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With a service map that covers over 36 states, Xfinity is known for not just its wide coverage but also the top quality of services it provides. Xfinity customers can subscribe to Xfinity TV and Internet, which are two of the most popular services by the provider but Xfinity home phone and security services are up for grabs too.

Xfinity TV is definitely an experience you do not want to miss – powered by the smart Xfinity X1. With live channels and on-demand titles, a DVR, and a voice-activated remote, there is definitely a lot to look forward to with Xfinity TV packages.  In this article, we discuss channel HLN on Xfinity and everything that you can enjoy with the service.


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Learning about the HLN Channel

HLN is a basic cable network in the U.S., owned by Warner Bros. Turner Broadcasting launched it in 1982 as CNN2 – a sister network to CNN and mainly covered trending news segments. Today, the channel has rebranded as HLN or the Headline News and chiefly covers true-crime programming, with a little live news programming too.

HLN is a great channel to have in your lineup, especially if you are an enthusiast for crime shows and movies. This channel offers a fine selection of some of the best thriller and true crime documentaries and series to keep you adequately entertained and spooked!

Explore HLN on Xfinity Channel Lineup

Although HLN comes with the Xfinity channel lineup, it is only included with the mid and high-service tiers of Xfinity TV. This is mainly because the basic service tier only consists of the starter TV channels and broadcasting networks. So if you want to enjoy cable networks such as BBC, HLN, Disney, etc., you do need a service tier that supports more than just the basic lineup.

Popular TV and Ultimate TV plans carry the HLN network on Xfinity TV.

The Xfinity channel packages are packed with good value and the lineup for each plan gets you something unique and fun. With just over 185 channels in the complete lineup, you can rest assured that you and your family always have something exciting to watch. Here is a list of all the Xfinity TV plans and some of America’s favorite TV channels that you can enjoy with each service tier.

Xfinity TV Plan Popular Networks
Choice TV
10+ Channels
All Local broadcasting networks, C-SPAN, Discovery Channel, HSN, Music Choice™ Channels, etc.
Popular TV
125+ Channels
A&E, BBC America, Cleo TV, Comedy Central, Disney Channel, FOX News, ESPN, etc.
Ultimate TV
185+ Channels
Bet Her, BYU tv, Cartoon Network, Disney Junior/XD, Destination America, NBA TV, NHL, etc.


What Channel is HLN on Xfinity?

While the HLN channel on Xfinity is available in all service regions, the channel number on Xfinity is different in almost all areas. This is not just the case with HLN, in fact, most TV channels on the Xfinity channel lineup, have varying numbers in different areas. Fortunately, however, it is not too difficult to find a channel, thanks to the detailed channel guide that you can find on your X1. 

Let us take a look at the HLN channel number on Xfinity in some of the areas with the greatest Xfinity coverage. If you do not find your city and state in the list below, just enter your zip code here to check.

City/State Bravo Channel#
Denver, CO 37/737
Houston, TX 26/626
San Francisco, CA 57/774
Chicago, IL 61/318
Miami, FL 29/397
Newberry, SC 28/20800
Agawam, MA 43/843
Bristol, CT 61/1112
Rostraver Township, PA 33/816
Lynnwood, WA 45/648

Here is All You Can Enjoy with HLN on Xfinity

From fictional dramas to true-crime series, HLN has perfected the art of getting thriller fans exactly what they want. Unravel a world of mystery and thrill with the channel’s top original productions including:

  • Forensic Files
  • Death Row Stories
  • Lies, Crimes, and Video
  • How It Really Happened
  • Very Scary People
  • Real Life Nightmare
  • Vengeance Series
  • Murder Nation

And a whole lot more! Find all of your favorite shows on HLN with Xfinity and get ready to binge-watch all the shows available for streaming. You can access it all on the Xfinity TV App or the HLN App when you sign in with your provider’s credentials.

Why Should I Choose Xfinity TV?

Xfinity TV, also known as the X1, is one of the most contemporary TV services out there – and comes with a full set of features to enhance the experience. Of course, you get to watch live television but there is also an entire on-demand library with thousands of titles to keep you busy. Moreover, you get all the apps of your choosing in one place with the integrated streaming option and the one-bar-search-all feature makes it even more appealing.

But the best part is that even with the modern twist Xfinity preserves the integrity of the TV experience, only making it better. Here are some of the features that make Xfinity such a hit with the masses.

  • Search Tool: Searches made simpler with the all-in-one search engine that collects matching titles across all your TV categories including live TV and apps.
  • Recommendations Based on History: The X1 keeps your watching history and uses it to enhance your search results as well as recommend shows that you like.
  • Dedicated Xfinity Zones: Xfinity TV zones such as Sports and Kids are there to make your TV experience more fulfilling and trouble-free. With the sports zone, you get to set up favorite teams, stats, etc., whereas with the kids zone you can make the whole thing more age-friendly.
  • Parental Controls: Set up parental controls as you see fit, that not only stop inappropriate content from ever reaching your TV screen but also lock apps that you do not want your children snooping into.
  • Xfinity Voice Remote: An award-winning voice remote comes with Xfinity TV, linking your TV and integrating it to all products of your Xfinity Home Just voice your commands and watch magic unfold in your home, from the comfort of the couch.
  • DVR Storage: Enjoy around 500 GB of cloud storage to keep all your DVR recordings, made even simpler by Xfinity. Simultaneously record up to 5 shows, schedule recordings, and watch them on TV or on the go.
  • Xfinity TV App: Download the Xfinity Stream App on your carry-on devices such as cellphones or tablets and watch whatever you want. Get access to live TV channels, on-demand titles, and your DVR recordings, no matter where you are.


Wrapping Up…

The HLN Channel on Xfinity gets you just the kind of thriller and mystery in your life that you need, especially if you are the kind to enjoy it. You get to enjoy HLN on the mid-tier and the highest tier of Xfinity TV plans. The Xfinity X1 elevates your entertainment experience like none other, and the best part is, you can even access it on the go with the Xfinity Stream App! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is HLN Channel on Xfinity? 

Yes, the HLN channel is available with a couple of Xfinity TV packages. As long as you get a qualifying TV plan with Xfinity (Popular or Ultimate TV), you can watch HLN on your TV. 

For more information, call Xfinity customer service at 844-207-8721.

2. What is Channel HLN on Xfinity?

The channel number of HLN on Xfinity varies from area to area. To learn more about the HLN channel numbers in your area, check our table above.

To learn more, you can call our Xfinity representative at 844-207-8721.

3. Can I watch HLN Channel on Xfinity App?

Yes, you can watch the HLN channel on your TV as well as the app as long as it’s part of your Xfinity channel lineup. It is available on the Xfinity TV App and you can log in to the HLN app directly using your provider details.


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