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ADT is one of the most popular security systems in the U.S., operating in about 48 states with well over 6.5 million subscribers. Hanging around since the 1870’s, ADT is dedicated to bringing its users top quality and value-added services. The customizable plans are a great security option for your home, whether you have kids, old people, or pets living with you. 

In this article, we discuss how you can reach out to ADT customer service should you ever find yourself in a pickle. So let us get right in!

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When Should I Contact ADT Customer Service?
How to Contact ADT Customer Service?

When Should I Contact ADT Customer Service?

A common concern that many people have is when is it the right choice to contact ADT customer support. And the answer truly is very simple. Any time you find yourself lost with a service, or fall into a technical glitch or so, you can reach out to the ADT phone number for support. A customer service representative would be more than happy to help you out, no matter what your issue is.

There are mainly two reasons you may need to contact ADT security customer service. They are:

  • Purchasing or upgrading an ADT plan – No matter whether you are a new customer or want to make an upgrade, ADT customer and sales support can help you reach a decision and purchase whatever you want.
  • Technical difficulties for current customers – If you ever find yourself stuck with an ADT problem regarding your camera batteries, faulty sensors, or need assistance with other such technical problems, you can reach out to ADT customer service. Similarly, any billing issues or account problems can also be discussed with ADT customer care to fix it all.

How to Contact ADT Customer Service

There are plenty of ways to get ADT customer service, including help at the ADT stores. However, if you prefer to have your communications over the phone, that is an option too. If you are looking to purchase an ADT plan or upgrade a current service, all you need to do is dial ADT phone number 844-343-1168.

Existing ADT customers who need help with technical issues such as ADT equipment, billing or account problems, etc., can reach out the ADT customer support 24/7 at the number: 800-716-3640.


The customer service for ADT security is accommodating and understanding, hoping to mollify all your concerns. Also, if you are looking to upgrade your plan or learn more, the sales support number is functional around the clock to assist you through the process. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ADT Security?

ADT is one of the pioneers of home security services in the U.S., launched in 1874 as a neighborhood security call box. Today, ADT serves over 6 million customers in 48 states and brings security solutions to homes including motion sensors, cameras, and more.

Learn more about ADT services in your area. Call 844-343-1168 today!

How to contact ADT customer service?

You can reach out to ADT customer service and sales support at 844-343-1168. The representative will be happy to help you make a purchase or decide on an upgrade, depending on what your home needs. This number is available 24/7 and you can call at any time.