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Living in the NYC region and wondering if subscribing to a high-speed wireless internet service would be worth it? Well, we presume if that is your question, you are perhaps part of a community located outside the reach of the many wireline services serving the NYC boroughs. If so, read on. Because our today’s article discusses the various aspects of one of the most readily available wireless internet service options in the U.S. i.e. HughesNet.  

Why choose HughesNet Internet in the NYC region?

NYC is sure one of the best-connected U.S. cities. A range of nationwide and local/regional ISPs, work to keep the population of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens connected. And so, you don’t really need to go “wireless” for home internet. But, in the NYC region there are a few vicinities where you can access only one wireline service or none at all. And, this is where wireless forms of high-speed internet become a serious proposition.

Fixed Wireless services are primarily offered by local/regional ISPs, but an industry giant, i.e. T-Mobile, is also in the market. As for satellite internet, it is delivered by the likes of HughesNet, ranked as the #1 satellite internet provider in the U.S.

HughesNet however enjoys a unique edge over its competing wireless service type, in that its satellite-based broadband communications network not only encompasses the U.S. from coast to coast, but extends beyond. HughesNet uses a next-gen satellite communications architecture in order to connect its subscribers to the World Wide Web. The EchoStar XIX Satellite, the world’s highest capacity broadband satellite, is designed with the Hughes JUPITER System high-throughput tech. And is thus able to power a great number of homes and small businesses via the HughesNet Gen5 service across mainland U.S., as well as in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. 

Like so, whichever vicinity in the NYC region you maybe located in, HughesNet is the one ISP you’ll always find accessible. Ready availability is the one big advantage of HughesNet satellite internet service that is pretty difficult to beat for the competing Fixed Wireless.

HughesNet Gen5 speed, data & pricing

When it comes HughesNet Gen5 plans, unlike offers from wired providers, these are categorized on the basis of data allowance. The speed factor is a constant, at 25 Mbps downloads and 3 Mbps uploads, across all plans. Based on data, there are 4 tiers. The starting plan offers 10 GB and the highest one gets you 50 GB, while in-between plans allow 20 and 30 GB data every month.

All HughesNet plans are currently offered at a discount for 6 months, and there is a 2 year service contract you need to commit yourself to.

HughesNet Internet

Max download/upload speed

Promo Price

10 GB


25/3 Mbps

for 6 months. Service plans require a 24-month commitment

20 GB


25/3 Mbps

for 6 months. Service plans require a 24-month commitment

30 GB


25/3 Mbps

for 6 months. Service plans require a 24-month commitment

50 GB


25/3 Mbps

for 6 months. Service plans require a 24-month commitment


What can you do with HughesNet Internet plans?

With a 25/3 Mbps fast internet, standard household usage can be easily taken care of. Whether you use the internet for browsing the web, emails, shopping and banking, connecting and sharing on social media, video chat, working from home or virtual learning. Pretty much all these activities can be easily conducted with HughesNet Gen5 speeds. You may however find yourself a little restricted in terms of the number of devices connected simultaneously when you use the internet for bandwidth extensive  activities.

The data allowance can feel limiting unless you choose the plan carefully according to the number of users and the usage pattern in your home. The 10 GB plan can do the trick for 1-2 users who enjoy fast speeds for standard usage. A small family with growing kids can find the 30 GB plan sufficient for their routine data needs. But if you are a mid-sized family with multiple users and devices, you maybe better off selecting the 30 or 50 GB plan to fulfill everyone’s needs. Moreover, if you are into streaming video regularly keep in mind your connection can sustain DVD quality stream, but HD is not a good idea unless you don’t mind grabbing a few Data Tokens.

Lastly, some issues are inherent to this internet type and not specific to the provider. For instance, transmission latency which is unavoidable given the broadband communications infrastructure involves a satellite about 22,500 miles out in the space. While the delay is estimated to be half a second, time sensitive applications such as multiplayer Twitch games or real-time equities trading are not recommended. Albeit, for routine activities, you can rely on the HughesNet satellite internet connection.  

What perks do you get with the HughesNet Internet service?  

Fast Speeds

While 25/3 Mbps internet speeds may seem skinny for modern-day consumption patterns, what you must remember is HughesNet Gen5 speeds meet the FCC benchmark for broadband internet, and are pretty adequate for routine usage in American homes. Especially so in areas where you do not enjoy the advantage of high-speed wireline service options. A satellite internet connection, despite a few downsides, makes a prudent choice when you are confronted with crawling DSL or no wired connection at all. 

No Hard Data Limits

While  HughesNet Internet plans come with a data limit,  the good thing is unlike most wired internet providers, HughesNet neither charges an overage fee nor throws you offline, rather keeps you connected at speeds that typically range from 1-3 Mbps. Once the next billing cycle starts you are back up to the 25/3 Mbps standard. So, while there is a data cap it’s a pretty soft one.

Bonus Zone

HughesNet is fully aware of the varied data needs of the modern-day subscriber, and this is precisely the reason why the provider includes the Bonus Zone data with all plans. The 50 GB Bonus Zone data comes on top of your monthly data allowance which you are entitled to with your HughesNet Gen5 plan. And while its usage is limited to the off-peak hours between 2 am and 8 am, this is a big supplement all users get to enjoy at no added cost.

Be smart and schedule large file and movie downloads as well as system updates during these hours. Because all usage will be counted against your Bonus Zone data.

Built-in Wi-Fi

Each internet plan from HughesNet comes equipped with a wireless satellite modem. You don’t have to deal with separate pieces of equipment i.e. a modem and a router. Plus you are less likely to suffer from lagging connectivity, because the dual band 802.11ac device supports multiple devices. The device plays a vital role in providing strong Wi-Fi signals throughout the house.

Video Data Saver

To help you save your monthly data allowance, HughesNet puts years of experience in providing services based on SmartTechnologiesTM into good use. With the Video Data Saver feature, you can watch more of what you love online while using less of your monthly data allowance. Because the Video Data Saver automatically adjusts the data rate to deliver DVD quality. Which means you consume up to 3 times less data as you stream video content. If however you wish to stream HD, you have the option to “snooze” the feature.

The Endnote

We hope our discussion of HughesNet Gen5 Internet helps you decide whether or not high-speed satellite internet is a good choice for your home in the NYC region. But as we said, if all you have access to is a frustratingly slow wired option, broadband internet speeds from HughesNet make HughesNet a serious contender. While its data caps may seem unsettling at first, the Bonus Zone 50 GB data at no added cost is a significant boost which offsets the data problem.

The cost factor with satellite internet cannot be ignored either. But what you must understand is, a big part of this is directly linked with the fact the service is available right across the U.S. because it uses a satellite-based infrastructure. And in areas, where no viable high-speed internet option is available, HughesNet wins the game simply because it gives you access to just that.

If you find yourself confused about how much data your home may require, you can always call HughesNet Customer Service representatives at 1-855-349-9309. They can help you figure out the right plan and also assist you through subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum upload speed offered by HughesNet Internet?

The maximum upload speed that HughesNet Internet offers is 3 Mbps.

What is the download speed offered by HughesNet Internet?

No matter which plan you are subscribed to, HughesNet Internet service offers download speed of 25 Mbps. For more information, reach out to a HughesNet Customer Service representative at 1-855-349-9309.