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The month of May is all about commemorating the success of the past as a new spring bounces ahead. Whether it is honoring the slain soldiers, who laid their lives for the country on Memorial Day, or celebrating our mothers and mother-like figures for all the love and care they shower on us on Mother’s Day, May is all about embracing the new with the old.

Therefore, no matter where one looks, be it traditional cable service with its vast variety in entertainment or online options for more flexibility in TV and movie streaming, watching and re-watching old favorites or the trending new options has just gotten easier. In fact, TV service providers like Spectrum, Xfinity, Cox, and more are blending the new with the old by merging streaming and on-demand options in their cable TV plans.

Read on to find out which past TV shows and movies you can delve into this summer!


Top TV Shows that You Need to Watch This May!

Listed below are some of our top picks. Go ahead to see if these top TV shows have made it to your watch list or not!


  • House M.D. (2004 – 2012)

Originally aired on: FOX Channel

Are you a fan of medical dramas, Chinese puzzles, and psychological mysteries? Then you will surely enjoy House M.D. Because it is Sherlock Holmes meets 24 and E.R. — all rolled into one. Based on Hugh Laurie’s character, Dr. Gregory House, the show reigned at the top on the FOX channel. Set around his eccentric medical practice, this drama was unlike other medical dramas of the time as it showed House and his equally maverick team resolve some of the most disconcerting cases that seem to perplex other doctors.

House’s anti-social and nonconformist practice combined with his cynical nature and satirical wit quickly became an audience favorite before Shonda Rhimes’s Grey’s Anatomy big on the small screen. What’s more, House M.D. remained an audience favorite for eight years and stood out for its brilliant characterization and fascinating medical suspense that kept audiences on their toes. Definitely one of the top TV shows to watch this May!


  • Gossip Girl (2007 – 2012)

Originally aired on: The CW

Another top TV show to watch that should be on your binge list is Gossip Girl. Capturing the essence of an entire generation, Gossip Girl immediately skyrocketed in TV rankings, both locally and abroad.

Written by Cecily von Ziegesar, this original American teen drama was based on the novel series by the same name and was developed by Josh Schwartz (of The O.C. fame) and Stephanie Savage for The CW Network. Running for a successful six seasons, the TV show revolved around the affluent lives of upper-class youngsters living in Manhattan’s upscale Upper East Side. It opened with the return of the ‘it girl’, Serena Van Der Woodsen, played by Blake Lively, who had mysteriously left the city for unknown reasons.

Gossip Girl blew off everyone’s mind when it was first released in 2007. For it was a glossier and intricately nastier version of the 90’s favorites, 90210 and Sex in the City, put together that quickly became everyone’s guilty pleasure. The glamorous avatars, catchy music, sleek interiors, and an inside look at NYC’s posh inner circle made the show an overnight success and quickly a worldwide phenomenon.

Downright devious to the point of being scandalous, these teens were anything but lovable as they delved into their amoral personalities, satirizing the life of pleasure and affluence of high society. The varying narratives in the show deviated from the original plot, so if one had read the books, they would get quite a few surprises.


  • Castle (2009 – 2016)

Originally aired on: ABC

Who says crime mystery cannot be combined with comedy and drama? Well, get ready to be proven wrong for ABC’s Castle deviates from the generic cop story. An American crime mystery known for its terrific use of humor and wit along with the subtle dash of literary and pop culture references sprinkled here and there in the series. The show ran for a solid eight seasons and followed the lives of the best-selling mystery novelist, Richard Castle, played by Nathan Fillion, and homicide detective, Kate Beckett, played by Stana Katic, as they cracked various unconventional crimes in NYC.

The show opened with the author Richard Castle enjoying the success of his lead character, who has been killed off when he is called in by the NYPD for two copycat murders, based on the ones described in his novels. Intrigued by the Detective in charge, Detective Kate Beckett, he finds a muse in her, who is nothing but a mass of contradictions. Whereas, Beckett is initially annoyed at the thought of working with Castle.

The plot revolved around their developing bond while trying to resolve the murder of Beckett's mother, a Civil Rights Attorney. The fun banter, uncharacteristic cop drama, and the occasional grit ensured that the show never became conventional as it managed to stand on its own. Considered a modern classic today, this is among those TV shows that you need to watch right now.


The Top Movies That You Need to Watch This May!

Listed below are some of our top picks. Read on to see if these top movies have made it to your watch list or not!


