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Getting a good internet connection is like a hit or miss. Sometimes, you might look at the reviews online and think that it is a good provider; however, when you sign up for the service, you discover that it is subpar. There could be multiple reasons for this, like maybe, its service in another state is far better than in your state. Or, as we said, it could be a different reason entirely. And when something like that happens, naturally, you need to change providers.

Now, some of you might not have a very huge variety of providers in your area, and some of you might have to get a provider that is good albeit a little pricey. In that case, it might be a struggle to try to keep up with the cost of the internet every month. But it doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do about it. If your provider is Ziply Fiber and you want to find a way to lower the monthly bill, then here is what you can do.

Review the Monthly Bills

While there is little to no chance that your provider is charging you extra for services you did not subscribe to, you should still check the bill and be sure of the services you are being charged for. At the end of each month, whenever you get the monthly bill, be sure to check the prices and the services in case there is any error. It could be that due to some system error, you are being charged for additional services as well.

As we said, the chance of this happening is little to none, but it doesn’t hurt to be safe. In case you find anything on the bill that is not a part of what you wanted or your subscription, you can simply have this removed by calling Ziply customer service. Additionally, if your subscription has some promotional discounts right now, you should check for those too. If you can’t find them there, simply contact customer service and they will correct the issue.


Get Bundles Instead of Stand-Alone Plans

Aside from Ziply internet service, you can also get Ziply streaming TV and Ziply phone services. If you are already subscribed to and using these other services as well, then instead of buying them as stand-alone services, it would make more sense for you to bundle them. However, don’t count on these bundles to help you save money, since not all bundles are money-saving offers. If you want to check whether the bundle will get you some discounts, then check with Ziply customer service.

In addition to that, you should also check if the bundle comes with some terms and conditions of its own. If you are not going to use the streaming TV service or the phone service or both, then it obviously doesn’t make sense for you to make this purchase. In that case, you can just stick to stand-alone plans.


Eliminate Any Add-Ons

We mentioned before that there might be some things like an additional service that could be affecting your bill. Just like that, sometimes, the problem may be smaller than you think, but it could still be affecting your bill. Instead of a service, what if there was some add-on that was accidentally added to your service? This could naturally affect your bill.

Similarly, maybe there is an add-on that wasn’t accidentally added to your bill, rather it is something you had gotten in the beginning. But as time passed you realized that you don’t really need it anymore and you could do without it too. So, you can remove that add-on, and that would help to reduce the bill a little bit.


Look for Any Seasonal Discounts

There are some times or events when providers offer seasonal discounts and promotions on some of their plans and packages. The same applies to Ziply as well. If you want to buy a plan from ZIply, but you want to be able to save some money on it too, it is better for you to wait for that to happen, although we can’t give you a set time for it.

However, some discounts and promotions are not seasonal, but they can be utilized after meeting certain conditions. For example, you could get a student discount all year round by meeting certain conditions. To find out more about Ziply internet deals and their conditions, simply call 844-622-7230.


Lower Your Ziply Internet Speed

If you feel like your internet speed is a little too fast and you can manage things perfectly with a lower speed, then it makes sense to choose another one of Ziply internet plans, preferably one with a lower speed. If you need help figuring out whether a lower speed will be good for you or not, you can also seek the help of Ziply customer service and figure out a speed for yourself.


In Review

This is where today’s blog comes to an end. We hope that this article was helpful to you in learning about reducing the cost of your monthly bill for Ziply Fiber. We have looked at some reasons that your monthly bill might be costly and to counter that, we have also looked at the solutions for these reasons. In addition to that, there are also some ways that you could save on your monthly bill that we have discussed. Hence, all that’s left for you now is to apply one of these strategies and see how it helps lower your bill!      


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. How do I contact Ziply Fiber?

You can reach out to Ziply Fiber by simply calling 844-622-7230. Or you could even find its official page online, where you can get help by emailing or chatting with a customer service professional.


2. Is Ziply unlimited?

Ziply Fiber does not have data caps on any of its plans. This means you do not have to worry about a data overage fee in your next monthly bill in case you have crossed the limit. Thus, you get to enjoy unlimited data on the internet speed of your choice.


3. Does Ziply Fiber have a contract?

Ziply Fiber does not have a contract attached to any of its services. You will get a monthly bill for all of Ziply’s services, hence, if you want to unsubscribe at any point, you can do so without a penalty or early termination fee.