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Today, a strong connection to the internet is undeniably essential. Connectivity is the core of survival in this world.   A fast internet connection helps you do whatever you want and need to do online, seamlessly. However, just like other necessities in life, this one too has a cost. That's fair, but no one truly enjoys receiving a hefty internet bill at the end of each month or feeling they aren't getting their money's worth. For this reason, it's crucial to make sure you're signed up for the right internet provider and plan—one that enables you to reap the benefits of affordable and reliable high-speed internet.

If you’re residing in the West and Northwest US, you’re lucky to fall under Ziply Fiber’s coverage area. Ziply offers blazing-fast internet and trouble-free phone service in four states—Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon – so if you’re seeking strong fiber internet, no commitment and unlimited data at exceptional rates, consider signing up for Ziply Fiber plans.

Enjoy HD streaming, video conferencing, and online gaming without breaking your bank account. The company also strives to meet the expectations of its customers through three different and well-sought plans. Customers have the flexibility to pick the speed tier that better matches their needs and budget.

If you’re looking to switch and need help picking the right plan within your budget, you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to dive into deep detail about the plans and pricing of the 12th-largest fiber-optic provider in America in this thorough guide. Keep reading to learn more!

Everything about Ziply Fiber Plans and Pricing

With three standard speed tiers offered across all of its service areas, Ziply fiber can accommodate small, medium-sized, or large ultra-connected homes with no problem. You can pick a speed-based plan that fits all of your digital demands. The best part is that Ziply provides starting speeds that are lower than those of other fiber internet service providers, so you never pay a single penny for speed that you won't use. The best thing about these plans is the price. These value-added plans make sure that Ziply Fiber cost justifies the experience you’re getting.

Check out the worthwhile Ziply Fiber plans and pricing in the table down below and take a pick!

Ziply Fiber Internet Plans Max Upload/Download Speed Price Data Cap What you can do
Fiber 50/50 50/50 Mbps $20/mo.
for 12 months w/autopay and paperless billing discount. Price does not include taxes and fees
Unlimited Designed for a small household that can connect up to 4 devices at the same time to browse and surf the internet and enjoy streaming their TV favorites seamlessly.
Fiber 200/200 200/200 Mbps $40/mo.
for 12 months w/autopay and paperless billing discount. Price does not include taxes and fees
Unlimited Great for a medium-sized household using up to 6 connected devices at once; stream 4K videos or play HD games with friends. Perform heavy-duty tasks and activities seamlessly.
Fiber GIG 1000/1000 Mbps $60/mo.
for 12 months w/autopay and paperless billing discount. Price does not include taxes and fees
Unlimited Ideal for a large household – work from home, take online classes, stream 8K videos, and play smooth multiplayer games.


These three plans come with a promo price for the first 12 months, after which the price goes up by $10/mo. This, however, is not the case for Multi-Gig Fiber plans that we’ll talk about below.

Multi-Gig Ziply Fiber Internet Plans

Multi-gig Ziply Fiber plans make sure you get the fastest internet connection for your home in the Northwest, with symmetrical download and upload speeds. Multi-gig speeds will be perfect for internet users that regularly create content online, play multiplayer games, or work remotely. With Multi-gig Ziply fiber internet plans, you can avoid latency, connection drops, and buffering, and pay on a monthly basis at rack-rate!

Multi-Gig Fiber Plan Max Upload/Download Speed Introductory Price What you can do
2 GIG Fiber 2000/2000 Mbps $120/mo.
w/autopay and paperless billing discount. Price does not include taxes and fees
Remote workers benefit from crystal clear video calls
Gamers play better with fast speeds and low latency
5 GIG Fiber 5000/5000 Mbps $300/mo.
w/autopay and paperless billing discount. Price does not include taxes and fees
Large households can connect as many devices as they want with zero lag.
Users benefit from fast file downloads and uploads plus can share large files quickly


Everything about Ziply Fiber Extra Fees

The economic upside of Ziply is that its service fees wouldn't mount up to as much as those of other ISPs. Big bills are never appreciated, so that's fantastic. However, Ziply Fiber may charge you the following one-time and monthly fees:

  • Installation charges: For both fiber and DSL services, Ziply Fiber currently offers free professional or self-installation.
  • Equipment costs: $10/month for a Wi-Fi plan that covers your entire home. But this is only a limited-time offer. The regular monthly cost is $20.
  • Late payment fee: A late payment fee of $9 is charged for every late payment.
  • Early Termination Fee: There isn't an early termination fee because Ziply Fiber plans are contract-free!

