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Living in Miami, Florida? Or relocating there soon? You wouldn't be here on this blog for any other reason. You need all the guidance you can get with finding reliable internet service in Miami, Florida. Plus, BuyTVInternetPhone makes it super easy to find fast connections in your neighborhood – take this blog for example!

Also known as Magic City, Miami is praised for its pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife, and tropical weather. There are parts of the city that are home to diverse cultures and tourist attractions, inviting both locals and visitors to experience different ways of life. Getting lost in the city is easy but this is where the best internet service providers can help locals, businesses, and visitors in getting around the city and staying in touch.

Plus, it makes sense that, to live and survive in the digital age, you desire the best connection and the best online experience possible within your reach. Choosing an ISP can be challenging, but identifying your online needs and knowing where to search will definitely help! Give this article a good read before going online and searching for the best internet service in Miami, FL!

Guide to the Top Internet Service Providers in Miami, FL

You will discover around 8 internet service providers in Miami, FL, that boast substantial coverage. However, Miami residents favor HughesNet, AT&T, and Xfinity the most. We'll also go in-depth on the service, plans, and benefits that these favorite ISPs offer their customers. Let’s begin, shall we?

AT&T: Reliable Connectivity at Reasonable Prices

AT&T is one of the most valued internet providers in the US, offering residential internet access in 21 states and more. AT&T Internet is your best bet if you want to enjoy the best speed at the best price in Miami. With its IPBB network, AT&T reaches the majority of the city. For homes with serious streamers, wired workaholics, and avid gamers, AT&T also provides 100% pure fiber-optic internet. Miami is one of the deserving cities where AT&T's footprint extends up to 93.5% of the area, so you’re in luck!

AT&T Internet Plans

AT&T Internet sets a data cap of 1 TB on its IPBB-based plans if the speeds are on the lower end of the  768 Kbps-100 Mbps range. On the plus side, you get unlimited data if you manage to snag the AT&T Internet 100 and any of the AT&T Fiber plans. The only drawback is the limited availability of AT&T Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) connection. Therefore, only lucky Miami residents may benefit from AT&T's top speeds, which can hit as high up to as 5,000 Mbps, and that too symmetrically.

We have included the most popular AT&T Internet plans in the table below to make things easier for you:

AT&T Plans Download Speed Data Allowance Price*
AT&T Internet 768 Kbps to 100 Mbps Unlimited $55/mo.
for 12 mos. plus taxes
AT&T Fiber 300 300 Mbps Unlimited $55/mo.
plus taxes
AT&T Fiber 500 500 Mbps Unlimited $65/mo.
plus taxes
AT&T Fiber 1 GIG 1 Gbps Unlimited $80/mo.
plus taxes

*Autopay & Paperless Bill req’d.

Get in touch with AT&T customer service at 1-855-925-2541 to find out if AT&T plans are offered at your address.

Xfinity: Top-Rated in Customer Satisfaction

Xfinity powers almost all of Miami i.e. 95.5% with high-speed internet and also provides a wide choice of plans to meet the demands of all kinds of internet users. You have the option to go for a 12-month or 24-month contract with the provider to benefit from discounted internet plans.

Using Xfinity in Miami, you can stream without buffering, play multiplayer online games without lagging, and download gigabit-level heavy files instantly. Furthermore, you are granted access to more than 8 million Wi-Fi hotspots countrywide for free, helping you save mobile data and connect to safe, fast internet on the go! But there’s a catch – a monthly data cap of 1.2 TB is set on its internet plans. However, it’s more than enough for typical household usage.

Xfinity Internet Plans

The fact that Xfinity offers multiple speed tiers to pick from is arguably its strongest feature. Therefore, you don't need to settle for a speed that is either too sluggish or too speedy for your digital needs.

Check out the top Xfinity internet plans in Miami right here in the table down below, and pick the speed that best satisfies your digital needs within your reach.


