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Whether it is Crash Bandicoot hopping down the racetrack in his cart or the gruesome fight moves displayed by the dwellers of Netherealm, online gaming on Play Station 4 has never failed to be an absolute favorite modern pass-time. Video gaming has always been and will continue to be one of the best activities that battles boredom. Despite all the disapprovals from Boomers and their successors, video gaming is still probably the best and the most fulfilling thing to do with your free time. All it needs is a high-speed internet backing it up and you’re ready to drop in a warzone with your buddies, in no time!

The need for blazing-fast internet connection is REAL and if your gaming activities take place online, compromising on speed is a thing you simply can’t afford to do. Now before we jump towards gaming speeds, let’s first talk about video games that eventually morphed into online gaming of today. 

Video Gaming in a Nutshell

With learning to survive in a complex environment, that necessitates a lot of meticulous thinking and prompt decision-making, if online gaming has done us any good it is probably in these very avenues of intellect. In fact video games have proven to be more helpful than we thought.

The most basic skill required to play a video game successfully is the hand-eye coordination, which is known to be enhanced in avid gamers. Moreover, the modern-day online competitive video game is not simply a collection of “Go here and Kill that” tasks, in most cases it is actually an “open-world”, as it is called in the business, constantly urging the player to solve puzzles, make moral decisions and do a ton of problem-solving to get through. 

What Makes Online Gaming Worth It?

There was a time when video games used to come out conventionally. Long queues, brimming with anticipation and excitement, would wait outside the stores on launch day. It’s not like that trend has become obsolete now, it’s just that there are better and more convenient options available for gamers that were not available earlier. That’s right. Besides going down the conventional route of hoarding copies of games, companies in the business of video game development have been gracious enough to grant us with the gift of online downloading and storing games. A little subscription fee, and you can hoard as many games as you want without ever having to worry about them taking up space in your game room.

The realm of online gaming doesn’t end here. Let us not forget gaming has always been about getting together with your buddies and trying to beat each other’s high score. But now, you don’t need your buddy to sit next to you in order to pull off a Fatality on him. Almost every video game is launched with an online server, this means no modern-day videogame is complete without a multiplayer mode, which has connected all the couches across the world. To make this happen however, you got to have a good internet connection, because no one believes how bad your internet connection is; if you get headshots you will be labeled NOOB instantly.

Let’s not forget a rather recent yet catching development in the arena of online video games i.e. video game streaming. Video game streaming was left unnoticed for long. It was almost non-existent until YouTube celebs like PewDiePie came forth in 2010 and boosted the practice to the level of a trend. If you’ve seen PewDiePie’s videos you will see him giving his audience brief walkthroughs of the game. It was this that garnered attention from the folks of the gaming industry, and without PewDiePie realizing, he had soon made a contribution towards the development of this genre.

It didn’t take long for the trend to catch on and evolve; soon gamers were seen engaged in live streams on websites like YouTube and special platforms such as Twitch that were set up especially so that gamers can share their play-throughs with others, live or otherwise.

Internet Speed for PS4 Gaming

Since online gaming is the last place where you can afford latency or high pings, going for optimal internet speeds is the best thing you can do. The speed of the internet plays an important role in determining how well your game performs. After all, no one likes to stream video games on a sloppy connection; and when there is a poorly functioning internet connection, chances to get beaten up by your nemeses are pretty high too - almost inevitable.

Just imagine, you’ve successfully taken down all the bad guys and just as you’re about to be deemed the winner, your internet connection begins to act up and (cue the shattering glass sound) there goes your dream of showing your friends that you are cool at least in the gaming world. The reason why your online gaming session claims most of the juice from your internet connection is the ping that we mentioned above. A high ping is actually what every gamer dreads – and the latency which tells of the delay that occurs in the transfer of information between the client and the game server is what determines the ping time. For effortless gaming, the lower the ping the more ideal it is because that’s what ensures minimum lag.

online gaming

The minimum internet speed ideal to reduce the chance of experiencing a high ping is around 2 Mbps, but that’s only when you’re the singular use of the internet connection. The speed that is commonly relied upon during gaming is the ‘upload speed’. Now, what a lot of internet service providers do is that they advertise only the download speeds and don’t reveal anything about the kind of upload speeds they offer. This makes for a huge roadblock on the way because normally you’d be gaming keeping in mind your download speeds, whereas in reality your unadvertised upload speed, which is pacing like a snail, is the actual cause why your ping is so high. Thus, before choosing the internet service provider for your gaming or other needs, go for a reliable option that stays true to its promise of delivering the advertised download speeds and does not shy away from talking about the upload speeds available.

