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ADT is a name that has been associated with home security services for around a century and a half. Pioneers in the domain of home security services, ADT is not just the most widely recognized, but also one of the few services that do it just right. Today, ADT serves and protects millions of homeowners from home invasions, burglaries, and other property crimes within the U.S.

In this article, we take a look at everything ADT home security has to offer. This is an in-depth review of ADT services, components, packages, and pricing for 2023 so you can make an informed decision. 

What is ADT?

ADT home security is a service dedicated to bringing home security solutions. Launched in 1874 as a simple telegraph call box for neighborhoods to use in case of emergencies, ADT has evolved into something bigger and better. Not only does it get you top-of-the-line home security services in a range of tiers but also smart home automation to go with it.

As ADT has been serving the U.S. communities for over a hundred years now, it has a solid reputation for being one of the best services in the industry. The 24/7 monitoring that comes with the service ensures that you and your loved ones are always taken care of – no matter where you might be.

Key Features - Why Pick ADT Security?

The market is swarming with home security services that come with all sorts of perks and features. What is it then, that makes ADT such a great pick for your home? Apart from the fact that the company has been around for decades and has the unwavering trust of the public, here are some of the reasons why ADT home security is perfect for your family and home.

Components of an ADT Home Security System

Like every good home security system, ADT too has quite a few important components that make up the system. These devices work seamlessly together over a high-speed internet connection to get you all the services you expect from a security system. This includes live camera footage, door, window, and motion sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, etc.

Some of the vital components of the ADT home security system include the following:

Digital Panel & Emergency Button

The digital panel is the main control center of your ADT system. It lets you control the system, arm it, and set alarms as required. If the system is armed for away, all components are designed to immediately report any issues directly to the monitoring service.

However, when the system is armed for the night, the motion sensors are not easily activated and only the ones on the doors are more responsive. The panel can also create home automation with any integrated devices and pick on patterns to fashion a schedule, even without input.

The control panel also comes with panic buttons that can be pressed in case of an emergency to immediately send an alarm to the monitoring center. It is usually found on the control panel as a recessed button so that accidental activation is avoided. Alternatively, it can also be purchased as a pendant or a wristband to make things easier, especially for older individuals.

Pet-Friendly Motion Sensors

ADT comes equipped with a collection of pet-friendly motion sensors, with a range of over 35 feet. This means that the motion sensors are not activated if you have pets at home and can be adjusted. This helps cut back on any false alarms, which can wreak havoc at night, as cat owners would very well understand.


ADT sensors come with the latest tech and can be set up on windows and doors. Door sensors come in various shapes and sizes and send you alerts every time a door opens or closes. This is perfect to keep an eye on your home, especially if it is empty.

Sensors on the windows do exactly the same thing. You can also choose to get glass break sensors for your home to prevent break-ins through screen doors and windows. They have a good level of sensitivity and are tamper proof which makes them a great part of your ADT home system.

ADT Outdoor/Doorbell Cameras

The best thing about the ADT doorbell camera is that it comes with a 180-degree field of vision, two-way audio, HD video quality, and adequate night vision to capture everything in sharp detail. It is also simple enough to install and ADT also works with a variety of third-party devices to make your home safe. One such example is the Google Nest doorbell camera and other products.

Similarly, ADT offers a range of outdoor cameras to really make your outdoors as secure as possible. These cameras come in HD video quality and are weather resistant. Infrared night vision is available for night video as well. The field of vision with ADT cameras may sometimes be a little smaller than expected but it does give you a decent enough video.

ADT also offers indoor cameras with motion detection and two–way audio along with HD video quality if you are looking to set some up in your home. Since ADT works with a number of third-party devices you can also choose to go for another camera system instead such as the Google Nest cameras.

Key-chain Remote

The ADT Keychain remote is essentially an extension of the ADT control panel that you can carry around with you. It is super convenient, allows you to arm/disarm your alarm from anywhere and even has a panic button for emergencies. It just looks like a simple car key and is easy to use since it is wireless and light enough to keep on yourself.

Ideally, the key fob should be on your person or near you at all times so you can conveniently arm or disarm your alarm as required.

CO Detectors & Flood Detectors

ADT also has a series of carbon monoxide detectors that can pick up the levels and sound an alarm when it gets too high. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be very lethal if left unaddressed and hence this component is an important part of the ADT system.

