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The Xfinity X1 is a one-of-a-kind experience that makes TV entertainment more memorable and fun. It allows you to enjoy all your favorite stuff in one place – from music and videos, to live TV, and a whole lot more. The app integration means you also find all your TV applications on one interface and the smart voice remote ensures that you are never lost in your entertainment endeavors.

In this article, we discuss how you can watch games and live sports programming on the Xfinity X1 Sports Zone App. Let us get into it!


What is the Xfinity Sports Zone?

The Xfinity Sports Zone is a premium sports destination that you can find on the X1. Enjoy live games, and sports news, and even catch highlights all from the comfort of your TV screen.  Personalize your Sports Zone experience with names of your favorite teams and set up notifications to always stay in touch with the leagues and games of your choosing. Not only are live games available on the Xfinity Sports Zone, but you can also enjoy some of them in 4K clarity to really get into the spirit of the game.

What is better, you ask? The Xfinity Voice remote makes this experience even more interesting. Just say a voice command to your remote and let it take you up to speed with all the sports details you love.


Exploring the Xfinity Sports Zone App

The Xfinity Sports Zone is the perfect addition to your entertainment list especially if you have the Xfinity X1 TV. However, if you also get Xfinity internet, you can really elevate your experience. The Xfinity Sports Zone App is available for the X1 and Xfinity internet users and you can download the app on Xfinity Stream and log in with your Xfinity credentials. From here on, the fast Xfinity Internet speeds let you enjoy the sports fun on other devices.

Sports Zone is great in the traditional sense of the X1 but even more enjoyable with the Xfinity streaming on the Xfinity sports app. With the Xfinity Sports Zone App, you can do so much including:

  • Track multiple games simultaneously
  • Check the latest games scores as well as previous games
  • Check team standings and individual player stats
  • Performance breakdowns for leagues, players, teams
  • Pre, post, and in-game content; play-by-play analysis, game highlights, injury updates, interviews, and more
  • Completely customizable sports experience


What Can You Enjoy on The Xfinity Sports Zone App?

The Xfinity Sports Zone App allows you to set favorites, whether it is teams, players, or leagues. This means that you can enjoy sports content exactly how you like it and follow the most hyped games in your area. You can also set your devices to receive notifications, so you never miss another game.

Some of the most popular games that you can enjoy on the Xfinity Sports Zone App include:

  • Soccer
  • Football (NFL, NCAAF)
  • Basketball (NBA, NCAAB)
  • Baseball (MLB)
  • Hockey (NHL)


Watch Games on the X1 Sports Zone App

Watching games on the Sports Zone App is all fun but where do you begin with all that? We have made a list of instructions to help you understand the app better and make the most of its features.

Launch the Xfinity Sports Zone App

There are a few ways to launch the Xfinity Sports Zone App. You can open it in the following ways:

  • Press the Xfinity button on your remote and right arrow scroll, until you reach Apps. Select OK on screen on then right scroll until you get Sports and press OK
  • Say the ‘Sports Zone App’ into your Xfinity Voice remote
  • Pressing the C button on your Xfinity remote while watching TV

Once launched, the Sports Zone app will appear on the right-hand side of your screen. You are now free to use the app as you want.


Using the Xfinity Sports Zone App

After the app is open, you can view all the scores of ongoing games, previous match ups, and more on the right hand of your screen. It would stay there as you watch TV so you can also keep an eye on the score of your favorite games.

  • Use the right or left arrows to choose the tab for a specific league or group. You will see different tabs for MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, NASCAR, etc. as well as professional soccer games. Press OK button on your remote when you choose which one to view.
  • Navigate to other game components and extras such as preview, live coverage, interviews, stats, and postgame reviews. You can navigate through them using the left and right arrows.
  • Visit the Live tab to watch ongoing games. Go to Watch and press OK on your remote. Only live sporting events that are covered by your channel line-up are available here and the TV icon will be visible at the top of each event. In case of multiple options, you can choose whatever game you want to watch.
  • Go to current standings to see the stats of each league and sporting group. You can view the number of games played, wins, losses, point tables, players’ details, and other information.
  • If you have access to the Xfinity X1 DVR and the game is part of your subscription package, it may be possible to record it. Select record on your TV and press


Add Teams to your List

If you want to add a team to your list of favorites here is what you need to do.

  • Open the X1 Sports Zone App and select any league on the top
  • Use the up and down arrows to find your favorite team in any sport. Press OK on the remote.
  • Scroll down on the list until you find Add to my list Press OK on the remote.
  • Select your favorite team from the teams playing and Press OK. Then scroll down and press Finish with the OK button.


Notification Settings on X1 Sports Zone App

Manage your Xfinity X1 Sports Zone App in these simple steps:

  • Press the Xfinity button on the remote
  • Go to settings and press OK
  • Select preferences and press OK
  • Go to Notifications and press OK
  • Select Sports and decide whether to turn on the notifications or off. Press OK
  • Select Exit to finish off the setup


Use Voice Commands

The Xfinity smart remote allows you to use voice commands to carry out whatever you want. So, if you want to get to a certain game you can just say it into the remote and you would be taken directly to an ongoing game or the schedule of upcoming games. You can also do this to check out the stats of a player, league points, and other pieces of information.



Xfinity internet plans and the X1 ensure that you get the best entertainment experience possible. Whether it is movies, live TV, or even sports. The X1 Sports app gets you the best flavor of all the games and channels included in your subscription with 4K programming and a whole lot more. Navigate the app to your heart’s content and get everything you wish to see – only on Xfinity X1.

Learn more about the Xfinity X1 experience or call 844-207-8721 now.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What is Xfinity TV?

Xfinity TV or the Xfinity X1 is the residential TV service powered by Xfinity by Comcast. It brings live TV, On Demand, all your favorite streaming apps, DVR, and more, all in one place. Enjoy the award-winning Xfinity Voice Remote, complete hands-free control of your TV.

Explore Xfinity TV plans in your area. Call 844-207-8721 now.


2. What is the Xfinity X1 Sports Zone?

The Xfinity Sports Zone is a first-rate sports zone that you can find on the X1. Enjoy live games, sports news, highlights, game preview, and other information on your TV screen.  Personalize it with your favorite teams, leagues and games, and more.

Learn more about the Xfinity X1 experience. Call 844-207-8721 now.