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Valentine’s day is right around the corner, which means love birds are getting ready to make grand gestures and meticulous plans to make the day memorable. As much as we love going out for a candlelit dinner, sometimes there’s nothing better than treating yourself and your significant other to home-cooked food and getting all warm and cozy to enjoy a marathon of romantic movies.

With Amazon Prime and Netflix by your side, you can have a delightful streaming session with a bowl full of marshmallows or chocolate-infused Valentine's popcorn. Both streaming platforms have a wide range of movies that celebrate love in all its glory and leave you teary-eyed. If you are unable to find the most appropriate and relatable flick to celebrate the spirit of the occasion with your beau, we have got you covered!

Our Valentine’s special article presents the top romantic movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime this year. Read on and pick the ones that will end up enriching your heart with love, affection, and loads of entertainment.

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The Perfect Date (Netflix)

An American teen romantic comedy movie, directed by Chris Nelson, is based on the book, The Stand-In by Steve Bloom. The movie is about a high school senior, Brooks Rattigan (played by Noah Centineo), who financially struggles to fulfill his ambition to go to Yale. Rather than working menial jobs to finance his college dreams, he launches an app by collaborating with his friend in order to sell his services as a plus-one for varying occasions and people. With his adaptable personality, Brooks skillfully sets up fake dates and breakups to earn money.

The problem arises when Brook’s minor deceptions impact his love life. You may find the story quirky at times but it’s certainly a good pick if you want to watch something lighthearted.

Always Be My Maybe (Netflix)

This movie follows the story of childhood sweethearts named Marcus Kim and Sasha Tran, played by Randall Park and Ali Wong, respectively. As kids, they were so madly in love that everyone around them thought they will end up together. But unfortunately, they fall out of love and drift apart.

The biggest plot twist happens when they cross each other’s path after 16 long years. As soon as they are reunited, the old attraction sparks to life. After some initial back and forth, they realize that they had more than just a fling back then. With an exciting storyline, a stellar cast with a glimpse of Keanu Reeves, visually pleasing moments, and a relatable outcome, this movie keeps the audience glued to their screens.

The Ugly Truth (Netflix)

If you are a big fan of rom-com movies, you would love to watch The Ugly Truth on Netflix. Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl are the start-studded cast members of the movie. Katherine Heigl plays the role of Abby Richter, a lovelorn TV producer who is in search of a perfect match.

Despite her constant efforts, she’s shown to be hopelessly single. The real conflict begins when Abby Richter’s employer teams her up with Mike Chadway, an opinionated and cynical celebrity who also happens to host a show on relationships. As the main characters of the movie have great on-screen chemistry, you are in for a treat!

Crazy, Stupid, Love (Amazon Prime)

With Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Steve Carrell, and Julianne Moore gracing the screen, this movie is a great pick for Valentine’s day. Crazy, Stupid, Love begins with Cal Weaver, who is married to his college sweetheart and has everything, including a dream job, nice house, and kids, his wife ends up cheating on him with a colleague. Heartbroken, he starts spending his free evenings in a local bar, where a charismatic womanizer named Jacob Palmer befriends him. Cal swiftly learns to emulate Jacob’s charismatic approach toward women and forms new relationships.

Things get complicated as all four main characters look for love in the wrong places. In fact, Cal’s 13-year-old son, Robbie, falls for his 17-year-old babysitter, who in turn is infatuated with Cal. To find out if it all gets better in the end or not, you’ll have to stream the movie on Amazon Prime.

Love Hard (Netflix)

Starring Nina Dobrev, Jimmy O. Yang, and Darren Barnet, Love Hard is a 2021 American romantic-comedy movie. The story centers on a young woman, Natalie, who’s a dating column writer, particularly popular for her disastrous dates among her audience. Over a dating app, Natalie matches with a handsome guy named Josh, with whom she forms a deep connection. She decides to surprise Josh for Christmas by traveling to his hometown, only to find out that she has been catfished by Josh.

Watch this movie on Netflix to find out how Natalie deals with this shocking discovery and if there is any hope of finding her perfect love match. To enjoy buffer-free streaming at all times, look for reliable internet service providers in your area, known for their seamless connectivity.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (Netflix)

For those who want to watch a light-hearted rom-com to celebrate the spirit of Valentine’s day, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is a must-watch. This teenage romantic comedy is based on the Jenny Han teen novel of the same name and stars Lana Condor, Noah Centineo, and Israel Broussard.

Lara Jean Covey could never bring herself to express her feelings to any of her. So she secretly pens down her feelings in letters to each boy, never intending for them to be discovered. However, luck is not on Lara Jean’s side, when all five letters are mailed to their respective recipients.

There is oodles of hilarity as Lara Jean’s crushes confront her and her quiet introverted existence turns upside down. The movie has two sequels that revolve around Lara Jean and her love interest, and all three movies are available on Netflix.

