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With so many frequent changes in the entertainment realm, cable TV has become a thing of the past.  This is the primary reason why digital streaming platforms have gained more popularity than ever. Amid the trend of cord-cutting, we cannot simply toss aside the perks TV streaming platforms have in store for us. Due to the constant efforts of providers like DIRECTV, the regime of the entertainment industry is still going strong.

DIRECTV is already thriving because each of its packages has a unique channel lineup. If you are lucky enough to be an existing customer of DIRECTV, you may find yourself wondering how to find your preferred channel. Understandably, with a massive number of channels comes the difficulty of finding a specific network.

If you’re looking for the Paramount Network on DIRECTV, you just need to explore our guide to find the channel number. Before finding the channel number, get a quick overview of the Paramount network and its availability on DIRECTV below.

Paramount - A Cursory Overview

Paramount is a renowned Pay-TV station in the U.S., owned and managed by MTV Entertainment Group, a unit of Viacom CBS. The network is headquartered in Los Angeles and it has gone through some serious revamping over the years.

Originally branded as The Nashville Network (TNN) in the year 1983, the channel’s programming revolved around country music, outdoor sports, and NASCAR coverage — which specifically catered to the culture of Southen U.S. After some years, TNN was relaunched as Spike TV, which targeted the young adult male audience, broadcasting action-oriented content and original reality series.

A channel that was initially country-focused and later catered solely to male audiences, ended up targeting a broader range of programming. Thus in 2018, Spike was rebranded as Paramount Network. The network is now home to a variety of original and acquired programming, such as dramas, comedies, reality shows, movies, and documentaries. The Paramount Network has grown massively and is now a popular household name across the country.

So now find the channel number for Paramount on DIRECTV below and get started!

What Channel Is Paramount on DIRECTV?

If you want to enhance your entertainment experience drastically, Paramount on DIRECTV has got you covered. The network comes with a wide range of intense and thrilling programs that would keep you hooked to your screen. As DIRECTV offers hundreds of live TV channels for its subscribers, you definitely don’t want to get stuck in an endless loop of switching and skipping to find the channel of your choice. Understandably, it’s a hassle to look for your preferred channel, especially when you don’t want to miss out on the latest episode of your favorite TV show.

The quickest route to finding the channel number is to search ‘Paramount channel number on DIRECTV’ on the Google search bar. Alternatively, you can press the ‘Guide’ button on your DIRECTV remote to view the on-screen interactive guide, which showcases info for all channels included in your subscription. The channel number for Paramount on DIRECTV is 241.

By tuning into this channel number, you will find Paramount’s programming in no time!

What to Watch with Paramount on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV opens up infinite options for unhindered entertainment by offering a wide range of channels to its subscribers. Of course, just the Paramount Network in itself has a lot in store for its users, with a myriad of fun content to view right from the comfort of their homes. We have put together a list of the most popular TV shows and movies that you can enjoy with the Paramount Network on DIRECTV.


There’s a lot to binge-watch on Paramount channel on DIRECTV, but Yellowstone is a wildly popular neo-Western TV series that single-handedly spearheaded the channel’s success. Eventually, prompting multiple spinoffs that are accessible via Paramount+.

Yellowstone revolves around the lives of the Dutton family, who are in charge of the largest ranch in the United States — the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch or Yellowstone. The series gains momentum as several conflicts arise along the shared borders of their ranch with the Broken Rock Indian reservation, Yellowstone National Park, and land developers.


Created and produced by Darren Star, Younger is an American comedy-drama TV series that follows the story of a single mother who pretends to be younger than her actual age. She does so as she re-enters the job market after a decade and wants to excel in her career. The show explores the constant struggle of the protagonist as she tries her best to manage her personal and professional lives at the same time while keeping her secret under wraps.  

Marriage Rescue

Jon Taffer stars in the 2019 reality TV series, Marriage Rescue, in which he assists couples who are on the verge of splitting up. He uses his unorthodox approach to help struggling couples mend their marriages. What Taffer does is he puts the couple through a series of tests to help them decide whether they are meant to be together or they need to part ways to live a better life. 

Lip Sync Battle

In this show, a variety of celebrities are paired up to compete against each other by using lip sync of popular songs with the help of different props and costumes. The idea was mainly introduced by Stephen Merchant and John Krasinski to bring together different celebrities on a single platform to have them step out of their comfort zone and sing contemporary hits.

Bar Rescue

If you are a big fan of reality shows, you would be happy to know that Paramount Network airs a popular American reality show named Bar Rescue. In this series, Jon Taffer plays a vital role in turning around the fate of struggling bars. He uses his expertise as a food and beverage industry consultant to unlock the business potential of bars and give them a new life.

DIRECTV Has Got Your Back!

With the DIRECTV channel lineup, entertainment knows no bounds. Paramount Network is a perfect addition to DIRECTV plans for subscribers who long for fun entertainment. Not only do you get access to lighthearted content but you also get to enjoy the goodness DIRECTV has to offer.

If you are yet to sign up for the DIRECTV plan and still cannot make up your mind, feel free to get in touch with DIRECTV customer service to be guided according to your unique entertainment needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does DIRECTV have Paramount channel?

DIRECTV offers an extensive channel lineup for its subscribers with all its plans. Get in touch with DIRECTV customer service to learn which TV tiers include the Paramount channel.

What channel is Paramount on DIRECTV?

You can tune into Paramount network on channel number 241 with all DIRECTV plans.