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Looking for stellar yet cheap cable TV options for your home?

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Plan Xfinity EXTRA Spectrum Select RCN Basic TV Suddenlink Core TV and Internet 200 Optimum Core TV and Internet 300
Channel Count 140+ Channels 125+ Channels 55+ Channels 225+ Channels 220+ Channels
What to Expect? Best for Casual TV Watching Families More HD, More On Demand, and More Devices Ideal for Those Who Stick to Essentials Keeps Everyone in the Family Happy A Perfect Blend of Local and Popular Cable Networks!
(for 12 months)
(with $10 discount for Autopay and Paperless Billing)
$44.99/mo. $25/mo.
(Or less when bundled with RCN Internet)
$55/mo. $70/mo.

Well, the price of cable TV has been escalating for quite some time now. Although there are some cheaper alternatives out there, they don’t always provide the type of content you want under one roof.

And in most cases, you can also not access the service without having an internet subscription. So, dropping cable TV is not always an option for everyone.

But in the prevalent circumstance with surging prices and economy in flux saving even minimal amounts of money here and there often makes a huge difference in the long term. Even if this means saving only a few bucks on your monthly cable TV bills.

“The Cheapest Cable TV Providers Near Me!”

If you are tired of your web browser showing only big-budget offers every time you search for “cheap TV providers in my area”, lighten up it will all turn out all right as we reveal some of the cheapest cable TV offers that may be available at your address.

So, let’s find out!

Xfinity from Comcast

Economical Pricing & Satisfying Service!

There are no two ways about it — Xfinity cable TV is a great deal!

The provider offers a decent channel selection in its 3 TV tiers: the Limited Basic/Choice TV Select, Extra/Digital Starter, and Preferred Plus/Digital Preferred. Both Extra and Preferred Plus bring you great value for your money with an impressive channel to cost ratio. And, each includes broadcast TV favorites like CW, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, and FOX—and popular cable networks on top.

Channel Lineup

Xfinity cable TV channel lineup is wholesome to say the least. No matter which plan you opt for, you will get an impressive treasury of channels, comprising of programming that is bound to tickle the entertainment taste buds of everyone in your family. There are amusing channels for kids, sports networks to fulfill the needs of the multiplicity of sports aficionados in the U.S., and TV networks well known for captivating reality shows & gossip.

The Cheapest Xfinity TV Plan

One of the cheapest TV plans out there is Xfinity EXTRA. It gives you 140 channels, and includes a number of popular cable TV networks on top of broadcast TV favorites. Not many competitors offer such an extensive lineup with their starting cable TV plans when you sign up for EXTRA at promo price with one year agreement, you can rest assured you are getting a bargain deal packed with value.

Xfinity Cable TV Package Max No. of Channels Promotional Price Popular Cable Networks
Extra/Digital Starter 140+ channels $49.99/mo.
for 12 mo. with 1-yr. agreement. Includes $10 discount for AutoPay and Paperless Billing for 12 months.
Disney Channel, HGTV, ESPN, Fox Sports 1 & 2, Food Network, FX, Freeform, Investigation Discovery, MTV, Nickelodeon, Lifetime Movies, OWN, truTV, Telemundo, TBS, TNT, The Travel Channel, Universal Kids & more!

To check availability and to subscribe Order Online.

Why Xfinity TV?

Irresistible Perks

The biggest perk you get with Xfinity TV is its innovative X1 which brings all your entertainment options in one place live TV, streaming apps, On Demand, DVR recordings and more. Search and discover new favorites with the award-winning Xfinity Voice Remote across all entertainment avenues available to you. There is an on-screen TV guide as well, get recommendations on what you may love to watch, and do much more to run your in-home cinema. The X1 DVR lets you record six shows at a time with decent storage on the hard drive , so there are no recording conflicts. Implement built-in Parental Controls, and make for a safe viewing experience for your kids. To top it all there is the Xfinity Stream app which lets you take your TV anywhere with you.

