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Fixed Wireless Internet! That is one type of broadband which you are bound to hear more about as times progress. The growing realization that Fixed Wireless technologies can most effectively help bridge the digital divide in rural America, is likely to gain more weight, and result in fixed wireless internet becoming a viable option for rural communities across the US.

This idea is not new however. Tech savvy rural residents have been known to put together make-shift arrangements to deliver a fixed wireless internet service to community members for a good long time. According to a WISPA (Wireless Internet Service Providers Association) estimate there maybe up to 2,000 companies across the US engaged in delivery of home and small business fixed wireless internet services each serving over a 1000 customers.

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Today, when it has become exceedingly obvious that without access to high-speed internet, it would not be possible to uplift rural communities to the same level of productivity as their urban counterparts, fixed wireless internet is seen as a ray of hope. Less costly and quicker to deploy Fixed Wireless network infrastructure makes it an affordable high-speed option for millions who would be otherwise stuck with a slow DSL connection or a pricey satellite one.  

Rise Broadband: The Top Ranking Fixed Wireless ISP

Among the nearly 2000 Fixed Wireless ISPs in the US, Rise Broadband is the largest with coverage in 16 states. You’ll find the Rise service available throughout rural and suburban parts of the Midwest, Rocky Mountain and the Southwest regions of the US, serving both homes and businesses. Texas, Colorado and Illinois are the 3 states with the largest Rise Broadband footprint, while the Salt Lake City in Utah, Boise in Idaho, and Lubbock in Texas are among the top cities served by Rise Broadband.

Rise Broadband utilizes a variety of tech to deliver its fixed wireless internet service. In the more densely populated areas, the provider prefers LTE tech to send out the signals in a general direction, and thus cover more population with a single cell tower. But, in other areas Rise relies on focused point-to-point devices which direct a strong and stable signal to the subscriber’s location. At your end, all you need is an antenna and a modem to receive and send data. And, as long as you are in the Line of Sight of a Rise access point, you’ll get fast and seamless connectivity. Even if

Rise Broadband Plans: Speed, Data, Pricing & Contracts

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  • Download speeds as fast as 50 Mbps
  • Get unlimited data or go with capped data
  • Cut the hassle with no annual contract or get a discount with a contractual plan


For residential customers, Rise offers multiple speed tiers, but 25/4 Mbps and 50/5 Mbps plans are the most widely available and popular. Rise pre-customizes its speed plans with 2 different data options. You can either stick with a predefined monthly data allowance or go for unlimited at a higher monthly service cost. The choice is all yours.

The 25 and 50 Mbps Rise Broadband plans may seem meager relative to speeds offered via wired Cable and Fiber connections, but you maybe surprised. Working from home, attending school online, using your Rise connection for leisure time activities like streaming video and online gaming. Rise speeds are capable of delivering uninterrupted connectivity for you to work and the kids to stream TV at once.


Rise Broadband plans with capped data allow you 250 GB per month, which proves sufficient for 90% Rise subscribers. But, if your usage is higher than standard, you can pay about $20 more per month and include unlimited data.


Rise is not only flexible with data, but annual contracts as well. You can choose to not sign one, and cut any hassle in the future. Or prefer to get perks such as discounted installation fee by signing one.


As for pricing, Rise Broadband plans can vary in price from one area to another, and for this reason we recommend you speak to a Rise Broadband Customer Service representative at 1-844-343-1169. They will determine offer availability and pricing based on your location, and help you place an order.

Rise Broadband Internet: Additional Costs

Data Overage Fee

Let’s start with the dreaded data overage fee. Does Rise Broadband charge one? Well, yes. Like most other ISPs Rise charges a data overage fee when you end up breaching your monthly data allowance. You’ll be charged $5 for every 10 GB you use in excess of your allowance, and also notified when that happens.  

Installation & Equipment Fees

Rise Broadband charges $150 upfront for pro installation. And the equipment rental fee is $11.99/month which covers both the antenna and the modem. While there is no escape from the monthly rental for equipment, you can earn a waiver or discount on the installation cost with a 1 or 2 year contract.

Early Termination Fee

While primarily Rise Broadband offers you to pay month-to-month, and cancel the service with a 30-day notice, you also have the option to sign a 1 or 2 year contract. But, with the contractual agreement comes the Early Termination Fee. On a 2-year contract you may have to pay up to $250 in ETF while cancelling a 1-year annual agreement can cost up to $125. The exact amount will depend on the number of months left under the contract.

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Rise Broadband Bundles: Are There Any?

  • Rise Broadband offers a digital home phone service, and when you bundle internet and Rise ActivePhone™, you get a discount on the phone. The Rise phone service gets you unlimited domestic long distance calling, as well as to landlines in 64 countries.
  • Also, while Rise Broadband does not offer a namesake TV service, it does partner with DISH and you may just be able to find a discounted double or triple play deal suitable for your home.

Fixed Wireless Vs Satellite Internet

Satellite internet is available in the US from coast to coast giving remote and rural communities access to high-speed internet where no wireline service is able to deliver that. But, with Fixed Wireless making headway in underserved regions, residents in 45% of the US now have an alternative to satellite.

In terms of speed, latency, and price, fixed wireless internet comes out on the top when compared with satellite internet. While in regions where Fixed Wireless is not yet available you may have to succumb to the dictates of satellite internet providers, in parts of the US where the service is available it makes for an ideal high-speed connection. Even if you do get a slow DSL service in the area, fixed wireless internet proves to be a better choice despite being a wireless type.

Rise with Rise!

Rise Broadband is actively playing its part in bridging the digital divide in underserved areas. If you reside in such a locality, contact Rise Broadband Customer Service  at 1-844-343-1169. Talk to a Rise expert, find out about available offers in your area and enjoy high-speed wireless connectivity at affordable rates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Rise Broadband need a phone line to work?

No, Rise Broadband Fixed Wireless internet does not require phone line to work.

Does Rise Broadband have a data cap?

Yes, it does. But, Rise Broadband offers you an option. You can pick the same speed plan with 250 GB data or unlimited. Albeit, you will pay a higher monthly service charge if you go with the unlimited option.