Crazy Rich Asians (Amazon Prime)

Directed by Jon M. Chu, Crazy Rich Asians is a 2018 rom-com film. This movie gives you all the feels as it manages to depict the complexities of a relationship. It follows the story of a native New Yorker, Rachel Chu, who travels to meet her long-time boyfriend’s family in Singapore. The girl had no idea that her boyfriend, Nick, hasn’t given the key details of his personal life. On her arrival, she finds out that Nick belongs to one of the wealthiest families in Singapore. Not only that, her long-time boyfriend is also the country’s most eligible bachelor. With Nick’s disapproving mother and jealous socialities, things get complicated for love birds.

Want to know whether Rachel and Nick survive their newfound differences? Watch this movie on Amazon Prime to discover the entrancing world of Crazy Rich Asians.  

Valentine’s Day (Amazon Prime)

It’s a no-brainer to add  ‘Valentine’s Day’ to your Valentine’s movie list. The movie was released decades ago, but it’s still a good pick. Needless to say, there’s something very special about old movies. Even if you have watched it multiple times, you would still prefer it over new films.

The movie features Jessica Alba, Bradley Cooper, Jessica Biel, Ashton Kutcher, and many others as principal characters. The story follows the lives of multiple couples, who find comfort and love in each other amid difficult circumstances. The best part about this movie is that it highlights the different aspects of a relationship. Despite the fact that the movie starts with butterflies in the stomach at the sight of the crush and then the subsequent first date, you also get a chance to witness the complexities of a relationship. You may find it predictable but nothing can take away the sweetness of this romantic film as you relate to its interesting characters.

Love, Rosie (Amazon Prime)

Nothing is more fascinating than the childhood romance that ends up making its way into adulthood. Starring Lily Collins and Sam Claflin, Love, Rosie is based on the 2004 novel Where Rainbows End. The story centers on Rosie and Alex, who are childhood best friends but circumstances and misunderstandings drift them apart.

The bond between the main characters will keep you hooked throughout the movie. Do they manage to keep their love alive despite the time and distance? Tune in to find out the fate of these love birds. It’s undoubtedly a sweet and lovely romantic movie that you can watch on Amazon Prime.

Set It Up (Netflix)

Set It Up is about two stressed-out and overworked assistants, Harper and Charlie, played by Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell respectively, working in the same building. Since both corporate executive assistants are in desperate need of a break, they trick their bosses into falling in love. You might already predict that the assistants will eventually develop feelings for each other. However, the way the story unfolds will keep you glued to your screen.

The leads have such great chemistry and the plot complications make the movie interesting. Get ready to laugh out loud as this movie may tickle your funny bone. There’s so much life in this film that you won’t regret watching it.

Seriously Single (Netflix)

A South African film directed by Katleho Ramaphakela and Rethabile Ramaphakela begins with its lead character Dineo, played by Fulu Mugovhani, who is a social media expert and craves nothing but a lifelong commitment. While her bestie asks her to embrace singlehood, Dineo still chooses to follow the life of a former love.

Be it any day or age, it’s quite challenging to be single when everyone in your acquaintance is committed. This movie leaves you with a message that being single doesn’t mean that you are incomplete.

The movie revolves around Dineo’s journey to self-discovery. Does Dineo manage to embrace the new version of herself? Or does she get back together with her ex? To discover that, you’ll have to watch the movie.

Single All The Way (Netflix)

Directed by Michael Mayer and written by Chad Hodge, Single All The Way is a 2021 Canadian Christmas romantic comedy movie that centers on Peter (Michael Urie), who is constantly harassed by his family members due to his perpetual single status.

To avoid his family’s judgment, he convinces his best friend, Nick (Philemon Chambers), to pretend to be his love interest for the holiday season. Hilarity ensues as everyone gathers for the holiday. Peter’s family even tries to set him up on a blind date, in hopes that they both end up as lovers. But unfortunately, his family’s plan fails miserably.

Watch the movie to discover if Peter ends up finding the love of his life.

Wrapping It Up

Nothing is more fascinating than watching classics, but an undiscovered love story can give you all the feels on Valentine’s day. Even if you watch movies with your partner now and then, it’s still a good idea to pick the right movie for Valentine’s Day.

Netflix and Amazon Prime, specifically have an array of visually and emotionally appealing movies for couples and singles out there —  looking to make their heart melt in the most amazing way. Whether you are a lover or a hopeless romantic, you’ll definitely find a perfect flick for Valentine’s day. But remember, whichever movie you decide to watch, you must ensure that you’ve subscribed to the most reliable internet deal. This way, you’ll be able to have a seamless and buffer-free viewing experience. Call 855-349-9328 to learn more or to subscribe!