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“Serious, reliable, Ahead of the Curve, Progressive and Engaging.” That is how TV watchers around America see the HLN channel. Perhaps for the greater part the popularity of the network is deep rooted in its niche programming—which is able to captivate vast cross sections of the audience, and feed the growing obsession with true crime.

HLN - About the TV Network

American basic cable news channel, HLN was launched in 1982 and is owned by CNN. The network’s initial programming stuck to its CNN roots—with focus on regularly updated news segments that aired every 30 minutes 24/7—and covered national news, business news, sports, weather, and more.

But, HLN did not stick to its original programming style as it evolved with time, and also as a result of rebranding efforts. In 2001, a primetime block featuring hosts such as Glen Beck and legal commentators like Nancy Grace was introduced. While the rolling news format also witnessed a change—with Live-anchored programming featuring various newscasters, that started to make space for itself in the HLN schedule.

Fast forward to mid-2010s, and you see HLN making another shift. It repositioned itself as a “social media-centric network”. And, began to feature content revolving around social media. The last time HLN underwent a transition was in 2016-17—where the slogan changed to “News that hits home”, and the programming blocks were divided into two. So, the daytime HLN programming now features regional headlines, entertainment news, with particular focus on crime stories. While the rest of the content broadcast on the HLN channel consists of true crime programming.

HLN is currently available to over 91 million U.S. households with a pay-television subscription.  And, that figure alone tells HLN is one of the most-distributed U.S. subscription networks.

HLN Channel on Spectrum TV

HLN features TV shows and true crime stories that bring out your inner detective, and more. And, if you have pulled a crime-series marathon on Netflix already, and have run out of content to binge-watch, HLN can be your next entertainment stop.

The HLN channel is available via varied satellite providers like Orby TV, DIRECTV and DISH as well as via most American cable TV services. You can also find the basic cable channel on streaming services like Sling TV, YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV. But if cable TV is still how you prefer to watch TV, Spectrum™ is the cable provider you can resort to.

Spectrum cable TV is known for its all-encompassing channel lineup that covers all bits and pieces of family, sports, lifestyle, reality TV entertainment and more. The service boasts a colossal channel directory of over 160 channel and each lineup is unique on its own. If you are a family big on TV entertainment, Spectrum TV gives you access to premium TV channels like HBO®, Showtime® and Cinemax®, as well. Now, if you have added HLN to your TV channel wish list then we would like to break the good news to you – the HLN channel is available on the Spectrum channel lineup and comes included with both tiers of service..

What Channel is HLN on Spectrum TV?

As we said earlier, HLN lets you channel your inner detective with its true-crime programming block. And once you pick up a true-crime TV show, you simply end up craving for more. HLN features a plethora of those. But, it can be a bummer if you stumble upon a TV show of your liking, only to end up not finding the HLN channel number. This dilemma strikes especially hard when you are a new Spectrum TV subscriber.

The channel number for HLN on Spectrum can varu between locations. You can take your sweet time figuring out the Spectrum TV on-screen guide which lets you know about any channel and their number. Alternatively, you can also put in a voice command for your Spectrum remote to pull it up for you. If you still find yourself lost, click here, to insert your ZIP code and find the number for the HLN channel on Spectrum TV in your area.

What to Watch on the HLN Channel with Spectrum TV?

Once the daytime news programming block ends, and you are all caught up on the happenings around you, staying tuned into the HLN channel means you are in for a real thrill ride. Putting HLN atop your go-to-networks gets you on a rollercoaster of binge-watching crime shows, documentaries, and movies.

Here are a few shows you can check out on the HLN channel:

Lies, Crimes & Video

We have all been click baited by video titles like “Top 10 Disturbing 911 Calls” and other similar recordings. But Lies, Crimes & Video showcases the real deal. Viewers get to watch recordings of police investigations, terrifying surveillance videos and become privy to 911 calls. Whether it is the Kala Brown rescue from the storage container she was chained in. Or the murder in the church which claims the life of fitness trainer Missy Bevers. This 8-part docuseries makes for a great watch.

Forensic Files

Forensic Files is one of the most popular true-crime docuseries from HLN—and it has been renewed for a second and third season. With exciting new episodes and reruns, viewers are in for a long-haul with real-life investigations of cases surrounding unsolved mysteries and involving mystifying crimes. Watch forensic experts draw upon science to unravel each myth.

Real Life Nightmare

HLN original series, Real Life Nightmare is not for the faint-hearted. The TV show features real cases of disappearances and unresolved investigations that have shook the nation to the core. 

All in All

That is all there is about the HLN channel on Spectrum TV—it is programming lineup and the channel number you can find the TV network on in your region. Browse Spectrum TV packages and channel line ups, pick the one which matches your needs, and contact Spectrum Sales Support at 1-855-423-0918 for a subscription. Rest assured, Spectrum cable TV service has the potential to keep you charmed with its diverse, and balanced mix of networks, among them the HLN channel. Here, let us also tell our Spanish audience that Spectrum Español offers a great Latino lineup of networks tailored to their preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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