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Table of Contents

A Little About ADT
False ADT Alarm – Here Are the Reasons
How is ADT fixing this?
How Can I Avoid Setting Off False ADT Alarm?
Why Choose ADT Security Services?
Final Thoughts
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Our home security systems are tasked with protecting us. It is their job to monitor our homes, alert us of any suspicious activity, and sound the alarm when things go south. While ADT alarm systems are known to be some of the best in the world, they are still electronic devices. There are times when things might stop working the way they normally do for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, a false alarm might go off which can be an uneasy situation to be in.

In this blog, we discuss how ADT is addressing false alarm issues for any troubled user of security alarms. So if you’re not an ADT user, then the service is a great choice if you’re planning to switch your home security service because of continued false alarms and such issues.

A Little About ADT

The ADT alarm system is one of the oldest security services in the U.S., dating back to 1874. ADT did initially start as a telegraph-based call box that doubled as a security-alerting feature. However, with over 140 years of dynamic experience, ADT has become one of the leaders in home security solutions. With home security services, top-notch equipment, and even smart home automation, there is nothing that ADT cannot accomplish. 

Now, let’s get into what issues prevail with false ADT alarm and what the provider is doing to resolve this.

False ADT Alarm – Here Are the Reasons

Your ADT alarm system could be going off on its own for a variety of reasons. These are:


According to a recent survey held by ADT, pets are the most common cause for triggering indoor and sometimes outdoor alarms. Approximately 27% of false alarms are triggered due to pets. And, it makes sense because they can barely sit straight and keep darting from one end of the house to the other. Luckily, such alarms are categorized as false alarms since nothing actually is the problem. However, it can be very distracting for homeowners to continually have to disarm the system because their dog wants to chase a squirrel or to face a 3 AM alarm because their cat was acting up.

ADT alarm’s powerful sensors are pet-friendly with the ability to distinguish between pets and humans using infrared technology. However, at times, motion detectors won't be able to separate the two, triggering a false alarm if your pet walks by. Here’s what you can do to avoid this issue:

  • If you have active pets who jump on the furniture, you should arm your system for Stay so your motion sensor does not consider it an abnormal activity and cause false alarms. 
  • Restrict your pets from entering areas where motion detectors might be accidentally triggered, or reposition the sensors.

Unreliable Installation

When your system was being installed, there is a chance that some sort of installation process was ignored. For example, sensor nodes might not be aligned properly causing the alarm to go off.

If you are inexperienced with installing your security devices, have an experienced technician come in and do it. Getting it done the right way is incredibly important.

A Weak or Faulty Battery

The majority of sensors, alarms, and cameras in your ADT home security system are wireless. This is for the convenience and ease of installation in case you want to move them later. These battery-powered installations are good for several months on a single charge. However, as the battery begins to deplete, functionality is impaired.

Make it a point to regularly check the battery levels for your equipment. When the batteries get low, the devices may start malfunctioning.

Internal Errors and Glitches

Over time, your equipment might begin to give off different errors causing the alarm to misfire. Solve this by resetting your security system.

  • This is possible by turning off your devices, waiting for a few minutes to clear out all bugs and glitches, and then turning it back on.
  • Remove your network cable from your internet router as well as the ADT pulse gateway.
  • Restart your router, wait for all the right lights to turn on, and then turn on your ADT pulse.
  • After all of it has turned on, reconnect all the cables and you’re good to go.
  • Use the ADT mobile application to check whether your ADT pulse gateway is connected and working.

Faulty Hardware

When your ADT equipment begins malfunctioning, your ADT system will alert you. However, if it doesn’t, then you need to find the ones that are acting up. This is made possible by bypassing all faulty sensors and ADT zones individually. In order to manually do this, here is what you need to do:

  • Press the (*) button on your display panel to open the device menu.
  • Click on the ‘bypass zones’ option and enter your ADT security system access code.
  • Using the scroll buttons, select one of the many zones you want to bypass.
  • To select a zone, click on (*).
  • After this, a ‘B’ will show up, meaning that the zone has been bypassed.

Do this for all of your security zones, find the faulty sensor, and work accordingly from there.

How is ADT fixing this?

ADT has worked tirelessly to ensure that there are as few false alarms as physically possible. To help alleviate customer concerns with false alarm issues, here is what ADT has been doing:

Proactive Technology

ADT has a proactive approach when it comes to protecting its customer’s homes. This is done by:

SMART Monitoring & Alarm Messenger

ADT employs the use of the SMART Monitoring platform (System Monitoring and Response Technology) to enhance and refine the triggers on sounded alarms within ADT. SMART stands for System Monitoring And Response Technology. Using this technology, the ADT SMART Monitoring security system proactively studies different alarm signals and highlights any possible false alarms. If something of this sort arises, ADT is immediately notified in an effort to weed out any errors.