The biggest perk you get with Xfinity TV is its innovative X1 which brings all your entertainment options in one place live TV, streaming apps, On Demand, DVR recordings and more. Search and discover new favorites with the award-winning Xfinity Voice Remote across all entertainment avenues available to you. There is an on-screen TV guide as well, get recommendations on what you may love to watch, and do much more to run your in-home cinema. The X1 DVR lets you record six shows at a time with decent storage on the hard drive , so there are no recording conflicts. Implement built-in Parental Controls, and make for a safe viewing experience for your kids. To top it all there is the Xfinity Stream app which lets you take your TV anywhere with you.

You can enjoy a complete cable TV package, and watch live content, On Demand TV shows and movies, the X1 way quite without breaking the bank!

Xfinity gives customers an option unlike most cable TV providers you can opt for a plan with or without a term agreement. You can easily go with the one you find the most feasible. The term agreement is as long as 1 year. But, by signing a 12-month term agreement, you can save some extra dollars on your monthly cable TV bill—relative to the no-contract Xfinity service.

While the Xfinity no-contract version of the plan can save you from an Early Termination Fee down the road—in case you are not sure about long-term commitment for any reason it does swell your monthly bill significantly from $49.99/mo. to $70.99/mo.!

So, if cheap is what you want, get the best of both worlds the Xfinity X1 experience at the discounted promo price for one full year!

The promo price with 1-year agreement for the Xfinity TV service plans includes a $10 discount for AutoPay and paperless billing. So, when you sign up for the cheap cable TV option with EXTRA, you can ensure convenient payment of your monthly bill without ever forgetting to make a timely payment! This way an extra saving of $10 becomes an added bonus which you get with the Xfinity subscription.

Charter Spectrum™

Solid Channel Lineup at a Fantastic Price

There are no two ways about it — Spectrum cable TV is a great deal!

Spectrum cable TV service is pretty go-big or go-home everything about its excellent service will appeal to the nomad. Whether you want news channels to keep abreast of the latest happenings or sports channels for sports-watching parties at your home, you will definitely find what you are looking for with Spectrum.

Channel Lineup

Spectrum TV won’t break your bank, and you will get a generous channel lineup whether you keep it to TV Select or customize it with affordable add-ons. . All you have to do is decide based on the channels most important to you. And, chances are you will discover all your favorites with Spectrum. A big plus is that HD programming comes free unlike most competitors—and Spectrum also offers more HD content than others.

The Cheapest Spectrum TV Plan

If you’d like a diverse collection of popular TV channels at an economical price point, get the Spectrum TV Select package. It gives you access to 125 channels. Of course, the plan does not include premium channels, but it showcases all broadcast TV favorites and a big number of America’s most-watched networks that are sure to keep you entertained.

Spectrum Cable TV Package Max No. of Channels Promotional Price Popular Channels
Spectrum TV Select 125+ $44.99/mo.
for 12 mos.
Local networks i.e., ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and popular cable networks like ESPN, Discovery, CNN, TV Land, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Lifetime, TLC, HGTV, and Food Network

To check availability of cheap cable TV options from Spectrum in your area, contact Spectrum Sales Support at 1-855-423-0918.

Why Spectrum TV?

Appealing Perks & Features

The Spectrum TV service does not only boast a wholesome channel lineup, it puts some appealing perks at your disposal too. Your Spectrum Select subscription gets you access to On Demand choices from networks you’ve subscribed to and not only you can watch live and on demand content on your TV, but on any compatible device of your choosing via the Spectrum TV app or online via Together with Spectrum DVR built-into the set-top box and the Spectrum TV app, you are likely to never miss your favorites airing on any of the 125 networks included in your Spectrum channel lineup.

While some cable TV providers may offer a no-contract service, they often fail to provide an introductory discount to new subscribers. Spectrum, on the other hand, offers a commitment-free service which comes with the appealing promotional pricing. No contract means you can cancel the service any time, without incurring an Early Termination Fee. Interestingly, Spectrum also offers a contract buyout offer up to $500 to help you pay off the ETF your current provider may charge you with when you make the switch.

Additionally, the service comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you quit within 30-days of service activation, you are eligible for a refund.