Flood detectors on the other hand are able to detect leaks in your home and alert you at once. It is a useful sensor to have for your home, especially if you reside in wetter climates. 

Smart Home Automation with ADT

ADT may have begun its journey as a home security provider, but it has now expanded into the home automation industry as well. Powered by the unique Z-wave technology, all ADT home systems are designed to handle smart home automation. You can have any smart home products and hook them up with your ADT system to control everything efficiently and remotely.

Popular smart home automation products that work with ADT include smart lights, smart locks, thermostats, and more. Since ADT also works with third-party products, you can also enjoy a range of those such as Kwikset locks, Hue Lights, Lutron window shades, etc. Of course, you can control your smart home as you like and it pairs up with Amazon Alexa, Echo Dot, and Google Assistant to give you the best experience possible.

ADT Packages with Professional Monitoring

ADT plans come in two types with professional monitoring, the most popular option. All you have to do is choose from a pre-built plan and customize it as you like. This is the system cost, which is like a one-time fee for the setup. Once you have built a system or chosen one, you can go on ahead and add a monitoring plan to it to ensure that your home and loved ones are always protected.

Here is a quick look at all the ADT packages with professional monitoring. To check ADT services in your area, call ADT customer service at 844-343-1168.


ADT Secure Home

ADT Smart Home

ADT Video & Smart Home

Motion Detection

Fire, CO, Flood monitoring

Voice control

Control Panel

Mobile App


Home automation


Video footage



Storage of video clips



*$99.00 Customer Installation Charge. A 36-month monitoring contract is required. Termination fees apply. Data effective as of publish date. For the latest pricing and service details, reach out at 844-343-1168.

ADT Packages with Self-Install Setup

ADT has recently also launched a series of plans with an option to self-install. It gives the customer the freedom to choose a plan and customize it according to their home needs. Self-install packages come in three different tiers and you can add on more equipment if you need.

Plus, you can also add professional monitoring to the system for an extra charge to fully ensure that your home is well-taken care of 24/7 with faster alarms, Google Nest products, and privacy protection.

Let us take a look at the self-install systems and professional monitoring charges for the three ADT plans. To learn more about ADT self-install plans in your area, call 844-343-1168.

Build Your Own



System price starting at $79.99


Add professional monitoring starting at $24.99/mo.

System Price starting at $379.99


Add professional monitoring starting at $34.99/mo.

System Price starting at $479.98


Add professional monitoring starting at $34.99/mo.


Free your Mind with the ADT Control App

The ADT control App is an app that brings the entire control of your home security system right to your fingertips. This application is available on both the iOS App Store and Google Play store. You can use the app to arm your security system, create schedules, control the smart connected devices on your system, get messages and notifications, and even access live footage of all your security cameras. The only thing you need is the ADT control App on your phone and your phone to be connected to the internet.

Complete Control of Your Smart Home - The ADT+ App

Experience complete control of your dream smart home with the ADT+ App. It is a fresh, new app to the world of applications, available on the iOS App Store and Google Play store dedicated to bringing your smart home hub into your hands.

Connect and set up all compatible smart home devices as well as the Google Nest through the app. Get full control over your setup and monitor everything from your phone. The ADT+ app is also a vital component of the self-setup systems that ADT has just launched – perfect for people who like to install and set up home security equipment as they like.


All in all, ADT home security systems have been intricately designed to bring reliability and top-of-the-line protection to your home. The seamless mesh of all the fine ADT products working together creates a safe space for your home and everyone in it. With video recording, clips, live footage, motion detectors, emergency buttons, fast alarms, and around-the-clock monitoring, you can always trust that with ADT security, your home, and loved ones are always safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I customize my ADT package?

Yes. You can customize your ADT package by adding more smart products according to what your home automation and security needs are. The ADT experts who visit the site to make assessments and provide a free quote can also help you with customization. For more details on the service, call 844-343-1168.

Does ADT offer financing options for its security systems?

Yes, ADT offers different financing options to pay for the whole system.  The provider will, however have to check your credit history and some other details before letting you know the payment plans available for you. Most offers include 60-month financing at $0 down and 0% APR.

Learn more about ADT plans and pricing. Call 844-343-1168.

How much is professional monitoring with ADT home security?

ADT professional monitoring plans are available in multiple tiers of service, starting at $45.99/mo.

To check ADT plans and pricing in your area, call 844-343-1168.