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Being the seventh most populous city in the U.S., San Antonio isn’t just rich in history but has become a place full of high-tech amenities. And, to meet the high-tech demands of San Antonio inhabitants, fortunately, out of all the carriers, T-Mobile stands apart as being one of the most robust service providers in the city.

T-Mobile – the 4th largest cellular broadband provider in the U.S., is a brand owned by German telecom, Deutsche Telekom AG. The provider has a massive footprint across 40 states with its mobile broadband internet accessible to 240 million people– thanks to provider’s out-of-the-box approach to craft distinct plans and offerings with a blend of 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE service.

T-Mobile San Antonioofferstraditional wireless service as well as a myriad of innovative mobile broadband data plans that work seamlessly on a wide range of devices. The provider also runs fruitful promotions and deals from time to time to cater to the digital needs of over 2,300,000 hyper-connected San Antonians.

So if you live in San Antonio and looking for top-notch cellular broadband connectivity to curb your digital appetite while at home or on-the-go, read ahead.

T-Mobile San Antonio Internet Brings You Next-Gen Connectivity

It doesn’t matter if you’re a gadget buff or a hyper-connected multitasker, we all despise overages and surprise charges. However, if you hook up with one of T-Mobile San Antonioplans, you’ll have complete freedom as the provider axes a 2-year contract and zero data overages – courtesy the provider’s game-changing “Un-carrier” approach.

The cherry on top— all T-Mobile San Antonio, TX plans are “all-inclusive”. This means you won’t be charged with any hidden costs on your monthly billas all regulatory charges and sales tax areincluded. This way you can chit-chat, surf and stream on your cell phone all month longwithout taking stress.

The T-Mobile Tuesdays App is another unique feature that comes with all data plans. It is a fun-packed appthat lets you win free stuff and grab amazing discount offers every week! So if you’re 18 and want to save up some money on your shopping spree or while dining out, this app comes brimming with exciting, deals, offers, and discounts from the brands you love.

The Tuesdays App is available for both iOS and Android. So just download, and log in with your cell number to enjoy irresistible discounts and offers from Adidas, Taco Bell, Walgreens, and many more every Tuesday using your T-Mobile San Antonio Internet!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a San Antonian planning to put on hiking boots to take a walk through one of San Antonio’s great hikes or just a tourist visiting from another state—you can use the Personal Coverage Check Tool on T-Mobile’s website to check the widespread coverage areas where you will get T-Mobile service in San Antonio.

Just enter you city name, state or zip code and this tool will help you find areas where the T-Mobile San Antonio coverage is strongest.

Want to know what plans are offered by T-Mobile San Antonio, TX? Lucky for you, we’ve done the hard part to break down each one for you:

T-Mobile Magenta Plan

If you eat, sleep and breathe on data, have a big family of four or more, or you are looking for excessive yet solid internet access for your device – this plan has it all. The Magenta plan comes loaded with unlimited data allowance every month that you can access without breaking the bank. Plus, you won’t have to pay any overage charges, either.

Line(s) Price/mo.*
1 $70
2 $120
3 $120^
4 $140^
5 $160^

*when you pay with Auto-Pay. During congestion, customers using>50GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds.
^3rd line is on T-Mobile. Ltd. time offer. Subject to change.

Along with 3 GB of high-speed LTE hotspot data, the T-Mobile San Antonio, TXMagenta plan offers these unbelievable perks and features to sweeten the deal for you even more.

  • Unlimited 3G/2G data and texting in over210 destinations worldwide that too with minimal call charges of 25 cents per minute.
  • Unlimited data, talk, and text in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico in addition to 5GB of 4G data.
  • Non-stop texting plus an hour of Gogo internet access on select flights.
  • T-Mobile Tuesdays app to get your hands on exclusive deals and win prizes every Tuesday.
  • Get a FREE basic Netflix subscription with two or more lines.
  • Secure 3GB of 4G LTE Wi-Fi sharing/tethering every month that becomes unlimited when you touch 3G.
  • Add your wearables for just $10 per line/month and get 512Kbps of data plus unlimited talk, and text.
  • Add tablets on as low as $20 per line/month to relish 3G tethering, limitless high-speed data, and texting.
  • A generous offer to bring over discounts that you’re offered by other carriers in $5 increments, and get a $15 discount for one line or up to $30 for two or more lines.


Get More with Magenta Plus Plan from T-Mobile San Antonio, Texas

The Magenta plan from T-Mobile San Antonio, Texas gets bigger and better when you upgrade it to Magenta plus!

So, if you want to further amp up yourMagenta plan from T-Mobile San Antonio, you can upgrade to Magenta Plus plan for just $15 extraif you’re currently using one line and for only $10/line if you subscribe for two or more lines! The Magenta plus plan is not just exclusive but comes brimming with all the features of the T-Mobile Magenta plan at a pocket-friendly price along with some additional perks such as:

  • Unlimited mobile hotspot data with the first 20GB at full 4G LTE.
  • Unlimited high-speed data usage in over 210 countries.
  • Netflix standard for 2 HD screens.
  • Infinite access to Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi.
Line(s) Price/mo.*
1 $85
2 $140
3 $140^
4 $170^
5 $200^

*when you pay with Auto-Pay. T-Mobile will charge an extra $5 per line each month for auto-pay.During congestion, customers using>50GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds
^3rd line is on T-Mobile. Ltd. time offer. Subject to change.


T-Mobile Essentials Plan

T-Mobile Essentials plan is everything a tech-savvy-saver need in their lives. When you pay via AutoPay, T-Mobile Essentials plan will only cost youas low as $60 for the first line. Moreover, you only get to pay an additional $30 if you opt for a second line, andpart $15 per line for each line you buy after. 

Line(s) Price Breakdown Per Line Total
1 $60 $60
2 $60 30 $90
3 $60 $30 $15 $105
4 $60 $30 $15 $15 $120
5 $60 $30 $15 $15 $15 $135

*when you pay with Auto-Pay. Plus taxes and fees. During congestion, customers using>50GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds; Essentials customers may notice speeds lower than other customers

The Essentials plan from T-Mobile San Antonio, Texas offers:

  • Unlimited texting, talk time and 4G LTE data
  • Access to T-Mobile Tuesdays app.
  • Unlimited 3G mobile hotspot data.


So, What Do You Think?

Plans from T-Mobile San Antonio are loaded with incredible features and can be purchased without paying a fortune. Along with the three main feature-packed affordable data plans and add-on options, the provider also offers special plans and discounts to seniors who are 55 or above and as well as formilitary service members.

If you want more information onplans and pricing offered byT-Mobile San Antonio in your neighborhood, just pick up your phone and dial T-Mobile San Antonio customer service number—

1-855-349-9328 to find out more about availability, offers and discountsfrom T-Mobile San Antonio, Texas.