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The internet service provider you choose determines the quality of your online experience. A stable internet connection is an imperative in today’s time. Our personal and professional lives depend on how stable and fast the internet connection is, so getting stuck with a choppy internet service is something we don’t want to deal with.

Luckily, we’re living in a time where access to high-speed internet connection is easier than ever, thanks to the technological advancements that have paved the way for the U.S. ISPs to empower the consumer with faster and more reliable internet. Not only nationwide ISPs, but many regional providers are now able to deliver more speed and bandwidth by using the cutting-edge Fiber technology.

And today we’re here to talk about one such regional ISP which you may have heard about if you reside in the Southeast - Hargray Communications. This brief guide is aimed at helping you understand the value of a Hargray subscription, and touches upon aspects such as plans, prices, customer satisfaction and more.  

About Hargray Communications  

The regional telecommunications company started as Harcan Telephone nearly 75 years ago. Today it delivers advanced communications and entertainment services to residential and business customers in a growing number of southeastern markets. The Hargray network coverage spans 50+ cities and towns across Georgia, South Carolina, Florida and Alabama.

There is a variety of internet service types on the Hargray portfolio. But the provider has had a committed focus on expanding its Fiber coverage over the years. It was the first ISP to introduce Gig speeds to many residential communities and businesses in Savannah, Valdosta Hinesville, Hilton Head Island, Beaufort, Bluffton, Statesboro and Macon. Currently its Fiber network consists of over 2,000   route miles delivering cutting edge internet to 80,000+ customers.

Fiber is however not the only broadband type Hargray delivers. Cable internet from Hargray is available to an estimated 348,000 people. As for DSL and Fixed Wireless availability is very limited, while its Copper service remains dedicated to businesses.

Why Choose Hargray Internet?  

Hargray not only ensures to deliver consistently fast speeds to the consumer, but many perks that add to the value of your subscription. And unless you run a comparison based on all aspects of an internet service, it can be difficult to assess the real value your subscription may earn you. Here is a quick run through of the advantages you can enjoy as a Hargray Internet subscriber.

1.     Reliable & Fast Hargray Internet Speeds

Hargray Internet plans offers speeds ranging from 50 to 1000 Mbps. Albeit which speed tiers are available to you, depends on the Hargray network capacity in the vicinity. So, while the Hargray service menu showcases 100, 200, 300, and 500 Mbps in-between speed tiers, you may not have access to all options at any given address. With that said the available variety of plans does allow users to pick speeds that fit their needs best.

With dependable fast speeds, you can power multiple users and devices, and a range of online activities such as working from home, virtual learning, video streaming, online shopping, banking and gaming.

2.     Unlimited Data with Hargray Internet

Hargray does not cap the data allowance with its internet plans. You can enjoy freedom from the anxiety of running out of data or an overage fee. Hargray does however rely on standard network management practices in order to safeguard the interest of all its customers. So, if your data consumption is uncharacteristic of a residential connection, the account maybe suspended.  

3.     Hargray in-home WiFi

Your Hargray Internet subscription is powered by a WiFi capable modem, which you can lease for $10.50/mo. It is not only your gateway to the internet, but facilitates WiFi connectivity for your devices around the house. And if you have a larger house, you can choose the advanced WiFi solution offered for $20/mo. This wall-to-wall upgrade includes the WiFi modem along with 2 access points - and enables you to enjoy enhanced wireless connectivity on all your devices in a house that spans up to 1200 sq. ft.

4.     Hargray 30-day Money-back Guarantee

Hargray makes your life easier by letting you subscribe risk-free. The 30-day money-back guarantee from Hargray gives you the room to cancel the service within 30 days of service installation/activation if you’re not fully satisfied. And, Hargray will reimburse you the monthly service cost.   

5.     No-Contract Hargray Internet Plans

Hargray gives customers freedom from contractual obligations. There are no annual contracts that would tie you down to the service once the promo term expires. But as is the industry norm, you you’re liable to a forgoing fee if you cancel the service before the end of the 12 or 24 months of the promotional term.

6.     Hargray Makes it Easy for You to Switch  

The $200 credit from Hargray helps you break-away from your current provider. When you choose to switch to Hargray services, this credit helps compensate for any early termination fee you incur. Needless to say getting a break such as this one, can make it easier for you to consider switching providers. 

7.     Buy More for Less with Hargray Bundles

Hargray makes it easier for customers to combine all home services in one place. Value-added Hargray bundles allow you to enjoy 2 or more services under the same roof and on one bill. Which eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors and paying separate bills every month. Plus when you go for a Hargray double play, there is a $5 bundle discount to be enjoyed, and a triple play saves you $15.

So, if your home requires more than just the Internet, bundle it with Hargray TV or phone, or both for that matter - and enjoy convenience as well as savings.

Hargray Internet Plans & Prices

As we said earlier, Hargray Internet speed offerings vary with the service location. But some speed tiers are more commonly available than others, and are more popular too. Here is a quick look at the widely available speed-based Internet plans from Hargray.  

Hargray Internet Plan
Max. Download/Upload Speed
Who is it for?

Internet 200


For 12 months

200/20 Mbps

For multiple device connectivity in a small to mid-sized household - great for streaming HD videos

Internet 300

For 12 months

300/30 Mbps

A mid-sized family can connect multiple devices - work from home, attend school online, stream video, play online games and more

Internet 500

For 12 months

500/50 Mbps

For mid to large sized households - enjoy 4K streaming or gameplay on multiple devices

Internet 1000

For 12 months

1000/50 Mbps

For the ultra-connected modern home - hook up your smart home gadgets, enjoy 4K/UHD video streaming, competitive online gaming and more

Where is Hargray Internet Available?

Here is a list of cities where Hargray Internet availability should not be an issue for you - as for Florida residents, for now Hargray Internet services in Jacksonville, Lake City and Tallahassee are exclusive to business customers.


To Wrap It Up

Consistently fast speeds, and good value for money is what every customer looks for when shopping for an internet service. Hargray promises a quality online experience to customers with the many service features and perks it offers. So, if you’re looking for fast and reliable connectivity in the Southeastern states, take note of Hargray Communications.

To check for Hargray service availability and offers at your address, speak to a Hargray Customer Service representative at 844-413-8997.