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What Channel is Paramount Network on Spectrum?

Whether you are a TV buff who likes to watch primetime entertainment; a current affairs follower who cannot live a day without news updates; a sports aficionado for whom the adrenaline rush is like a lifeline; a family with kids that loves to spend time around TV every evening; or someone who relaxes with aesthetically pleasing living spaces shown in home improvement shows—Spectrum TV has everything that you need and much more to fuel your frequent binge-a-thons.

With its value-packed TV packages, Spectrum TV brings you a choice of up to 200 channels to fully satiate your thirst for juicy TV entertainment without breaking the bank. Paramount Network on Spectrum, for instance, is a popular entertainment network that offers a plethora of immersive stories, and lets all TV enthusiasts enjoy cinema-like feels without the need to get all decked up to go to the movie theater or pay for the ticket.

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Paramount Network – How it All Started!

Paramount Network is an American pay television owned by ViacomCBS that has been entertaining all TV fanatics to the max since 1983. At the time, Paramount Network was launched as The Nashville Network (TNN). And, yes. As you may have guessed, the network focused on featuring programming related to the southern region of the U.S.

In 1995, TNN was acquired by Westinghouse, which was then acquired by Viacom in 1999. Subsequent to its acquisition by Viacom, TNN phased out its existing programming for off-network TV series, movies, and sports entertainment to cater to a bigger chunk of audience. After a year, in September 2000, TNN was rechristened as The National Network, and became a go-to spot for general entertainment at least for the audiences in Middle America.

But, hold on. The rechristening spree didn’t end here. In 2003, TNN became Spike TV that focused on targeting the young male audience and came to include action-based programming in particular. This went on till 2010, when Spike TV expanded the radius of its target audience and decided to tap the reality-TV genre. Thus paving the way toward the last rebranding episode in 2018, which resulted in the current name i.e. Paramount Network – America’s new premium basic cable network, similar to competitors like AMC and FX.

What’s more, in the near future, Paramount Network is all set to bring the full experience of the big screen to your TV as the Paramount Movie Network. Yes, you guessed it right. The network is due to undergo another rebranding episode sometime next year, as indicated by ViacomCBS in September 2020. This upcoming relaunch is intended to focus on original TV films, and the plan is to premier over 50 films per year.

As of September 2018, Paramount Network was available to over 80 million pay-tv households across the U.S., via all leading TV service providers, including Spectrum™.

What Channel is Paramount Network on Spectrum?

If by any chance, you haven’t subscribed to Spectrum TV yet, now is your chance. Choose a plan and access the world of premium entertainment that takes you beyond all boundaries of story-telling. By subscribing to Paramount Network on Spectrum you will get to watch some of the most world-class series ever, with skyrocketing IMDb ratings that will surely make you forget ‘Netflix and chill.’

While the Paramount Network is included with all tiers of Spectrum TV. However, as current Spectrum subscribers would tell you, finding the right channel number to tune in can become a tedious task. Channel numbers on the Spectrum Channel Lineup tend to vary from one area to another. And, since Spectrum TV comes with an exhaustive channel listing, there is scope to become infuriated when you are trying to catch on a favorite Paramount Network show. No one enjoys having to flip through multiple channels with the remote control in one hand and a bowl of snacks in the other.

Luckily you have come to the right place today, because we are here to make this channel-hunt easier for you. Here’s where you can find Paramount Network on Spectrum TV in a jiffy depending on where you live.

Click here and find the channel number for Paramount Network on Spectrum by inputting your ZIP code. Alternatively, you can also check your on-screen program guide for the channel or speak into your Spectrum voice remote and have it pull it up for you.

What to Watch on Paramount Network on Spectrum?

Now that you have found your favorite channel on Spectrum TV, there is a plethora of content to catch up with. Paramount Network offers a gender-balanced programming lineup packed with original and acquired, scripted and non-scripted shows, targeted toward a broad spectrum audience. You can watch dramas, reality shows, theatrically released feature films and reruns of classic sitcoms such as Friends, Two and a Half Men and Mom—with just a few taps on your remote control.

To say the least, Paramount Network on Spectrum has a TV show from every genre that your mood wants you to watch. Plus the Paramount Network is also working new originals all the time, always ready to hit your TV screens and packed with drama and light comedy to make your entertainment evenings more exciting.

In a Nutshell

Paramount Network turns your TV lounge into a personal matinee theatre by letting you watch all this and much more. Spend a fun evening when you are all by yourself or with family. All you need to do is just grab some popcorns, turn-on your Spectrum TV and tune in to Paramount Network to enjoy a light-hearted TV marathon.

Apart from Paramount Network, Spectrum TV offers you a whole lot of fun-filled channels. And also add-ons that include premium entertainment and sports networks, as well as international programming.

For any further details regarding Spectrum TV packages, you can call Spectrum Sales Support at 1—855-423-0918 and get pro advice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to watch Paramount Network?

You can watch Paramount Network with Spectrum Cable TV. The American favorite comes included in the Spectrum TV Select Signature and the TV Select Plus channel lineup. If you are more of a streamer, you can directly choose to get a Paramount+ subscription with a fast internet plan and enjoy all programming just how you like it!

What is Paramount Network?

Paramount Network is an American television channel, owned by ViacomCBS. The network provides entertainment to a wide variety of audiences via its original, acquired, scripted, and non-scripted content.

What channel is Paramount Network?

The channel number for Paramount Network differs with each location and TV service provider. You can go to the channel finder at the Paramount Network website, enter your ZIP code and provider name, and find the channel number. If you are a Spectrum TV subscriber, we have compiled an exhaustive channel number list for Paramount Network in this blog, which you will find helpful.

Is Paramount Network on Spectrum TV?

Yes. Spectrum offers Paramount Network with all of its TV plans starting as low as $59.99/mo.

How do I get Paramount Network?

You can get the Paramount Network by subscribing to any Spectrum TV plan or bundle. Alternatively, you can choose to get Paramount+ which a streaming service with all Paramount programming and a whole lot more to enjoy!