Xfinity Internet Plan Data Allowance Download Speed Price*
Connect 1.2 TB 50 Mbps $30.00/mo.*
for 12 months with 1-year Term Agreement. Taxes & Equipment not included.
Connect More 1.2 TB 100 Mbps $40.00/mo.*
for 12 months with 1-year Term Agreement. Taxes & Equipment not included.
Fast 1.2 TB 100 Mbps $40.00/mo.*
for 12 months with 1-year Term Agreement. Taxes & Equipment not included.
Superfast 1.2 TB 600 Mbps $65.00/mo.*
for the first 24 months with No Term Agreement. Taxes not included.
Ultrafast 1.2 TB 900 Mbps $70.00/mo.*
for the first 24 months with No Term Agreement. Taxes not included.
Gigabit Extra 1.2 TB 1200 Mbps $80.00/mo.*
for the first 24 months with No Term Agreement. Taxes not included.

* Automatic payments and paperless billing required.

Do remember that not all Xfinity internet plans might be available in your area. Therefore, call Xfinity customer service at 1-844-207-8721 and find the help you need regarding available Xfinity internet plans at your address.

HughesNet: Incredible Satellite Speeds with Excellent Perks

The reason HughesNet is on our list of the top internet service providers in Miami is that it is the best and one of the few satellite internet providers in the United States. Even though satellite internet might not be everyone's first option, HughesNet internet services generously meet basic internet needs by connecting several devices and taking care of the digital needs of households of all sizes.

Satellite internet will be your only choice if you are located in a rural area and prefer a more stable and reliable connection, or if other types of connections are not available at your address. One feature of HughesNet that deems it a frontrunner for Miami residents lacking access to internet options is HughesNet Gen5. The cutting-edge Hughes JUPITERTM system has further improved the internet experience and service.

HughesNet Internet Plans

The only difference between all HughesNet internet plans lies in the data limitations. All plans deliver the same speeds. You will therefore receive the same upload and download speeds regardless of the plan you choose. You must decide on the appropriate data limit that is suitable for your internet usage precisely for this reason.

Capped internet plans can be a bummer, but HughesNet makes sure you're comfortable by imposing no hard data limits on its plans. After you reach your monthly data limit, your connection will continue to work but at a slower pace. You also receive an extra 50 GB of data to use from 2 am to 8 am, also known as HughesNet Bonus Zone. For this reason, you can plan all of your data-consuming online tasks to be finished during this window to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience.

HughesNet Internet Plans Download & Upload Speeds Price*
15 GB 25/3 Mbps $44.99/mo.*
30 GB 25/3 Mbps $54.99/mo.*
45 GB 25/3 Mbps $89.99/mo.*
75 GB 25/3 Mbps $139.99/mo.*

*Limited time offer. In select markets. Requires a 24-month commitment. Save $20/month for 6 months.

Call HughesNet customer service at 1-855-349-9309 to find out what plans are available in your neighborhood in Miami, Florida.

Are You Ready to Pick?

In today's world, connectivity is essential. Thousands of Americans in Magic City now have access to opportunities because of fast and reliable internet. This was our take on the top internet service provider in Miami, Florida. 

You can make your pick from the few good and tempting choices in Magic City. Find value-added internet deals from the best ISPs whether you prefer a cable, satellite, or even fiber connection. You can even choose from a variety of internet speed and price options.

With this information, you can move forward and pick the perfect internet service for yourself. In case of any concerns or questions, feel free to contact our team of trained professionals at 1-855-349-9328, who will be happy to guide you about the plans and providers available in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which Is the Best Internet Provider in Miami, FL?

AT&T and Xfinity are the best options you can find in Miami, FL. AT&T delivers symmetrical speeds with its no-contract and uncapped fiber internet plans, while Xfinity cable internet plans offer reliable speeds as well. You can find out more by calling 1-855-349-9328.

Is Internet Per Month Expensive in Miami?

The cost of the internet service depends on the provider and plan you pick. The price of the plans falls between $30 to $140 per month. Xfinity and AT&T are reliable internet providers in Miami, delivering gigabit speeds for around $80 per month.

Is Spectrum Internet Service Available in Miami, FL?

No, Spectrum currently does not offer internet services in Miami, Florida.