TV Tuner cards also have a video capture capability, and are able to record TV content on the hard drive as does a digital DVR. One thing, you must ensure is Compatibility of the TV Tuner card with your system. Windows and macOS systems have different requirements which must be catered to.

Assuming that you have the necessary items on you, this is how you must go about establishing a connection between your cable TV connection and the laptop you want to watch on.



  1. To install the TV Tuner card, locate the PCMCIA slot on your laptop. Most laptops nowadays are equipped with this option. All you need to do is slide the TV Tuner card into it.
  2. Install the programs that come with the card, and make your laptop ready to receive the cable TV signal.
  3. Now, take the cable you purchased alongside the TV Tuner card. And, connect the matching end of it to the coaxial cable wall outlet. You will use the USB port on your laptop, which corresponds to the Tuner card, to plug the other end in.
  4. Boot your laptop, and launch the software that came with the TV Tuner card. You are now ready to enjoy your cable TV favorites on your laptop screen.

Alternative Method: Streaming Options with a Cable TV Service

If you don’t want to go for the TV Tuner card option, and would rather opt a traditional cable TV service which also allows you options to stream Live and on-demand content, read on.

Noteworthy U.S. cable TV service providers now offer subscribers the option to stream Live and on-demand content. Let’s take a look at some such offerings that help you connect to cable TV via your laptop.

Charter Spectrum TV™  

Known for its diverse channel lineup, Spectrum is one of the top-most names in the U.S. industry, with coverage across 40 states. Spectrum TV  gives you 3 channel lineups—SELECT, SILVER and GOLD. Whichever plan you may subscribe to, Spectrum gives you the option to stream your TV favorites via the Spectrum TV app. You can download the app on your smartphones and tablets using your Spectrum credentials.

And, as for watching on the laptop, things are simpler than you would imagine. All you need to do is log in to Spectrum TV online at with your Spectrum credentials, and get going. You will find all options available with the Spectrum TV app right on your laptop. Watch Live, stream on-demand content, browse your DVR recordings, and do a lot more!

Cox Communication

Cox Communication, is a renowned name in the U.S. ISP industry. The Cox coaxial cable network spreads out in 18 states, and covers nearly 21 million people making it the 3rd largest residential cable provider nationwide. Cox cable TV gives you 3 great channel lineups with Contour TV, and you also get the Contour TV app, which lets you watch your TV favorites on your mobile device.

And, as for watching Cox cable TV on your laptop, with your Cox credentials you can sign into and start streaming content. The portal lets you watch Live and on-demand content from channels included in your Contour TV lineup. The website is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari 10 .

Xfinity from Comcast

Xfinity from Comcast is the largest cable provider in the U.S. with coverage across 39 states. An estimated 112 million people are able to access residential internet, TV and voice services from Xfinity. Xfinity TV comes with an extensive channel lineup in varied tiers. No matter which Xfinity TV plan you subscribe to—STARTER or PREFERRED—you get a great mix of local and popular TV networks. The best part is you are not limited to watching favorites on the TV screen alone. Rather the Xfinity Stream app lets you catch on Live TV and on-demand content on your mobile devices anytime. While the Xfinity Stream Portal allows you to stream your cable TV favorites right on your laptop. All you need is your Xfinity credentials to be able to stream video content from your cable TV service on your laptop screen.


Summing up

Now that you know 2 ways that allow you to stream cable TV content on your laptop, you have the choice to go for either.

In each case you will require a subscription to a cable TV provider. In case you already have a service and would like to continue with that, you can opt for the TV Tuner card method. But, as you have seen things become really simple with TV service providers who offer an online watching portal. So, if you find yourself interested in switching to a new TV service provider, and taking the second route to watch TV on your laptop, we’d recommend you speak to a professional at 1-855-349-9328.