When the ADT alarm goes off, the Alarm Messenger sends a text message to users and their emergency contacts. This message contains a link to a portal. Customers can open it, check their alarm information, and cancel or call the police—as per the urgency of the matter.

What’s More?

Here is a small list of some of the technologies in consideration by ADT to cut down on the frequency of false alarms

  • Embracing sensor-based and video technologies for double authentication e.g. ADT offers pet-immune motion sensors with the help of passive infrared sensor (PIR) motion-detecting tech.
  • Unconventional yet efficient applications for government and commercial uses, which will eventually flow toward residential solutions.
  • Dynamic innovation of refined video quality and more — made possible by cutting costs, improving video resolutions, and higher bandwidth processing ability.

Customer Education

To make life simpler for customers, ADT provides various resources for customers to better understand their technology. Their guides have information regarding how to install the system, train authorized users, secure doors and windows, maintain the system, and more. Sift through these different guides to get a better understanding of your security system. Get as much value out of the service as possible.

How Can I Avoid Setting Off False ADT Alarm?

Finally, here is what customers can do to prevent their ADT security system from sounding a false alarm.

  • Ensuring installation is airtight
  • Learn how to identify a low battery and change it ahead of time
  • Train all members in your home to use the system properly
  • Ensure all doors and windows are properly closed before the system is armed
  • Disarm the system if you are away for extended periods of time.
  • Try to clean smoke detectors to remove any dust or other particles 

Why Choose ADT Security Services?

Since ADT is the pioneer of all modern security services, there has been a lot of novelty in the brand itself. However, there are multiple reasons why choosing the ADT security service can be a win for you. Of course, if you are an ADT user, you already know all of the perks that come with the service.

  1. Multiple service tiers to choose from: Whether you want to go for a self-monitoring service, or get more detailed professional monitoring, ADT security services come in quite a few service tiers. This means that depending on the needs and budget of your home, you can pick whatever fits best.
  2. Professional installation: ADT ensures the installation of all their systems only through experienced technicians that are well-versed in the running of the system. Therefore, with professional installation, there is little room for error and the ADT alarm system runs as smoothly as possible.
  3. 24/7 pro-monitoring: Although the ADT services come in quite a few tiers, professional monitoring is available round-the-clock for people who do not have the time for self-monitoring or just want a well-rounded security option.
  4. 6-month money-back guarantee: ADT allows its customers to get their money back for up to 6 months after installation. This is great because not only does it let you experience the full spectrum of ADT services but also get a refund if the system doesn’t work for your home.
  5. Theft protection guarantee: ADT will reimburse over $500 of insurance deductible if there is a robbery while the system is still armed. This is a great initiative by ADT, especially for homes in neighborhoods where property crimes are common.
  6. Service and repairs come included: All ADT service plans come with services and repairs included in the plan. If you want any maintenance or repairs to carry out or if any ADT equipment needs replacement it will be done so without incurring any added cost to you.
  7. Fully customizable packages: ADT does have quite a few pre-built packages but you can always add more to create a service of your liking. This means you can add smart home automation services on top of security ones to create a complete smart home of the future.

These are just some of the features and perks that ADT has to offer its users. Pricing for ADT packages starts at $28.99 per month but varies quite a bit especially if you go for a customized package. For more information on ADT security services or plans, please call our expert ADT customer service at 844-343-1168.

Final Thoughts

ADT is not just one of the oldest security services in the U.S., but also one of the very best with state-of-the-art technology, innovative equipment, and a lot more. The best part of the ADT alarm system is how dynamic the service is, always improving, innovating, and doing what it does best: bringing top-quality security services to your doorstep.

In the unforeseen event that your ADT security system is malfunctioning, you need not worry. ADT has a variety of solutions that customers can implement themselves. If nothing works, you can reach out to ADT security customer service at 844-343-1168. Trained professionals at this number can answer all your questions regarding ADT products and services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does ADT security offer professional installation?

All ADT security service plans come with professional installation. So, you don’t have to worry about setting it up all on your own.

What does the ADT alarm system cost per month?

ADT alarm system comes in many pricing plans starting at $28.99 per month but you can choose any plan for your home. You can also customize and build a plan of your choosing. For more information, call now at 844-343-1168.