Affordable Ziply Fiber Internet Service Features

Ziply Fiber is known across the Northwest for its top-notch internet service, incredible customer service, and excellent service value at great prices. So if you’re looking for some more conviction to sign up for Ziply Fiber plans, let us help you out with that. Here are a few reasons why you should consider becoming a Ziply Fiber subscriber.

  • Unique Fiber network

Ziply is the only provider that works relentlessly, day and night to build and expand a personalized network that is capable enough to satisfy your needs. The entire network is built with an astounding capacity to make sure you never face any service interruptions even during peak hours.

  • Symmetrical speeds, no data caps

Download and upload speeds from a fiber connection are symmetrical, unlike cable, so you can say goodbye to endless buffering when you’re streaming your favorite shows online, or unnecessary lags while video calling and online gaming.  The rapid expansion of its fiber network allows Ziply to deliver quality high-speed internet to subscribers. Because of it, Ziply does not restrict your data usage, limit the speed, or charge you more for extra data consumption. Take advantage of fast downloads, lag-free video calls, smooth online classes, & flawless streaming.

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Ziply is committed to providing you with the strongest available internet connection in your neighborhood. The provider has put a lot of effort into guaranteeing that it maintains the highest level of customer satisfaction. And Ziply is confident in its services and the value they bring thus offers its users a 30-day money-back warranty.

After 30 days of the service's activation, if for any reason you are not fully satisfied, you can contact Ziply's customer service representative at 1-844-622-7230, and they will provide a complete refund for your internet subscription.

  • No annual commitment

Ziply doesn't bind you to an annual contract because it is sure that you won't want to leave. Also, don't worry if your current provider requires you to pay an early termination fee if it's the only thing keeping you from switching to Ziply's outstanding service. Ziply facilitates you with contract buy-outs up to $200. There is no excuse not to test out the top services to transform your online experience.

  • Ziply apps

Ziply makes sure you're always up to date by backing you with the resources you need. It makes sure your experience is as convenient and accessible as possible, plus gives you 100% control through its wide selection of mobile apps. Use the myZiply app to restart your internet hardware and keep track of all user and service-related data. You can protect all usernames, passwords, and payment details with Ziply Device Safety & Password Manager also while safeguarding your devices from internet threats.

Pick the Best Ziply Fiber Plan for You

Well, there you go!

You know the A to Z about Ziply fiber’s services, plans and cost now. If you're searching for a smooth and enjoyable internet experience in the Northwest, Ziply Fiber is a service that is worth all your attention! Its affordable internet prices, premium service, and excellent customer service make sure you enjoy your money's value. Aside from that, who doesn't value unlimited data and freedom from their internet provider? It's a reputable fiber provider that promises you worthwhile options.

All you have to do now is pick up that phone and Call 1-844-622-7230 to find out if Ziply Fiber offers services in your area.


Do I Have To Sign a Contract with Ziply?

No. Ziply Fiber does not offer contract-based plans or make you sign one for its use of services.

Which Is the Fastest Ziply Fiber Plan?

2 Gbps and 5 Gbps are the fastest plans offered by Ziply Multi-Gig Fiber service. However, these plans are limited in availability. Call 1-844-622-7230 to find out which of these offers are available at your address.

Is Ziply Fiber Available in My Neighborhood?

With a location in several towns and cities across, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana, Ziply Fiber covers the West and the Northwest of the United States. Call 1-844-622-7230 to check if Ziply Fiber deals are available at your address.