Choose Spectrum! Your true gaming sidekick. With Spectrum Internet, you get an ultra-rapid connection, made possible with the latest cutting-edge Fiber-Coaxial cable network employed by the provider. Besides this, there’s a cable TV service crafted to meet your entertainment needs. You get an extensive Spectrum channel lineup, well tiered, with an endless array of channels and HD programming included. While if you explore further, you will find how well does Spectrum Voice cover you in your phone connectivity needs - you can make unlimited local and long-distance calls to your loved ones across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Guam and more places.

And if you wish to experience Spectrum Services in all their glory, there are Spectrum Bundles that allow you to package internet, cable TV and home phone all in one bundle of your choice. Following your subscription, you are well taken care of by Spectrum in case you face any trouble with your connection or you have a question that must be answered. All you need to do is reach out to Spectrum representatives who will proactively and promptly resolve any problem you may be facing.

What Makes Spectrum the Ultimate Choice for Gamers?

Gaming requires nothing but the best internet connection to keep you connected. Of course, there are many other high-speed internet claimants out there, but not all are gaming-certified. Many internet providers promise to be the best one out there, but when you get to know them you end up realizing whatever they promised and claimed was nothing but a hoax. Well, let’s face it, many top names are guilty of doing this – advertising one thing and delivering another.

Spectrum delivers what it advertises. Speed tests tell you that!

That’s right, with almost hundreds and thousands of satisfied customers stretched across the entire U.S., Spectrum Internet is the epitome of consistency and dedication! What sets Spectrum apart from its competitors is how it realizes what every gamer needs. Now, what are the factors that make Spectrum internet a total catch for the gamers out there? Well, with every connection, Spectrum gives you:

Speeds starting at 100 Mbps

Remember when we mentioned the minimum internet speed required for gaming is around 2 Mbps? Well, Spectrum gives you more than that! With 100 Mbps of download speed, Spectrum gives you 10 Mbps of upload speed too. Now if you can recall, upload speed is the actual thing that makes gaming seamless. You can game to your heart’s content, without worrying a single bit about the ping or anything else.

No data caps

Data caps are the ‘secret’ line ISPs draw between you and your internet when they realize that you might reach your monthly limit before the month-end. This is something your ISP wouldn’t inform you of and the lag in your internet is what’ll help you realize the data cap is causing your internet to act up. Pretty agitating right? Spectrum, on the other hand, never puts you through such a thing and your internet speeds remain consistent throughout the month and beyond.

Free modem

Another great thing about Spectrum is the fact you get a free modem with every internet connection. The modems that you get are 100% Spectrum-approved! Every modem from Spectrum is from the best modem-makers out there, guaranteed to give you the right boost in terms of speed, consistency, and reliability, that you won’t get elsewhere!

Drawbacks of a Poor Internet Connection in Gaming

Since online gaming isn’t just about connecting to another player tethered through the game’s server, there can be many drawbacks of trying to adjust with a poorly functioning internet connection. Online gaming, now an acclaimed sport, is not only a form of entertainment but also an exhibit of achievements and trophies that a player earns over the course of his online gaming conquest. A gamer would probably burst into tears if you ask them to imagine a moment where their online achievement, progress or trophies are lost due to a dodgy internet connection.

Moreover, a lot of people now make a regular living based on online gaming - whether it’s monetizing online gaming streams or through sponsored online gaming competitions. The online gaming business constitutes a huge pot that pays the bills for many gamers worldwide. So, a poor connection would simply lead to a huge crowd of unhappy gamers.

In a Nutshell

Online gaming is nothing unless it receives the juice from a trusted and reliable internet service provider like Charter Spectrum™. If you’re one who games as a profession or you like to unwind by smashing those buttons on your controller, then we know how crucial using the right internet speed is for you. Getting stressed out because of a poor internet connection is probably the last thing any gamer ever wants to go through. Thus, if you want to make sure your controller remains in your hands and is not hurled towards your screen due to a pesky lag, you must make sure you have the right internet connection; something that you can expect only from Spectrum.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why choose Spectrum internet for gaming?

Spectrum internet offers super-fast speeds starting from 100 Mbps with free modem and no data caps! Get reliability, consistency and fast speed at the best price with Spectrum internet packages.

How can I sign up for a Spectrum internet package?

To get the fastest speed available at your address, get in touch with Spectrum at 1-844-481-5997 now!