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Breakfast tacos, 300 days of sunshine, exceptional museums and eclectic live music scene - Austin, the capital city of Texas is also known as the Live Music Capital of the World and offers abundant fun-packed options to its beloved Austinites to have a blast on weekends. But different people have different ideas about what it means to have fun, don't they?

Weekends in Austin are all about going to crowded parks and museums or dancing your heart out in loud bars and live music venues but for some Austinites fun would mean doing the opposite.

For a homebody who enjoys solo time, spending a cozy weekend at home sounds way more appealing and enjoyable because after a tough, busy week at work, spending the weekend in PJs and fluffy slippers is the only fun thing they would want to do to alleviate stress, and recharge. But how can an Austinite spend a great weekend at home away from all the hustle-bustle? The answer lies in the colorful box kept in your lounge i.e. the TV!

Spectrum TV in Austin, TX offers the best stay-at-home entertainment options at affordable prices to all Austinite couch potatoes so that they can spend their weekends curled up in their coziest blanket on the couch and revitalize to the max.

If you live in one of the sunniest cities in America but don't want to head out to the beach to have fun then stay with us till the end to learn about the best TV service in your city that brings you a high dose of unlimited entertainment to power your at-home-weekends!

But why should a person get a TV when they can catch-up on everything via the internet?

Before getting into the perks and details of subscribing to Spectrum TV in Austin, let's look into some benefits of a TV service in the current cyber-age.

A Few Reasons Why You Should GET the Cord:

The quest to search for the perfect TV service provider that can cater to all your entertainment needs can be difficult and even disappointing if you end up choosing the wrong one! Choosing Spectrum TV in Austin will save you from all the worries and disappointments that come with opting for a subpar TV service e.g. unclear picture, poor channel lineup, hidden terms and conditions, and empty pockets.

Many TV service providers lure their customers into signing a contract that forces them to stick to their substandard service but not Spectrum! Spectrum understands what freedom means to Austinites and offers them high-quality entertainment without any shackles. Spectrum also gives its customers the leverage to buy themselves out of a contract with their current provider without worrying about the Early Termination Fee – they can avail themselves of Spectrum’s generous offer of Contract Buyout up to $500, and switch to superior services. The 30-day money-back guarantee, which is at every new subscriber’s disposal, reflects how confident Charter Spectrum™ is of its offerings while it also serves to maximize customer satisfaction.

Why Should You Choose Spectrum TV?

Opting for the best entertainment and TV service provider in the market gives you everything you require and much more.Spectrum TV aims to give a maximum dose of entertainment to its customers without any complications or hassles. Now, you can choose to watch television on any screen anywhere in the house, and you can access your favorite programming at anytime courtesy of the myriad of options at your disposal with Spectrum TV. So make the best of your weekend in the comfiest way – stay snug as a bug in a rug and stay fully entertained!

Here are some exciting features and options that come with Spectrum TV packages:

Free HD for Everyone!

Tired of watching your favorite TV in SD? Get Spectrum TV to feast your eyes with sharp colors, high-contrasts and crisp picture quality of HD display with lifelike details. Enjoy hours and hours of nonstop, high-quality entertainment in HD on the weekends without paying an extra penny. Spectrum TV's exquisite image quality together with HD sound makes your televisual experience as good as the cinema. Austinites can now take delight in watching their favorite shows and movies without a blur with Charter Spectrum™ known for bringing the most HD content to your homes.

On-screen TV Guide

Spectrum offers hundreds of channels and keeping a track of your favorite network can be a tough task. To ensure maximum customer satisfaction and facilitation, Spectrum TV comes with an intuitive on-screen TV guide for all customers, on all devices. Channel surfing can be time-consuming and might make you miss your favorite show that you had waited for all week. The on-screen TV guide helps you find what you are looking for from the extensive channel lineup in no time. You can either sort channels by number or you can do that alphabetically.

The advanced guide has been specifically designed to also give information about a program's content along with its duration and timing. With this guide, you can use the favorite channel feature for immediate access. It also allows you to record your favorite shows on DVR so you can watch them on your timeline.

With Spectrum TV, it's always a win-win situation!

Choose Your Screen

What's better than watching crisp HD content on a big screen? Crisp HD content on ALL screens!

Spectrum TV does not believe in restricting its beloved Austinites to their living rooms, rather gives them the freedom to laze around anywhere in the house while watching their favorite subscribed channels. Now you can watch your best-loved content on multiple screens such as smartphones, laptops or tablets with Spectrum TV App, and you can watch it all on-the-go as well. Spectrum values your subscription and gives you complete freedom by not imposing any limitations.

Parental Controls

Spectrum TV wants to give you a stress-free TV experience in every way. Now you can leave your children alone without any worries while they are watching the television. Spectrum TV comes with parental controls to help you prevent your child's premature exposure to age-inappropriate content simply with the use of a pin code.

Unlimited and Affordable Fun with Spectrum TV Plans

If you are in Austin, TX and looking for affordable yet high-quality TV entertainment, know that Spectrum exactly has what you are looking for. Spectrum TV service offers an exhaustive channel lineup with incredible features and perks at unbelievably affordable prices. Now you can watch live sports, global news, movies, TV shows and much more by subscribing to a Spectrum TV bundle of your choosing. Top up your TV with value-added offers such as premium channels, international programming, and sports packages or go for the DVR service that allows you to record hundreds of hours of video content to watch whenever, wherever and however.

At the same time, valuable Austinite subscribers are invited to choose another Spectrum service to bundle up with TV – whether it is the speedy fiber-powered internet or the reliable home phone connection. With a duo or a trio of residential telecom services from Charter Spectrum™ you can introduce your Austin home to unlimited utility at unbeatable prices.

Here are the popular super affordable Spectrum TV plans and packages designed for Austin, TX:

Spectrum TV Select

If you want to enjoy a high-quality channel lineup as a standalone service, Spectrum TV Select is the one plan that brings you more than 125 channels while you always have the option to add-on from any of the premium, sports or international channels. HD programming, Primetime On Demand and the Spectrum TV app come included, while you can also subscribe to the DVR service at an economical monthly rate. So make your lazy daisy weekends, more lazy and more daisy, for only $44.99 per month. Order Spectrum TV Select now!


Who said weekends at home can't be fun? All you need is your favorite snack like popcorns, candies or crisps and Spectrum TV service to have a great me-time and a movie-theatre like experience in your PJs. If you are annoyed and bored with your existing service provider then what are you waiting for? Contact Spectrum Customer Service in Austin, TX that is available 24/7 and find out how to get your hands onto the best Spectrum TV packages at your address.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I find Spectrum internet in Austin, TX?

Spectrum Internet in Austin, TX uses Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial Network to deliver super-fast download speeds starting at 100 Mbps along with no data limits, free security protection and high quality modem internet.

Are Spectrum Internet and TV packages available in Austin, TX?

Spectrum Internet with TV Select with an exciting range of affordable add-ons together bring the perfect package at the best price to Austin neighborhoods!