  • Raising Helen (2004)

Helen Harris (Kate Hudson) is living the life of her dreams: working for a top agency in New York City while enjoying the high life of the Big Apple. However, things take a drastic turn when her sister and brother-in-law suddenly die in a car accident. Her sister’s attorney informs Harris that she has been given custody of the three children, ages 15, 10, and 5. Ultimately, she has little choice but to alter her carefree lifestyle to mother her sister’s three kids. Tackling teenage angst, baby blues, and general homesickness, she finds help beyond her oldest sister from unusual places, such as the kids’ new school Principal, Pastor Dan, her new Indian neighbor, Nilma, and even her new boss.


The characters of Joan Cusack and Kate Hudson seem to balance the varying juxtapositions within the movie. While Hudson is also expected to grow up as she raises the kids, Cusack’s character seems to soften towards her youngest sibling. Although the movie has been deemed clichéd, it is a family-friendly movie being a Garry Marshal production. This formulaic comedy-drama does a decent job as it cheers on Hudson’s endearing character, Aunt Helen. One fantastic movie to watch for both kids and parents alike.


  • Kung Fu Panda (2008)

Kung Fu Panda is Po’s story. Voiced by Jack Black, Po is lovable yet a clumsy Panda, who dreams of fighting along the legendary Furious Five to protect the city against evil villains. There is just only one problem: Po is so not good at fighting or has had any kind of Kung Fu experience. All his life, he has only served noodles at his dad's noodles shop.

So when the news of the Dragon Warrior selection is sent out to the city, Po is excited to go to the celebration at the grand palace. The problem begins when Po accidentally lands in the middle of the ongoing ceremony and is named the Dragon Warrior by Master Oogway. Master Shifu, voiced by Dustin Hoffman along with the Five ensure that Po eventually quits. But when the Furious Five return, defeated by Tai lung, who has not only escaped prison but has also overpowered the Five; Shifu has to find a way to make Po the Dragon Warrior.


This is one of those family movies that can be watched by both kids and parents alike. Although the movie is cute when it is first seen, it has layers and layers of thought and inspiration for the viewer. It shows how one can achieve their dreams if only they believe and work hard on it as there is no secret recipe’. No matter what obstacles are thrown in one’s path, at the end of the day, just follow your heart and simply work hard for your dream. Just as Po did.


  • The Intern (2015)

The Intern stars Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro in the lead roles. The plot revolves around a 70-something widower, Ben — played by De Niro, who is retired from his decades-long job and has quite a free time at hand.

Bored with the activities that most people of his age carry out to spend their time, he is ready to start afresh and try new things in his life. As luck would have it, Ben soon comes across this job posting by an emerging e-commerce fashion startup, which is looking for senior interns. Moreover, they are looking for a candidate, who is willing to learn new things while sharing their professional experiences with the young lot at the office.

His new boss is the stylish yet business savvy Jules, played by Hathaway, who juggles a new business along with her family that includes a stay-at-home husband, a young daughter, and a grouchy mother. Even though Ben initially makes her uneasy with his agility and acute observation, the movie shows how Hathaway’s character slowly learns to slow down as Ben is the voice of calm reason. He brings much-needed serenity into her life. It is a great example of how a person can achieve fascinating results when fresh perspectives and innovation are brought forward to the table.

What’s more, it handles the rising issue of ageism in the corporate industry without coming across as preachy or stuffy to the viewer. Definitely, one of the top movies to watch this May!


The Bottom Line

So, there you have some of the past trusty favorites. Why not pick the TV guides on the BuyTVInternetPhone blog and find out what is streaming online. Whether you have enjoyed watching the options mentioned above or are looking for something new, our guide has a little something for everyone!



Where can I watch interesting movies?

You can watch all kinds of interesting content on various cable TV platforms like Spectrum, Cox, Xfinity, and Optimum which offer live TV channels, on-demand titles, and streaming add-ons.


Where can I watch my past favorite shows?

You can catch all your past favorites on cable TV or streaming services such as HBO Max or Amazon Prime. Simply subscribe to a popular TV service!


Is House M.D. available on Netflix?

The TV show House M.D. used to be available on Netflix. However, it is now available on Amazon Prime, where one can easily stream it by renting or purchasing the TV series.


Is the movie Raising Helen a kid-friendly movie?

Raising Helen is a fun movie to watch if you are 16 and above as it does contain certain elements which might not be approved by parents for their young kids and tweens.