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As amazing and dependable home security sounds, it can be a tiring process to go through. There is a lot of setting up to do. Plus, the home security system always requires input from you to get by. Managing a home security system can be an exhausting job all around, especially for senior citizens with all the little details they have to be mindful of.

However, we cannot downplay the importance of elderly people receiving proper care and home security services. According to the U.S Census Bureau, in 2021, 54 million people living in the US are over the age of 65, making up a good 16.5% of the nation’s populace. Out of this, over 14 million seniors live completely alone, without any loved one to take care of them. These surely are staggering statistics that should be considered when designing a home security system that works for senior citizens. While there are multiple home security systems operating in the country like Xfinity Home Security and ADT, there are few that come up with easy designs that senior users can handle.

In this article, we discuss some of the top home security systems for senior citizens in the US in 2022. We hope it will make your journey to the perfect home security service a tad bit easier. So let’s jump right in!


What to Look For in a Home Security System for Senior Users?

Before we start choosing the best home security system, it is important to set down a criterion. What makes the best home security system for senior citizens? What are we supposed to look for in the systems to deem them worthy of senior users? How do we decide?

The answer is quite simple. The perfect home security system for seniors should meet all of the following criteria as closely as possible before we can consider it as a subject.


  1. Simplicity: When choosing a home security service for senior citizens, remember that simplicity is the key. If the system is difficult to navigate or get a sense of, it will be abandoned before it can be fully explored. Simple to use security system with a user-friendly interface and as little input from the user as possible is what you want to go for when you think of senior security systems. The system should perform scheduled diagnostics to ensure it is running correctly.


  1. Medical Emergencies Coverage: Home intrusion and burglaries aren’t the only threats that senior citizens face. Medical emergencies are in fact a very real problem, perhaps one of the biggest that seniors go through. When looking for a home security system, do remember to look for one that offers medical monitoring. A security system that offers assistance through trained operatives during medical emergencies is the best possible combo.


  1. Environmental Monitoring: A much less-discussed but vital aspect of home security systems is environmental monitoring. Environmental monitoring often comes with carbon monoxide detection, smoke detection, and more. For seniors living alone especially, this and medical monitoring are two very salient features that ought to be considered.


  1. Little Home Automation: Home automation is a great idea but not for senior users. Most aging adults do not like the idea of automation interfering with their everyday lives. Some aspects are useful, however, including automated thermostats and lights, and easy enough to operate. Hence, home security systems that come with a lot of smart home integrations are perhaps not the best choice for senior citizens.



Which Are the Best Home Security Systems for Seniors in 2022?

Let’s then talk about some of the home security systems we have found to be the very best for senior users this year. ADT, Simplisafe, and Vivint make the list, each with some great innovations to help senior citizens adjust to the idea of a security system.


  1. ADT

ADT home security is one of the pioneers of home security services in the U.S. We can see their commitment to quality with the innovative products they put forward for their users. It offers one of the best money-back guarantees in the industry – as far as 6 months down the road after getting the service if you are not satisfied.

ADT Security offers some of the best professional installation and monitoring available anywhere on the market. This is what makes it an ideal candidate for use by seniors. ADT is an easy security system to wrap your head around, with top-notch equipment to bring your security system to life. ADT continues to work on its system bringing forth features and fine technologies to help make your life easy. There is a cellular backup and an intuitive system that learns patterns to adapt. There are also home automation options available for those who may need it.

ADT dedicates itself to senior health and safety, by bringing you shipping and activation all at no cost. The systems come with fast response times and in-home and out-of-home monitoring. Plus, there is a range of medical alert systems that you can choose from the ensure the safety of your loved ones who live alone. Several add – ons with ADT take care of your elder community in the best way possible.

A fall detection pendant monitors elderly falls and immediately alerts the relevant authorities. An emergency button is mounted on the wall or placed next to your bed allowing you access to immediate help in case of emergencies. And if all that isn’t enough, reliable and responsive customer service takes care of your troubles, 24/7.

