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The internet is a very important part of our lives today, connecting everything and turning it into a global village. Even construction sites need access to a fast and stable internet connection to keep in touch with the outside world, among other things. In this article, we discuss which broadband internet types and services you can use for Wi-Fi at construction sites. So, let us jump right in!

Importance of Internet Wi-Fi on Construction Sites

When it comes to internet connection on construction sites, it is more important than most people realize. Around-the-clock connectivity is significant for most people, including construction workers on any job site. Not to mention there are quite a few different, other uses for it too. Here are some of the most vital reasons to have a good, secure, and stable internet connection at your construction job site:

Best Options for Construction Site Wi-Fi Internet

Internet options on a construction site, especially, wired services are quite limited. This is because the internet cables are supposed to be laid in the ground before reaching an active site. However, for a construction site, everything is in a messy state with no proper areas for internet deployment, which makes a wired connection more difficult.

Even so, we have a list of a few options for good and dependable internet on construction job sites. Here are all the most used sources of the internet on a job site.

4G/5G LTE Devices

This is one of the best internet types to have on a construction site, simply because deployment is so simple and the devices are portable. Plus, wireless 4G/5G providers, such as Verizon and AT&T actually do offer a range of plans to make smart connectivity like this possible.

You can get the wireless connection through a plan but you would still need to purchase a supporting device to help broadcast the signal on your work site. Depending on how big an area is involved, you can choose from multiple options. However, do remember that these devices do need to be charged and often do not have as much range as a proper Wi-Fi router system.

Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed Wireless internet is one of the most popular sources of internet on a construction site. This is because it uses a range of microwaves to deliver the internet wirelessly to any device you want. Enjoy fast internet, a whole lot of data allowance, and more. You do have to pay for it to be installed on the premises and pay an extra charge for equipment fees, but overall it’s a pretty good service.

Rise Broadband is one of the best fixed wireless services in the U.S., and gets you good value for your money. However, with fixed wireless, there should be a clear line of sight to the provider’s broadcasting dish, and obstructions can interfere with the signal so be mindful of that.

Satellite Internet

If you are looking for a wireless internet system but with a little twist, satellite internet is here for you. Enjoy completely wireless internet over the entire area of your construction site, powered by satellite internet. It offers high-speed internet and is free from wired installation. However, a dish would be installed to receive and send the internet signals. 

Although there are quite a few satellite internet providers available in the U.S., HughesNet is one of the most popular ones. Enjoy connectivity around the clock over your entire work site, complete with high-speed internet, generous data allowance, and more. This also eliminates the issues that arise from fixed wireless networks that need a clear line of sight without obstructions to work.

Wired Internet Service via the DeWALT Job site Wi-Fi System

The DeWALT Jobsite Wi-Fi system is a super handy device that instantly extends Wi-Fi access from the trailer to the rest of the construction site. Its setup includes a connection to a wired service to the Wi-Fi access point at the trailer on site. If you are looking for complete internet service on the job site with great coverage and excellent speeds, the DeWALT system is the answer to your troubles. Have it set up and then choose a business plan from a wired internet provider, such as Comcast, Spectrum, or AT&T.

Tips to Protect Your Jobsite Internet Network

Since it is the era of the internet, cybercrime is one of the things that plague modern society. Considering all the horrors that accompany cybercrimes, it is best to keep your job site's internet network private and secure. Here are some of the tips that you can follow to ensure all the people and devices on your network are safe and protected.


Once you have established an internet connection at your construction job site, the rest is very easy. Just get on with your work and enjoy connectivity all through as your work unfolds smoothly and seamlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How to get internet on construction job sites?

Internet service provision on construction job sites is different from residential internet service. However, you still can enjoy high-speed connectivity on a construction site. Internet options include fixed wireless internet, 45/5G LTE, and even satellite internet.

  1. What are the best internet providers in my area?

The U.S. offers internet to a large part of its population through a number of providers available in the market. Popular names include Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, AT&T, and HughesNet. To learn about the best internet deals and offers in your area, call 855-349-9328 now!