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As the next NFL season closes in, all NFL fans might be getting hyped up, and even nervous. If you too are anxious about the coming season, and just don’t want to miss out on any of the NFL games – consider yourself in safe hands! This channel guide will walk you through various ways you can watch NFL games with a DIRECTV subscription.

No matter which DIRECTV package you choose, you would have one way or the other to enjoy the NFL Network, NFL RedZone, or catch the important games on CBS Sports. The NFL Network is the league’s official channel that broadcasts preseason games, International Series games, and some other regular season games. Besides, you can watch expert analysis of all 32 teams' prospects, challenges, and future plans on the network.

Whether you want to know who the experts are picking in a matchup, or want to know which players are making a comeback from IR, NFL Network has the most complete coverage. It is not surprising that an NFL fan like yourself is looking for ways to watch the NFL Network on DIRECTV.

watch nfl on directv

From the captivating DIRECTV App that allows entertainment on the go to the exhaustive channel lineup along with a well-rounded Sports Pack, DIRECTV is guaranteed to provide you with the ultimate sports-watching experience.

Here is everything you need to know about watching NFL Network on DIRECTV.

How to Watch the NFL Network with DIRECTV via Satellite?

It’s best that you ditch a cable TV provider that does not include the NFL Network in its lineup. For a die-hard NFL fan, the TV experience is dull and meaningless without the NFL Network. Luckily, DIRECTV via satellite has some of the best channel lineups that cater to all NFL fans and their needs.

To watch NFL Network on DIRECTV via satellite, all you need to do is subscribe to the DIRECTV Choice Package or above, and tune into the channel to catch every game! Not just the NFL Network, but you will also have easy access to several other sports channels for fuller sports coverage, including CBS Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, and much more.

What Channel Number Is NFL Network on DIRECTV via Satellite?

To watch the NFL Network on DIRECTV via Satellite, tune into channel number 212 and let the games begin! Since it’s a satellite TV service, the channel number for NFL Network on DIRECTV via Satellite will remain the same regardless of your location.

Watch NFL Network with the DIRECTV Sports Pack

The DIRECTV Entertainment package does not include NFL Network in the lineup. However, you can opt for the DIRECTV Sports Pack add-on, and enjoy the NFL Network and RedZone as part of the package at an additional monthly cost. For DIRECTV via Satellite users, the Sports Pack costs $14.99/mo + tax. But the good news is that in the latest promotional offering to sports fans, DIRECTV is including the Sports Pack with NFL RedZone for free in your DIRECTV subscription for the first three months. After that, the regular rates will apply unless you opt out of the Sports Pack.

Here is what is included in the DIRECTV Sports Pack:

  • NFL Network

The sports pack includes the NFL network for those subscribing to the DIRECTV Entertainment package. The channel will give you access to 24/7 live NFL sports coverage that you will not find anywhere else.

  • NFL RedZone

Make your every Sunday afternoon magical with the touchdown games broadcasted exclusively on the NFL RedZone channel.

  • 40+ Specialty Sports Networks

Other than NFL games on DIRECTV, you can also catch many other college-level and pro-level games with the DIRECTV Sports Pack, which includes over 40 household names, such as NBA TV, MLB Network, and NHL Network. You can also get access to various Regional Sports Networks, only available for DIRECTV Choice packages and above. However, Regional Sports Fees will apply.

How to Watch the NFL Network with DIRECTV via Internet

The satellite technology used by DIRECTV allows it to deliver an exhaustive list of channels in your DIRECTV via Satellite packages. However, the channel lineup can vary significantly when you opt for DIRECTV via Internet.

So, while you may essentially be paying the same price for either of the services, you might not be able to enjoy the same channel lineup. However, DIRECTV makes sure its streaming customers are not left high and dry, particularly sports enthusiasts.

watch nfl on directv internet

You can very easily opt for the DIRECTV Sports Pack add-on to enjoy a much greater variety of sports channels, including the NFL network. Not only sports, but you also have the option to choose from additional channel packs such as International Channels, Entertainment, and Premium Networks.

You can watch the NFL Network with DIRECTV via Internet by opting for the Sports Pack, which costs $14.99/mo. And just like for Satellite subscribers, the Sports Pack is included in your DIRECTV via Internet package for the first three months at no extra cost.

The DIRECTV Sports Pack offers an exclusive and well-rounded sports-watching experience, especially for hardcore NFL fans who will get to watch special coverage every Sunday with the NFL RedZone.

DIRECTV Packages are a sports lover’s paradise. Discover DIRECTV offers now!

Watch NFL Network with DIRECTV App on the Go

Have an important game to watch but have to commute to work? It’s an NFL lover’s worst nightmare. Only to be solved by the captivating DIRECTV App, which provides entertainment on the go. The app is included in all DIRECTV plans and packages, so you will have exclusive access to a wide array of on-demand content, as well as live TV.

If NFL Network is part of your subscribed package, you can very easily tune into the channel and start watching anywhere and anytime! The app is rich with important features that elevate your entertainment level. With the DIRECTV App, you can:

  • Access your DVR recordings
  • Watch on-demand content from a library of up to 90,000+ titles
  • Stream the app on various devices, including Roku, iOS, Android, Windows, and Amazon devices
  • Use the app as a TV remote control
  • Advanced search and guide feature
  • Set favorites for a more personalized experience

Check out this DIRECTV App Guide to Learn More!

Wrap Up!

So, there you go! These were the various ways in which you can watch the NFL Network on DIRECTV. You don’t need to go through the hassle of finding the right TV provider anymore. DIRECTV has made the TV-watching experience much more advanced and convenient, offering NFL fans every possible solution. Make sure you are fully updated regarding the NFL Network schedule and don’t miss out on your favorite games this coming season by subscribing to DIRECTV packages to watch the NFL Network with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

  1. What Channel Is NFL Network on DIRECTV?

NFL Network is on channel number 212 on DIRECTV via Satellite.

  1. What Channel Is NFL Football on DIRECTV Today?

You can watch NFL games on DIRECTV by tuning into the NFL network with the DIRECTV Choice package or above. Moreover, depending on the day, time, and type of game, you can watch NFL games on CBS, NBC, FOX, and ESPN, which are included in DIRECTV channel lineups.

  1. What Is NFL RedZone?

NFL RedZone is a channel by NFL Network that broadcasts touchdowns every Sunday afternoon along with many other key events of regular season games. Watch NFL RedZone with DIRECTV.

  1. How to Get NFL RedZone?

You can get NFL RedZone by subscribing to the DIRECTV Sports Pack add-on that includes both, NFL Network and NFL RedZone. Call DIRECTV customer service at 855-737-0235 to subscribe.

  1. When Does the NFL Season Start?

The 2023 NFL season will start on September 7, 2023, in Kansas City.

  1. What Channel Is the NFL Game on Tonight?
You can watch NFL games on CBS Sports and NFL Network, or catch important highlights and touchdowns on NFL RedZone. You can also catch some games on ESPN, and explore your local sports networks to watch local teams play.