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What do you go to Austin for? To enjoy those piping hot breakfast Tacos, attend the much-anticipated SXSW festival or stroll around the city’s famous tourist attractions? Well, whatever your reason for paying a visit to this city may be, one thing’s for sure. Austin, Texas is probably the liveliest place you can ever visit in all of United States.

The City of the Violet Crown is the capital of Texas, known for its fantastic culture and welcoming locals. You may have heard many singers expressing their affection for the city in their songs and we surely wouldn’t blame them. After all, which city besides the wonderful Austin has a ton of things to offer? Beautiful landscapes, hospitable people with a gifted taste for music, and the impressive label of being another Silicon Valley in the making are just some of the distinguished characteristics enjoyed by the Texan capital. And yes. You did hear it right. Since Austin is on the verge of becoming another tech-obsessed city in the United States of America, there is one thing that could have never been ignored (cue the drum roll) And that is… access to affordable internet and cable TV bundles!

The role the internet has played for Austinites is notable given the rapid signs of progress they are making towards becoming more tech savvy on the whole. Google, Facebook, and Oracle have thousands of employees working in Austin, while Apple has invested a whopping $1 billion into establishing a new campus in the city. It would suffice to say the juicy opportunities in Austin deserve an internet connection that can enhance its reputation as a tech-loving city to a much more eminent level.

Now let’s quickly sprint back to the opening sentence of this write up and pretend you are the one to have asked us that question. Had that been the case, we would’ve taken not a millisecond before saying Spectrum Bundles in Austin,Tx are the reason why we would love to keep coming back to the City of the Violet Crown. Spectrum – the brainchild of Charter Communications® makes for the fastest-growing internet, cable TV and Home Phone company in the U.S. today. Stretched over 40 states including Texas, Spectrum has been unceasingly providing affordable telecom services to its customer base for years.

What are Spectrum Bundles?

Just as the name suggests, a Spectrum Bundle is what lets you enjoy all services from Spectrum in one wrap. In our opinion, Spectrum Bundles are more value-added relative to standalone services from the provider. And, let’s face it. Since eventually you would want to get all that Spectrum offers, why not make a smart decision from the beginning and dive straight into the bundles. For its customers, Spectrum offers Double and Triple Plays that literally double or triple the gains for you. Spectrum’s duo bundles let you pair two of Spectrum’s top-notch services, while the trios let you combine three services so you can have a flavor of everything on Spectrum’s telecom menu, that too at discounted rates!

What Do You Get in a Spectrum Double Play?

If you want the best of both worlds, Spectrum Double Play is where you’ll find that! You get Spectrum’s blazing-fast internet along with superior quality cable TV service, which are bound to transform your experience of online connectivity and TV entertainment.

With the fastest starting speeds, Spectrum offers 100 Mbps connectivity to begin with. That means you can now surf, stream and game to your heart’s content. And you can rest assured - you won’t experience any data limitations or speed throttling. Perks that come along include an internet modem that comes to you free of cost as well as a security suite that keeps you and your young ones safe from cyber hazards without an extra cent spent. Isn’t that great?

As for the TV, Spectrum TV offers a plethora of channels up to 200 , where you get to watch your favorite shows in pure HD without spending extra. Furthermore, you have the option to avail yourself of a DVR service that comes with a variety of storage space, a vast choice of On Demand titles, premium channels, sports packages, international programming so on and so forth.

What Do You Get in a Spectrum Triple Play?

Spectrum Triple Play wraps up cable TV, internet , and home phone into a single bundle at ‘bundled prices’ that are indeed so low you won’t have to break the bank. Along with the internet and TV we discussed above, Spectrum Voice is another service you wouldn’t like to miss. When bundled, Spectrum Voice lets you make unlimited local and long-distance phone calls to your loved ones in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and more, without you having to worry about hidden charges or an excessive bill. With 28 digital calling features and HD quality sound, Spectrum Voice has all it would take to replace the cellphone in your hand without you even realizing it.

Spectrum Bundles Available in Austin, Texas

For our lovely Austinites, Spectrum has a few offers that you can’t afford to miss! That’s right! Besides availing yourself of Spectrum Sales Support in Austin, TX to find more about what the telecom giant has to offer the city, Austinites can surely take their pick from some of the most-loved bundles we have listed below and just call in to order!

Spectrum Triple Play Select priced at $99.97/mo. for 12 months when bundled

What you get

Spectrum Internet and TV priced at $109.98/mo. for 12 months when bundled

What you get

Spectrum Internet and phone priced at $69.98/mo. for 12 months when bundled

What you get

So When Are You Getting One?

With a dizzying array of offers that Spectrum in Austin, TX has for the city folks, we can safely assume there was no way Spectrum would have stayed limited with its offers for the lovely Austinites. Therefore to keep the entertainment hungry folks of Austin happy, Spectrum offers cable TV, internet and home phone services that enable subscribers to get as much they want at a cost that does not make their budget take a hit.

Spectrum deals in Austin, TX are sure-shot money savers! It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to go for a Triple Play or a Double, one thing is for sure. You are going to experience amazing internet speeds, crystal-clear phone calls, and most importantly, your favorite TV in the finest quality HD. If you’re an existing Spectrum customer then be sure to check in with Spectrum sales desk in Austin, TX so that your experience can be enhanced further and rendered over 100% hassle-free and convenient. And, if you’re planning to switch from your old provider to Spectrum, let us tell you that you’re on your way towards making one of the best decisions in your life. Charter Spectrum™ in Austin TX awaits you with a contract buyout offer up to $500!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Spectrum bundles available in Austin TX?

Spectrum offers double and triple Play packages that save you a lot of bucks! Get access to unlimited TV entertainment and seamless connectivity with Spectrum bundles!

What Do You Get in a Spectrum Triple Play?

Spectrum Triple Play wraps up cable TV, internet, and home phone into a single bundle. Get fast internet speeds starting from 100 mbps along with 200 HD channels and unlimited local and international calls!