With availability in 40 states, there is a high probability you can choose Spectrum cable TV service where you live. Spectrum’s coaxial network spreads around hundreds of U.S. cities and towns covering urban centers and the suburbs making it a conveniently accessible top choice for millions.

Fair Pricing, No-Frills Service, and Great Quality

If you are looking for affordable yet outstanding cable TV service in any of its 17 service states, Suddenlink is definitely your best bet. With an impressive lot of variety, Suddenlink cable TV packages are exciting, to say the least. Each comes with local networks and popular channels from multiple genres. And with Suddenlink TV listings, you could find a channel to fit your every mood.

Channel Lineup

The Suddenlink cable TV channel lineup is all-embracing and its BIG. Each package is designed to fit the variety of consumer preferences and offers a range of popular local broadcast and pay-tv networks from multiple genres. From Core to Value, and Select to Premier, Suddenlink TV packages come loaded with choice!

For those looking for in-home TV entertainment options that do not cost you an arm and a leg, Suddenlink cable TV would be it. While you can opt for a standalone TV plan, if the point is to save on your monthly bill, you must bundle TV with Suddenlink Internetafter all there is no home in this age and time which does not need a high-speed internet connection. And for the price you pay, Suddenlink TV and Internet double play gets you more than a worthwhile experience of relaxation and connectivity at cheap rates.

The Suddenlink Core TV and Internet 200 plan is one of the cheapest double plays in the market. It puts at your disposal 220 channels and up to 200 Mbps fast download speeds—all for $55/mo. for 12 months.

Suddenlink TV Package What You Get Promotional Price Popular Channels
Suddenlink Core TV and Internet 200
  • 225+ channels with 70+ HD
  • Up to 200 Mbps download speeds
  • 350 GB data allowance
(for 12 months)
Local broadcast TV and Popular networks including, Fox News, FOX Business, ESPN, Disney Channel, Hallmark Channel, TNT, MTV, HGTV, CNN, Nick, insp, and IFC

Now, if you are thinking “is this cheap TV provider in my area?”, call Suddenlink Customer Service at 1-844-520-8978 to determine offer availability at your address.

Attractive Features

The channel lineup offered by Suddenlink cable TV is definitely one of the key features that makes the service so value-packed, but there is more, HD channels available to you are totally FREE. And you get the option to watch TV anywhere, anytime! Use the Altice One app to sign in with your Suddenlink credentials, and catch up on your favorite shows on-the-go you can also watch online.

With TV & Internet double play from Suddenlink, you get the chance to enhance your experience in a practical and affordable way. The Altice One device helps reduce the clutter of internet and TV equipment by replacing the modem, router and set-top box with one sleek device and introduces you to a whole new way of watching TV integrated, convenient and flexible!

Suddenlink packages come without a contract once the promo term is over, you pay on a month-to-month basis and can cancel the service anytime.

Suddenlink also offers to buy-out your contract so if you switch to Suddenlink TV and Internet for instance, you can get up to $500 to cover any financial penalties you might have incurred by cancelling the service with your previous service provider.

Free or discounted installation is another perk you can get with promotional offers from Suddenlink from time to time which helps you save considerably on the upfront cost.

Suddenlink encourages customers to sign up for AutoPay and Paperless Billing and earn a $5 monthly discount on the total bill. This makes it super convenient to pay your monthly bill, while you get to earn some extra savings.


Freedom & Flexibility without Breaking the Bank

RCN has some of the best cable TV packages on offer— and if you are looking for a cheap one the provider won’t disappoint you. Subscribing to RCN TV gives you a digital Cable TV service which comes complete with advanced equipment geared to transform the traditional experience of Cable into one that is contemporary, convenient and flexible.

Moreover, the fact RCN operates in and around six major cities—Boston, Chicago, DC Metro, Lehigh Valley, New York, and Philadelphia—allows the provider to shape the service with a more consumer specific approach so chances are you’ll find a befitting plan for your home with relative ease if you are located in the RCN service region.

Channel Lineup

RCN has a knack to know what its customers really want and this is best reflected in the RCN channel lineup. With the perfect balance of drama & movies, lifestyle, sports, news & information, family & kids, and music channels, entertainment is guaranteed.

