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Whether you are an existing customer of ADT or someone who is looking to install an ADT home security system, you will undoubtedly have several questions. The one aspect that every American who has a home security system installed is skeptical about is the payment and billing process.

ADT makes it a point to streamline and automate its billing process so that customers can pay their bills effortlessly. If you have any questions regarding the ADT billing and payment process, you have come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll address and elaborately explain all the needs and questions of ADT customers. We will try to answer all the frequently asked questions so that potential customers can find the specific information they are looking for reliably when they are deciding to purchase the ADT security system.

Additionally, this will be beneficial in the long run if customers don't have to continue discussing issues related to the renowned security service provider sporadically. Throughout this guide, we will discuss the most common problems and issues customers encounter with ADT's billing process.

So here we go!

What do I look for on my ADT bill?

ADT's billing statement is broken down into sections as follows. The below-mentioned is all the important information you should know and understand on your ADT bill.

Account number — This number will be used to refer to your account when you speak with an ADT representative.

Due date — The date by which ADT must receive your payment. Bills are typically sent 15 to 20 days before the due date.

Due amount — Total amount due on the account. This does not include any payment arrangements. The first bill you receive may reflect any outstanding installation fee, or it may be prorated according to your installation date.

Service address — Location where your ADT system is installed.

Home security messages — ADT product, service, and promotional information.

Charges Summary

Previous balance — The balance from the previous billing cycle

Payments and adjustments — The total of all payments and adjustments received during the billing period

Current charges — Billing cycle charges (monthly/quarterly/semi-annual/yearly)

Fees and taxes — Fees and/or taxes incurred during the billing cycle.

Payment coupon — If you are mailing a check, this is the portion of the bill you mail in. Ensure that the payment address can be seen in the envelope window.

Detailed account activity information (on the back of your bill) — Charges breakdown: this section includes your account number, service period, and the breakdown of tax-deductible and non-deductible charges.

Change of billing information form (on the back of your bill) – Complete and mail this form if you need to update your billing information.

Important messages (on the back of your bill) - Information that will help you understand your ADT bill or your ADT service.

Does ADT offer paperless billing or an automatic payment plan?

Both are available with ADT. The automatic payment service ADT offers is called ADT EasyPay. Payments can be set up with either a credit/debit card or a bank account. If you wish to go paperless, you can choose the option from the billing statement section of your email preferences.

Where can I send my payment?

ADT has more than one location where you can mail in your payments. If you do not know the address, you can find it on the payment stub at the bottom of the statement. Online statements can be viewed at, by selecting the My Account tab and then clicking the Statements link on the left. If you send your payment to the wrong address, your payment will be delayed, and you may incur an overdue balance.

How can I set up EasyPay or Autopay?

It's secure and easy to set up EasyPay. Just register to have your credit card or checking account automatically billed. Members of ADT are not charged a fee for this service.

How can I maintain my service address while changing my billing address?

If you wish to change your billing address, log in to, click the Account tab, and then click on the Billing Information button on the left. A change to your billing address will not affect your service address. For the new billing address to be updated, it could take up to one billing cycle, so continue to check your old billing address when you receive your next statement.

In what amount of time will my payments be posted to my account?

In general, mail-in payments take 7-10 business days before they appear on your account. Whereas with online payments, your account will be credited within 15 minutes after you make your payment.

My first bill shows no evidence of the check I wrote to ADT when my system was first installed. Why is that?

As a result of billing cycles, you may receive your first bill before payment has been received. Your next statement should reflect the payment.

I received a higher invoice than I anticipated. What are these additional charges for?

Along with your monthly charges, the bill will include some additional charges like taxes and mandatory fees imposed by the government. These taxes and fees vary depending on where you live, and will affect your final bill.

A payment due date was not included on my invoice. When should I make my payment?

On the billing statement, you will find the payment due date at the top. Monitoring services are billed in advance by ADT. Due dates for your bill statements are determined by your alarm activation date and the frequency of your billing (for example, monthly, quarterly, or annually).

How to find the due date on my ADT bill and pay it online?

Find the due date on your online statement by logging into your account on, selecting My Account, and clicking on Statements on the left side of the page. Register for EasyPay and look up the MyADT app to manage your account on the go, and you can make secure monthly payments online.

How do I change the due date for my monthly statement?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the due date. The date of your bill statement is dependent on when your alarm service was activated and how often you make payments (for instance, monthly, quarterly, or annually). However, if you're registered with EasyPay, you can change the draft date if necessary.

I lost my invoice and want to make a payment. To what address should I send it and what should I write on my check?

You can download your statements by logging into In the statement, you will see the correct address for making a payment. On your check, include your name and address, along with your ADT account number.

Why can't I view my past payments?

The lack of a complete or partial payment history might result from having a new account, as payment history is available only for accounts that are at least 30 days old, or from recent ADT billing system upgrades, which might have impacted the payment history.

How am I not receiving a paper statement anymore? 

Your statement will no longer be mailed to you if you've signed up for ADT EasyPay. ADT EasyPay customers can access their statements online.

How does the ADT Quality Service Plan (QSP) work? 

If you are worried about the cost of unforeseen service calls, ADT provides extended limited warranties, also known as Quality Service Plans or QSP. Though ADT's advanced technologies meet the highest industry standards, no piece of equipment is perfect. A QSP provides you with the extra coverage you need.

Is it possible to extend my warranty? 

Indeed, it is. The company offers an Extended Limited Warranty/Quality Service Plan (QSP) that provides equipment repair or replacement coverage for just a few dollars per month.

What does an On-Site Assessment Charge entail? 

During an in-person service call, ADT charges an on-site assessment fee. This fee is usually $59.99 per visit.

 Is it possible to update account information?

Using the My Account tab in your MyADT account, you can update a variety of things. Your billing information can be updated, a credit card can be added or changed. EasyPay automatic payments can be set up, new batteries can be ordered, and service appointments can be scheduled. 

How can I upgrade my ADT security system?

If you would like to upgrade your ADT system or service, call us at 1-844-343-1168 and let our experts guide you through the process.

Final Word

All of your concerns regarding the billing and payment process of ADT have been addressed in the list of frequently asked questions above. However, if you have a question you didn't find addressed here, please reach out to ADT Customer Service. The customer service representatives are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.