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Spectrum is one of the most popular internet and TV services within the U.S., serving millions of people in 41 states. The popularity of the provider stems from the contract-free and unlimited internet plans it offers. Plus, there is a contract buyout for people worried about the termination fees of their current provider but want to switch.

There are plenty of reasons why people choose Spectrum services. However, there are certain hidden Spectrum costs that are a little tricky to understand and navigate through. So let us take a look at them!

How Much Do Spectrum Internet Plans Cost?

Spectrum Internet plans are priced in a way that there is a speed tier and plan that fits almost all household types. Not only do you get unlimited data with all plans but there are also no contracts to worry about which makes the plans even more enticing. Currently, you can enjoy internet speeds ranging from 300 Mbps to 1 Gbps in most areas and you always get the highest speed available in your plan at your address.

Let us take a look at all the Spectrum internet plans that you can get with the service.

Spectrum Internet Plan Max. Download Speeds* Monthly Price
Spectrum Internet Up to 300 Mbps $49.99/mo.
For 12 months with autopay
Spectrum Internet Ultra Up to 500 Mbps $69.99/mo.
For 12 months with autopay
Spectrum Internet Gig Up to 1 Gbps $89.99/mo.
For 12 months with autopay
* Wireless speeds may vary

Do bear in mind that the price mentioned here is the promotional price for 12 months. Once this period ends, you would be expected to pay the standard rate for your internet plan. This usually goes up $35 on each plan so Spectrum Internet becomes $84.99 per month, Internet Ultra becomes $104.99 per month and Internet Gig becomes $124.99 per month. Learn more about Spectrum pricing after 12 months or call 855-423-0918 for more information.

What Are the Spectrum Internet Equipment Charges?

One of the best things about Spectrum Internet is the modem that you get to enjoy completely free with the service. There is absolutely no charge for the modem and it comes included in the price, which is not something most providers do. However, if you do require a Wi-Fi service in your home too, Spectrum has you covered on that front too. Whole home Wi-Fi comes integrated into your Spectrum equipment and can be enabled whenever you want – for a small fee of $5 per month.

Even so, if you are looking to save up on the monthly rental, Spectrum allows you to buy your own device. You can choose one from the list of Spectrum-compatible routers that work seamlessly with the service and can save you a monthly fee on the side. However, do remember that if you do not rent your equipment from Spectrum, you would not be able to enjoy tech support from the provider or free replacements if something goes wrong.

If you have a very large house and need more than just a basic router to cover the entirety of it, you can consider getting a Spectrum WiFi pod to increase the range. The pods work as Wi-Fi extenders and are perfect if you have Spectrum Advanced Wi-Fi in your home. Each Spectrum WiFi pod comes at a rental of $3 per month and covers a range of 800 square feet. You can have up to 5 of these at your residence depending on your needs. 

How Much Does Spectrum Installation Cost?

For installation, Spectrum offers two options – professional and self-installation. Depending on your technical acuity and understanding, you can choose to go for either of the two installation options. The professional installation cost for Spectrum is typically $59.99 as a one-time charge.

If you are more on the tech-savvy side, self-installing Spectrum Internet might be more up your alley. It is a simple process and the best part is, it is free to do. However, once your system is set up, you do have to pay a small activation fee of $24.99 to get your system going. So that brings up the cost of the self-install setup to just under half of what you would pay for a pro installation. It saves you money and is fairly convenient although if your home is not wired for internet, you might need a professional to take care of it.

How Much Do Spectrum TV Plans Cost?

Spectrum TV offers a unique entertainment experience that is quite different from what you get to enjoy with other providers. Spectrum offers a selection of TV plans which you can choose from depending on your family’s needs. Let us take a look at what the Spectrum TV plans have to offer, their prices, and more.

Spectrum TV Plan Number of Channel Monthly Price
TV Select Signature 150+ channels With Free HD $64.99/mo.
For 12 months. Availability varies by location.
TV Select Plus 160+ channels with free HD $74.99/mo.
For 12 months. Availability varies by location.
Mi Plan Latino 145+ channels (75+ Spanish channels) $39.99/mo.
For 12 months

Mi Plan Latino is good for all Hispanic audiences in the U.S. and offers a good selection of some of the most popular Spanish channels. Similarly, Spectrum TV Select plans offer a large number of some of America’s top channels so you are never bored with the service. All plans come with a promo pricing for 12 months and if you continue service beyond that you would be subject to the standard pricing for the plan.

An even more exciting thing that you get with Spectrum is the way you get to customize your TV experience. Pick from several interesting add-ons to get live sports, premium networks, and even enjoy programming from around the world. These can be added on top of your basic TV plan for a very affordable price and takes your entertainment to the next level. Plus you can enjoy your TV on the free Spectrum TV app, even when you are away from home and there are absolutely no contracts to tie you down.

What Is The Spectrum Broadcast TV Surcharge?

According to U.S. Federal law, local U.S. broadcast TV stations (such as ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, etc.) are allowed to negotiate and charge cable and satellite TV providers a fee to carry the network in their lineup. The provider in turn passes on part of that surcharge to the customers. Since they are the most basic of channels, you can expect to pay a broadcast TV surcharge whenever you get a TV for your home.

As of August 2023, Spectrum broadcast TV surcharge has gone up to $23.20 per month for all TV plans.

How Much Does Spectrum TV Equipment Cost?

Like all other TV providers, Spectrum TV equipment is available to customers for a small monthly rental. Here is a list of some of the equipment costs that you should be aware of:

  • You need at least one HD receiver to enjoy the HD programming available with Spectrum. Each HD receiver and remote comes up to $9.99 per month
  • If you want a DVR service with 1 receiver, you have to pay $12.99 per month. If you have a DVR service package with 2 or more DVR devices, you would be liable to pay $19.99 per month
  • Spectrum Cloud DVR customers do not need to sign up for a receiver device but do need the cloud DVR service which is priced at $9.99 per month
  • If you cancel Spectrum TV services, do remember to send your equipment back. You can be charged as much as $97 for the HD receiver and $125 for the high-split converter

What Are Some Other Spectrum Fees And Charges?

Spectrum may charge a selection of a few extra fees and taxes depending on where you live. Some of the charges that you can expect to pay with Spectrum Internet and TV services include:

  • State/local sales tax
  • Franchise fee
  • Late payment fee
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) fee
  • Line access
  • Regulatory fee
  • E911 Charge


Spectrum’s hidden costs are not really hidden at all – if you read through all their disclaimers and your Spectrum bill. You will find an itemized categorization of all the charges on your bill. So there is not much to worry about.

Just choose a Spectrum internet and TV plan to adorn your home with and enjoy the limitless data, contract-free plans, 30-day money-back guarantee, and a whole lot more!