The RCN lineup may vary in the number of channels it includes in various service regions, but largely speaking the Digital Basic TV comes with over 55, while RCN Signature TV includes 280 . Both RCN TV plans give you broadcast TV favorites, and popular cable networks to ensure subscribers are covered at all fronts.

The Cheapest RCN TV Plan

RCN offers one of the cheapest cable TV and internet bundle deals in the market. While the RCN Digital Basic TV lineup is a modest one, it does include all broadcast networks America loves to watch ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, PBS, and FOX as well as a number of Music Choice™ Channels. And, when you pair it with high-speed RCN Internet, you are able to squeeze maximum value from your investment especially if you are able to grab a promo offer with a one-year free subscription to a premium channel of your choice from among STARZ®, TMC, and SHOWTIME®.

For those on a tight budget, this is a godsend giving you access to essential networks and high-speed internet at economical price points not to forget FREE HD programming.

RCN offerings and prices vary drastically by location. For this reason, make sure you are well-equipped with the necessary information regarding offer availability in your neighborhood. All you need to do is call RCN Customer Service at 1-844-343-1374 for professional advice and assistance. They will guide you about RCN services, channel lineups and may just help you make the most out of your RCN cable TV subscription.

RCN TV Package What You Get Sample Channels
Internet + Basic TV
  • Download speeds from 50 Mbps upwards depending on your location.
  • More than 55 channels with Free HD programming.
  • RCN On-Demand.
  • Limited-time premium network subscription.
CBS, HSN, NBC, CW, ABC, FOX, ION, QVC, Univision, Telemundo, MeTV, Get TV, Court TV, Heroes & Icons, ThisTV, Movies!, Laff TV, BET, Bounce, UniMas, and more.


Fascinating Features

Your RCN TV service gets you access to an interactive on-screen TV guide so you can run customized searches by title, actor, category etc., read through program descriptions, and browse ahead to see what is coming up. Plus, RCN On Demand gets you access to movies and full seasons of current TV shows, as well as entire past seasons. Use Parental Controls and lock specific program titles with specific ratings, or block individual channels using a passcode RCN TV service helps you manage how your children watch TV.

Additionally, the powerful in-home TiVo® experience combines traditional TV networks and streaming into one. Together with the voice remote, the sleek TiVo device makes searching and browsing content across available options, totally effortless. It is fully integrated with the Google Play storefront, and DVR capability.

The TV Everywhere app—RCN2Go—gives you the freedom to access digital entertainment on the go. The app is powered by TiVo and allows you to access a catalog of programs online if you have an RCN Digital TV subscription. With that said, the content available to you depends on the network’s programming rights and the plan you choose.

RCN offers its subscribers absolute freedom. The provider does not force you into any kind of contract meaning while the price you get is guaranteed for 12 months, you pay month-to-month, and you can cancel the service at anytime without a penalty.

While RCN charges a service installation fee which can add up to $80 in upfront cost, the great thing about the provider is you are highly likely to get a waiver via a FREE installation coupon as part of a promotional offer and very often!


Decent Pricing, Solid Channel Lineup, and Feature-Rich Plans

For the residents of Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania—Optimum cable TV is definitely worth a shot! The provider brings the finest in-home entertainment options for customers at prices that would never make your savings flinch. And to sweeten the deal, each Optimum cable TV package comes packed with attributes that are sure to take your run-of-the-mill televisual experience to a whole different level.

Channel Lineup

The variety of Optimum TV channels rejuvenating your TV puts the provider in a class of its own. The feature-rich digital TV service offers a perfect blend of local and popular cable TV channels from a variety of genres—including ABC, BET, Cartoon Network, CBS, CNN, ESPN, FOX, HGTV, and dozens more. The best part is you get quite a range of channel packages, so you don’t find yourself stuck between a basic and a high-tier plan alone.

The Cheapest Optimum TV Plan

Of course, you can sign up for a standalone Optimum Cable TV plan, but why settle for retail rate when you can pair your favorite Optimum channel lineup with an internet speed tier of your choice—and benefit from a promotional offer.

