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If you’re located in the southeast, and looking to switch cable providers, you must consider Hargray Communications. While a local/regional name in the telecom industry, Hargray has been around for over 70 years, striving to better connect residential and business customers to each other and the world.

Back in the day, the service provider operated as Harcan Telephone out of Hardeeville, South Carolina.  It was not until the 1980s that Hargray entered the cable TV market. And, 2 more decades before it started delivering internet and wireless phone services. Multiple acquisitions along the way resulted in expanding Hargray coverage to a number of markets in the region. Today, Hargray is a popular service provider in its South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama markets, where it serves both residential and commercial quarters. While in Florida Hargray delivers services for commercial consumption.

With its expertise spanning over a lifetime, so to speak, Hargray is unlikely to disappoint you. So let’s familiarize you with what you must know about the Hargray TV service. Like so you’ll be better able to compare offers in the local market, and assess the value of Hargray Cable packages by yourself.

Hargray Network Coverage

Before we delve into what Hargray TV service gets its users, it is important we look into the provider’s service locations. After all, there’s little point in researching a provider and its plans if it does not serve your neighborhood.

As we said Hargray serves the residents of southeastern states of South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia. Here is a listing of the cities where you are likely to find Hargray services for residential consumption.

South Carolina

Beaufort, Bluffton, Daufuskie Island, Hardeeville, Hilton Head Island, Lady’s Island, Okatie, Port Royal, Ridgeland, Saint Helena Island, Sheldon, Seabrook, Yemassee



Bloomingdale, Buckhead, Cochran, Collins, Eatonton, Elko, Fort Valley, Glennville, Greensboro, Hawkinsville, Hinesville, Kathleen, Marshallville, Perry, Pinehurst, Pooler, Reidsville, Richmond Hill, Savannah, Unadilla, Valdosta, Warner Robins



Alpine, Cropwell, Lincoln, Odenville, Pell City, Ragland, Riverside, Talladega, Vincent


Hargray TV Service Plans

Hargray TV reaches users in 2 ways depending on where you are located?IPTV or digital Cable service. Either way when you choose Hargray TV service, you can take your pick from?TV Basics, Digital Lite, and Digital Premier. More recently, Hargray has introduced an “expanded basic” tier as well, which is a great choice for many homes.

The newer Economy TV plan is pretty value-packed with its 60 channels and the affordable price. But for homes that prefer a more basic lineup to complement their SVOD subscriptions, Hargray TV Basics presents a yet more affordable option. It gets you all your local broadcast network favorites such as ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, CW, and PBS. For large families and diverse preferences Premier TV is the best there is. But again, if you want fun which fits your budget, you can pick the Digital Lite tier which brings you a decent variety of popular cable networks. 

The Hargray cable channel count varies with your location and the available service type. But, each service puts together all flavors of programming with a well designed collection of popular broadcast and cable networks. The new Hargray TV service lets you enjoy a whole lot of functionality, which makes for a more contemporary viewing experience. In either case, Hargray gives you TV options you are bound to enjoy.   

To find out which Hargray TV plans are available in your area, call Hargray Customer Service at 1-844-413-8997. Hargray representatives will be able to tell you exactly which Hargray TV plans and what channel count is offered at your address. You can also inquire about the Hargray cable prices specific to your area.

Hargray TV: The Perks You Get

The Hargray TV service ensures you get the best in-home entertainment, and also watch it the way you want. Here are some of the perks Hargray offers to make television more enjoyable for you.

Hargray TV Everywhere Feature

Hargray gives you different ways of watching TV anywhere anytime with its TV Everywhere feature. You can watch via network apps (correlating to your subscribed channel lineup) using your Hargray credentials to login. Or on your desktop over the web.

And of course, on your smartphone via the Hargray TV app which lets you stream on 3 devices at the same time. Pause or restart live TV, schedule and watch recordings. All you have to do is download the app and login. The app is compatible with popular streaming devices e.g. Roku, Apple, Amazon Fire TV. It is up to you how you wish to stream!

Hargray On Demand

With over 10,000 titles in the Hargray On Demand library, you’ll never be lacking in entertainment. Access TV on your timeline with a Hargray subscription. Watch content from networks included in your channel lineup whenever you want to. You don’t have to catch it all on air! With the new Hargray TV features you can access On Demand options using your interactive Hargray TV Guide.  

Subscription On Demand features free access to TV series and Originals from over 50 networks. Events On-Demand gets you access to special as well as big sporting events. And, Movies On-Demand allows you rental access to new releases and top hits.

The New Hargray TV Experience

The new features and functionality, which come included with the new Hargray TV service, make your viewing experience all the more flexible and convenient. Rewind a show from the beginning with Restart, replay a show aired in the last 24 hours with TimeShift, or find the 15 top shows with Trending Now. You are in control.  

And what gives you more of all that convenience, flexibility and control, is the Voice Command feature. If you already have a smart assistant like Google Home or Alexa, you can control the Hargray TV service simply by speaking. Change channels or search for shows.

Get More Options with Hargray TV Extras

Once you’ve found a plan that works for you, you can customize it to perfection. You can add premium movie channels and sports networks as well as get Spanish-language programming. Here are some add-on packages you’ll find interesting.

Hispanic Programming Package: $9.99/mo.

If you love your telenovelas and all the drama it carries, this one is for you.

Showtime and The Movie Channel: $11.00/mo.

With this add-on you get 8 SHOWTIME® channels, 2 TMC channels along with Flix.

HBO: $20.00/mo.

With this add-on you get access to all 7 HBO channels.

Cinemax: $15.00/mo.

With this you get access to all 8 Cinemax channels.


With this you can watch all 6 Starz! channels along with all 7 Encore channels.

HD Plus Package: $4.99/mo.

For more HD programming, make sure to get the HD Plus Package. With channels like MGM, HDNet Movies, Sony Movies, and AXS it is a bargain add-on really.

Hargray TV Equipment

When it comes to TV, a great lineup alone is not enough. You must take into consideration the entire setup to gauge how good the viewing experience will be.  

The Hargray HD DVR set-top box combo allows you to view your favorite TV in stunning high-definition. And the DVR never lets you miss a show. Watch one show while recording another or set it up to record 2 shows at a time. In some service locations the Hargray TV equipment allows you to record up to 6 shows simultaneously, as well as viewing on all set-top boxes in your house. And you can enjoy features such as pausing and resuming live TV.

As for the rental fee, it is recommended you confirm with a Hargray Customer Service representative at 1-844-413-8997. Available equipment varies with your location, and they’ll be able to provide you the exact details for your address.

Final Words

We hope this information helps you better compare your TV options in the area with what Hargray TV has to offer. A great selection of networks, add-on channels to customize your plan, and quality Hargray TV equipment at affordable prices. All that makes for a great value. Especially so if you pair the TV with Hargray Internet. A Hargray TV bundle with high-speed internet will help you save on the 2 essential services for your home by delivering both under one roof.  

For more information call at 1-844-413-8997 and speak to Hargray customer service representatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hargray offer DVR equipment?

Yes. Hargray offers DVR equipment to its subscriber. You get a set-top box cum DVR combo with your plan for a monthly rental fee which may vary. Because, depending on where you are located, the Hargray TV equipment can be different. The monthly DVR fee is a separate charge. For details call us at 1-844-413-8997.

Does Hargray have a TV app?

Yes, Hargray does have a TV Everywhere app that you can download for your device. To log in, use your Hargray credentials and start streaming.

Can you stream with Hargray?

Yes you can stream your favorite shows and movies using the TV Everywhere app from Hargray. The app is compatible with smartphones, as well as popular streaming devices, such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Apple.