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If you’re looking to save some hard earned cash, it makes sense to get home essentials like internet, TV, and phone from a single provider. Bundling services and products is a great way to get maximum value for your money. Most service providers offer bundle deals at some sort of a discounted rate, and like so you pay less when you package more than one service. And if the bundle deal you land for your home also has a promotional offer attached to it, it means more savings. But, how good a bundle rate it is, and whether or not you are able to also get a promo deal on the package of your choice, depends on a number of factors.   

For your home in South Carolina, Georgia or Alabama, Hargray Communications is definitely a service provider worth considering. With Hargray bundle prices you get the full advantage of packaged services without compromise on service quality.

Hargray Communications: Network Coverage

Hargray Communications has been in the business of connecting Americans for over 70 years, since it was founded as a telephone company. Over the decades the provider expanded its portfolio of services to include Cable TV and high-speed internet. And has kept up with evolving times and changing consumer demands by adapting itself, and making well timed moves as far as its multiple acquisitions.

For residents of cities like Hawkinsville and Pooler in Georgia, as well as Bluffton and Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, Hargray is a pretty heard-about name. In Alabama, Hargray network coverage is not as wide spread as in the other 2 states, but in cities like Cropwell, Pell-City, and Riverside, you can get lucky with Hargray Internet, TV and phone deals. In Florida Hargray operates in Jacksonville and Tallahassee, however at this point services are more limited to Floridian businesses.

Here is a list of cities where Hargray network coverage is available for residential consumption:

South Carolina

Beaufort, Bluffton, Daufuskie Island, Hardeeville, Hilton Head Island, Lady’s Island, Okatie, Port Royal, Ridgeland, Saint Helena Island, Sheldon, Seabrook, Yemassee



Bloomingdale, Buckhead, Cochran, Collins, Eatonton, Elko, Fort Valley, Glennville, Greensboro, Hawkinsville, Hinesville, Kathleen, Marshallville, Perry, Pinehurst, Pooler, Reidsville, Richmond Hill, Savannah, Unadilla, Valdosta, Warner Robins


Alpine, Cropwell, Lincoln, Odenville, Pell City, Ragland, Riverside, Talladega, Vincent



Living in one of the cities listed? Well, then read on to learn about what Hargray bundle packages have to offer, and how bundling Hargray Internet with other home-essentials saves you money and hassle.

Hargray Bundle Packages: A Complete Deal for Your Home  

Hargray bundles come in double and triple plays. You can combine 2 or more services from the full range of Hargray service menu in line with what your home needs. If internet and TV is all you want, go for a Hargray double play. Want to save on your cellular service bill? Add the Hargray home phone to make a triple pay.

Hargray Internet

Hargray gives you plenty of choice with download speeds ranging from 50 to 1000 Mbps. These speed based plans are cut-out to meet the needs of a wide range of consumers. From small families to large households. Which tiers are available in your area, however, depends on the Hargray network type and capability in your area. Hargray Internet 200, 300, and 500 Mbps tiers are among the most popular.

Hargray Internet plans allow you to enjoy your online experience with freedom from data anxiety. Albeit, the provider does employ network management practices consistent with industry standards to safeguard the interest of all customers. Meaning, if data consumption is not characteristic of a typical residential user, account suspension may follow.  

Hargray also offers a wireless gateway device with its internet plans, so you are covered when it comes to WiFi connectivity. For enhanced coverage around a larger house (1200+ sq. ft.), you can take advantage of the advanced WiFi solution which adds to access points to your in-home network.  

Hargray TV

Hargray TV plans are equally well tiered. While the service type, channel count and TV equipment may vary with location, Hargray delivers the service complete with a diverse lineup, On Demand, TV Everywhere, and a variety of add-ons to customize in-home entertainment. And, with the newest equipment from Hargray, you can expect your experience to be more contemporary.

In most service locations, Hargray TV plans come in these tiers: Basics, Economy, Digital Lite and Premier. Each is designed to complement a variety of in-home entertainment needs. The Basics and Economy levels are ideal for a home with a few streaming subscriptions already in place. While, Digital Lite and Premier can easily keep a family with diverse interests entertained and happy.

