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Many people consider the world to be a global village. The internet connects individuals globally with the click of a button, and this sums up its importance.

A funny thing happened as we progressed into this technologically advanced world. The Internet transitioned from being an exotic facility to a mundane utility, similar to running water or electricity – we didn't even notice. The dependency on the internet is such that we can’t fathom a day or even just a few hours without the internet.

Wouldn't it be bizarre if one day you weren't able to book flights, transfer money from your bank account, look up bus schedules, check your email, search on Google, talk to your family on Skype, buy and sell items on eBay – or any of the 1,000 other things you do every day?

Given how an internet connection has now become a necessity for survival, it is safe to say that we can’t afford to be disconnected. This inadvertently implies that you cannot rely on one connection, since it is not uncommon for an internet connection to go down at some point. The automatic failover router can solve this problem.

In this article, we’ll give you an in-depth review of what a Hughesnet Automatic Failover Router is, how it works, and why it is needed.

Hughesnet Automatic Failover Router – What Is It?

The importance of reliable, high-speed internet cannot be overstated. If an internet outage occurs, a failover router keeps the network up and running. If the primary internet connection fails, the network will automatically switch to a secondary redundant connection.

Through the use of a fail-over router and avoiding high reliance on a single internet connection, people can ensure that they will always be able to access their internet at high speed.

Why An Automatic Failover Router Is Needed

By providing a failover, customers can be assured of a reliable connection, free of interruptions. Integrating failovers might seem like a burdensome expense, but it is an important measure that ensures security and safety.

The primary purpose of failover is to prevent, or at least reduce, the chance that a system will fail completely. Described as the impact of a system failure on customers, failover indicates a company's reliability as a service provider. The resiliency of businesses depends on the effectiveness of failover processes.

With the correct configuration of the network infrastructure, failovers will be seamless and totally reliable against most service interruptions. There are usually hiccups due to the scale of the data transition, bandwidth availability, and the method of data transfer, such as mirroring or replication to the second location.

As a systems engineer, the focus should be on optimizing synchronization between two sites while minimizing data transfer. Having ensured data integrity, it is crucial to reduce the time it takes to change over while maintaining data accuracy.

How does the Hughesnet Automatic Failover Router Work?

Internet continuity provided by Hughesnet is powered by satellite, which means it is not prone to the risks associated with terrestrial connections. In the event of a natural disaster or human error, satellites can keep you connected to an internet connection, so you can resume your different online activities. Below we discuss how Hughesnet ensures internet continuity with the help of failover:


The equipment will be installed by a certified technician. Automatic Failover Routers are installed to detect and establish connections. The following are the steps in which a failover router will be setup:


In case of failure of your primary internet connection, the automatic failover router will detect the problem and automatically switch to the backup satellite connection. It usually takes less than three minutes to switch. It could, however, take less time if your main internet connection fails in a particular way.


Once access to the primary connection has been restored, the Automatic Failover Router identifies the change so that traffic is automatically routed back to your primary connection. This process is automated, and it is carried out in a timely manner, ensuring that your business remains connected at all times, even if you are not present, giving you more time to do other things.

Setting up Hughesnet Internet Continuity with the TP-Link router

  1. Take the TP-Link device out of the box, attach the power supply to the device, and plug it into a power outlet. TP-Link's LEDs for “System” and “Power” will become solid green in color.
  2. Let the TP-Link initialize for two minutes. When the TP-Link unit is ready, the “System” LED will blink green.
  3. Use a computer with an Ethernet port to connect to port 3 on the TP-Link router.
  • An IP address will be assigned to the computer within the range.
  1. Open the web browser on your computer and navigate to
  • A username and password must be created before the user can access the website.
  1. You will be directed to the login page after creating an account. Enter your username and password to access your account.
  2. Once you have logged in, go to the Networks tab and click on LAN
  • Change the IP address on the LAN tab from to
  • DHCP leases on the computer need to be refreshed by disconnecting and reconnecting the Ethernet cable on the PC.
  • Connect the computer to the network on
  • You can now access the TP-Link configuration page by going to
  • Once logged in, click on LAN again under the Network tab and then click on DHCP Server.
  • Configure DNS entries and as Primary and Secondary, and click Save.

Wrapping Up

When your primary service goes down, Hughesnet Internet backup service automatically kicks in, eliminating costly downtime. You can protect yourself from expensive internet outages and business disruptions at a much more affordable price than traditional backup solutions.

Hughesnet offers satellite internet connection, which is accessible almost everywhere in the United States. This further ensures that no matter where you are and what type of primary internet connection you have, you can always rely on Hughesnet to provide you backup internet service in case your primary connection fails.

If you want to get more insights on how Hughesnet internet continuity works and how you can subscribe to it, call our experts at 1-855-349-9309 and let them answer all your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any warranties available for the Automatic Failover Router?

Yes. As long as you are covered under the warranty, if you want to replace the router, you will receive a new router with installation instructions. A technician will visit your home or office to fix the problem if you purchased a maintenance plan.

What makes Hughesnet Internet Continuity a better backup solution than 4G?

The coverage of 4G can sometimes be patchy and nonexistent, while Hughesnet only requires an unobstructed view of the southern skies. Furthermore, Hughesnet Internet Continuity provides additional data at a reasonable price.

Does Hughesnet Internet Continuity work with the Mac and Windows operating systems?

Hughesnet Internet Continuity lets you browse the Internet from your computer, regardless of which operating system you are using. Hughesnet Internet Continuity is compatible with all Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS versions as long as their manufacturers still support them.

Where can I find out if I'm in backup?

Check out myHughesnet .com or Hughesnet Mobile app, both available on Apple's App Store and Google Play. Once signed in, you can view your data usage in My Account.