For anyone looking for low-cost options, one of the most cost-effective packages out there is Optimum Core TV and Internet 300 with offerings that undoubtedly get you the most value for money.

Optimum TV Package What You Get Promotional Price Popular Channels
Optimum Core TV and Internet 300
  • 220+ Channels with 65+ HD
  • Video on Demand
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Up to 300 Mbps download speeds
  • Unlimited Data
(for 12 months)
Local broadcast TV and Popular networks including ABC, CW, NBC, CW, CNN, FOX News, Disney Channel, ESPN, TNT, YES, Lifetime, Nick, FOX Business and more

Before you sign up for an Optimum TV package, we suggest you call Optimum Customer Service at 1-844-520-8978 to know what exactly you will be subscribing to and also to find out about the best Optimum Cable TV deals in your area!

Why Optimum TV?

Feature-Rich Plans

Perhaps the best part about Optimum cable TV subscription is you get free access to HD programming and also the chance to watch select TV shows, sports, and movies in 4K UHD. With Altice One each Optimum service feature spells ease and flexibility for your everyday TV watching regime—and brilliant picture quality whether you prefer HD or 4K UHD. Live TV, On Demand, DVR recordings, streaming apps you can switch from one entertainment avenue to another without the hassle of switching inputs. While the Bluetooth enabled voice remote only makes its more convenient for you to search titles and discover new favorites.

Additionally, you get to watch your favorite TV shows anytime and anywhere with the Altice One App. You just need to download the app on your Android or iOS phone to access your favorite TV content right from the palm of your hands. The Altice One App lets you catch on your favorite TV anywhere anytime—it is like having a personal TV assistant.

With that said, the perks & features you get with your Optimum TV subscription may vary depending on the package you select.

Optimum does not obligate you to sign an annual contract but if you cancel before the end of the promotional term, you may incur an Early Termination Fee. Optimum also makes a contract buyout offer to those who would like to switch to Optimum services you can get up to $500 towards any penalty you may incur upon cancelling the service with your previous service provider.

Optimum offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with its services meaning from the time of service activation you get 30 days to decide whether or not you are satisfied with the service. If for any reason you cancel the subscription within this time frame, you will get a refund on your monthly service charges.

Optimum also allows its customers to sign up for AutoPay and Paperless Billing which translates into a $5 discount on their monthly bill. It is your choice whether or not you wish to take this advantage things however do become more convenient with AutoPay and you are unlikely to encounter a late payment charge.

There You Are!

Without any doubt, cable TV is the best way to entertain and relax with your family especially with how service providers have endeavored to transform the way Cable has always been watched. But which affordable cable TV packages are available to you depends on your exact location. If you want to find more information about the cheapest cable TV providers delivering services on your address, enter your ZIP code here and take your pick from a list of available options.

Or call 1-855-349-9328 and have experts check out the low-cost cable TV options available at your address—they can also help you select a provider and plan that may be the ideal fit for your needs.


  1.  Who has the cheapest cable TV service?

Well, some of the most reliable cable TV providers offering the cheapest cable TV service in the U.S. with no compromise on quality are Xfinity, Spectrum, Suddenlink Communications, RCN, and Optimum.

  1.  Which TV bundle is the best deal?

One of the best TV bundles out there is the Suddenlink Core TV and Internet 200 plan. It gives you 225 channels with 70 HD channels and up to 200 Mbps download speed with a 350 GB monthly data allowance. This TV cum Internet bundle includes both local broadcast TV and popular networks—and is available for just $55/mo. for 12 months.

  1.  How can I get my cable bill lowered?

If you spend too much on cable, here are some quick and simple tips to help you lower your monthly bill—

  1.  How much is the cheapest cable package?

One of the cheapest TV plans out there is the Xfinity basic cable plan. It comes bundled with Xfinity Internet and gives you 10 channels and 100 Mbps download speeds for $44.99/month for 12 months (with 1-year agreement and $10 AutoPay and paperless billing discount). 

  1.  How much is a typical cable bill?

Around 82% of U.S. households with a Cable & Internet subscription spend approximately $116 every month or $1,392 every year.