Hargray Home Phone

As for Hargray Home Phone service, you can save still more. Not only with the bundle rate, but with unlimited nationwide calling and all essential calling features. Make your everyday communication less costly and more convenient. Hargray offers International Calling plans as well, which can help you connect with family and friends around the world at affordable rates. Plus when you switch to the service you can keep your home number from the existing provider. All for $20 more when you bundle!

Hargray Bundle Prices Are Competitive & Affordable

The range of Hargray offers can vary with the service area. But, in each market, you are able to choose home communication and entertainment services under the Hargray roof along with value-added rewards.

Which services you should bundle is a decision your home-needs dictate. For instance if you are a small family that prefers SVOD, Internet 200 and TV Basics or Economy TV will make a real good deal for under $100/mo. For mid-sized homes with standard internet & TV consumption, a Hargray bundle with Internet 300 and Economy/Digital Lite TV can be perfect at under $125. Big families, where many users and devices require internet and TV preferences are diverse, Internet 500 or 1000 with Digital Lite or Premier guarantees to look after all.

As we said Hargray offerings can vary from one service region to another. Here is a listing of some popular Hargray bundle deals currently available in Hawkinsville, Georgia:

Hargray Bundle Package Max. Download/Upload Speed Max. Channel Count Promotional Hargray Bundle Price Add Home Phone

Internet 200 & TV Basic  

200/20 Mbps


$75/mo. for 12 months



Unlimited Nationwide Calling & more for $20/mo. more

Internet 200 & Economy TV 

200/20 Mbps


$95/mo. for 12 months

Internet 300 & Economy TV 

300/30 Mbps


$105/mo. for 12 months

Internet 300 & Digital Lite TV 

300/30 Mbps


$120/mo. for 12 months

Internet 500 & Digital Lite TV 

500/50 Mbps


$130/mo. for 12 months

Internet 500 & Premier TV 



$145/mo. for 12 months


Explore the complete lineup of Hargray Bundles. And, call at 1-844-413-8997 to check offer availability and confirm Hargray bundle prices at your address.

Hargray Connected Home Plan

Wiring issues are a common problem that plagues many homes. The worst part is we end up living with it for far too long. With the Hargray Connected Home Plan you don’t have to worry about this. Because it keeps an eye on old and faulty wiring which may impact the speed of your internet, quality of your TV picture, and the clarity of your phone calls.  

This plan covers subscribers for a number of aspects of the setup ranging from broken telephone jacks to wear and tear of in-wall wiring, fittings, splitters, and cables connected to Hargray devices. Repairs, and replacements are taken care of by Hargray when necessitated by deterioration, simple negligence, pest or rodent damage, accidental damage (including third parties) and weather damage. Equipment relocation (exclusive of jack activations and installations) is also included. Also, for service aspects not covered under the plan there is a discount if you are subscribed to the Connected Home Plan. For example, instead of the $65 service charge non-subscribers must pay, you’ll be charged a fee of $35.

To be eligible for the plan the wiring at your home must meet the Hargray benchmark. In most situations, Hargray technicians will assess the wiring at your place at the time of service installation.  

Final Words

We hope the information  laid out here proves helpful as you pursue a new service provider for your home. Unless you don’t need a service from scratch, it is always a good idea to bundle services from the same provider. For simple reasons such as discounted pricing, more perks, one vendor and one bill!

Choose a Hargray bundle which gives you the right speed and channel lineup for your consumption. There is a good variety to choose from, and Hargray bundle prices only make the subscription more worth it. And if you have questions to ask, Hargray Customer Service representatives are available at 1-844-413-8997 24/7. They’ll check offer availability for you and also help you find a better fit for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Hargray bundle prices?

Hargray offerings vary from one area to another, so it is best to verify Hargray bundle prices for deals available at your address. Speak to Hargray Customer Service representatives at 1-844-413-8997 for details.  

Can enrolling in electronic billing reduce your Hargray bill?

Yes, if you enroll in electronic billing you can save $1 per month on your Hargray bill every month as well as help reduce waste of paper.

Should I get Hargray Connected Home Plan?

Given the impact wiring can have on the quality of service you receive, it pays to get Hargray Connected Home Plan. Starting at $5.99/mo. it can accumulate into more savings than what you get with Hargray bundle deals.