ADT does have a few downsides like you have to sign a minimum of a three-year contract. There aren’t any self-monitoring options available either like Xfinity Home security happens to offer. ADT packages are also slightly more expensive than the other home security systems on the market but with the level of novelty and excellence that ADT has to offer, they seem like a good enough deal.


  1. Vivint

Vivint Home Security may not be as big as ADT Security and Xfinity Home Security, but it offers market-competitive features and plans. The monitoring system that Vivint offers is one of the best in the industry, and you can build your system as you like.  The system is fully wireless so you don’t have to worry about it ruining the aesthetic of your house. And all equipment for the system comes with a lifetime warranty!

Vivint allows you to control your alarm and other devices with the app on your phone or a Smart Hub for your controls. Vivint has a couple of monitoring plans with pricing competitive with what ADT offers for its plans. You can also purchase full security packages that end up giving you better value down the road.

Vivint security is a great option for senior citizens since it comes with a medical alert system. This includes a medical pendant for use in an emergency and gets you a quick response. In addition, you can customize the system in whatever way you want, adding cameras, sensors, and more to make your elderly loved ones safer and more secure.

The Vivint security system has an easy-to-use and user-friendly application that can be used to control multiple aspects of security around your home. Pricing-wise, Vivint has packages starting at $29.99/mo. Customers can buy equipment starting at $599, which does seem quite steep.

However, Vivint has some of the best products and equipment available in the industry. Moreover, you do not have to pay all of it once you can sign a contract for a number of years and spread out your payment over them. Vivint promises you quality and delivers on all fronts to get you the best possible.


  1. Simplisafe

Simplisafe is a DIY home security system and one that boasts both easy setup and reasonable prices. It gets you value-packed plans to keep your elderly loved ones safe and sound, every step of the way. There are no installation or activation charges, and no contracts to deal with. All of which makes it a worthy choice to consider getting if you are an aging adult or caring for one.

Simplisafe has a great response time, some of the best in the industry which few providers top. The setup is quite simple, which means most elderly people, can do it themselves. The equipment is state-of-the-art and everything connects to work in a seamless mesh.

Operating a Simplisafe system is quite easy too, as the name suggests, and takes little getting used to. The app interface is straightforward to navigate. The system also comes with environmental monitoring with CO and smoke detection, as well as water and temperature sensors. This way you can keep your beloved elderly people safe.

The most basic Simplisafe equipment package (The Essentials) starts at $219.96 to which you can add a monitoring plan and call it a day.  Monitoring ensures that your home is taken care of around-the-clock and nothing bothers the elderly living in it. Monitoring plans are affordable with Simplisafe and no contracts mean you can cancel anytime. You also have the liberty of checking the system out for 60 days before you make any lasting commitments.

Simplisafe is one of the top choices for elderly people since it is easy to navigate, quite affordable, and does not bind you in contracts.



It is no secret that the aged population keeps increasing by the day. And with the number of threats the elderly face increasing with time, it is more important than ever to know how and when to protect them. Home security is just one of the many aspects of security for elderly people; medical service security should also be considered. This is where home security services like ADT and Vivint come in handy.

For people who like to keep things easier with a lower budget in mind, Simplisafe is the perfect choice to make. The point is, with all the providers around like ADT Security and Xfinity Home Security, there never is just one perfect solution. All you have to do is assess your needs and choose a service that best serves your needs.

Learn more on how to choose the best home security service for your home!



  1. Do seniors need a home security system?

Seniors are in much more need of a home security system than young healthy adults. This is because if they live alone, there are chances of accidents happening as well as other issues. It is always best to have a home security system that will keep you and your loved ones safe.


  1. What to look for in a home security system for aging adults?

You should get a service that offers 24/7 monitoring, remote monitoring options, sensors, and at least some level of medical emergency services. The latter is one of the most common emergencies that you will find in elderly people living alone.


  1. What home security systems work best for senior adults?

ADT, Vivint, and Simplisafe are our top picks for the security of senior citizens. They are easy-to-use systems with good monitoring service, fast response teams, and medical accidental response coverage.