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How anyone managed to live without Wi-Fi for years is beyond us. People have become so addicted to this technology that the second we face a technical glitch, we go into the panic mode. The thought of missing an important email, call or breaking news is sure to make us go ballistic. Just five minutes of lack of connectivity is enough to make the entire house go berserk. After using speeds as high as 2Gbps with Xfinity Internet

, getting zero connectivity really tries ones patience.

The mounting frustration is unparalleled and waiting for customer service to resolve the matter requires tons of patience that unfortunately not many have. Then again, the resolution of the matter is sometimes delayed due to our own inadequacies. So, here are some things you can do to troubleshoot your in-home Wi-Fi not working. Armed with this knowledge you will be better prepared to deal with the issue and before you know it, you will be surfing the net with ease once again.

Common issues you should checkout first

Sometimes its really just a loose wire or an off switch that suspends connectivity. And such things happen more often than we like to believe, so before you get to your ISPs customer service and call in a repairman that may cost you money, make sure you check the following things:

Troubleshooting connectivity issues of a device

Do you have a Gigabit plan from a reliable service like CenturyLink Internet? But not getting a solid Wi-Fi connection is the problem?

Before we dismantle the router to figure out what is wrong, it would be better to first check if there is an issue with your device. Lack of connectivity can come from software issues and glitches in the network adapter. If your device used to connect with ease, but doesnt anymore, you can bet that the reason. So, what do you do with Wi-Fi not working? Well, just follow these steps:

Remember, even if Wi-Fi is enabled, your device may refuse to connect to Wi-Fi if it is set to airplane mode. So make sure to check that not the case.

In the case of software issues, it is likely that a virus or malware has made home in your device and is blocking your Wi-Fi access. Just to be safe, scan your computer for any such troubles and remove it if found. Then restart your computer. It should connect.

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi network issues

If your device is working perfectly but it is your home Wi-Fi network which it cant use then its clear the problem lies in your network. Here is what you can do to get it up and running like before.

Most routers these days offer dual-band technology meaning they give you wireless connectivity over two channels: 2.4 GHz and 5GHz. Dual-band routers allow more range and better signal. They transmit a signal on both bands, thus providing a better performing Wi-Fi connection. Also, these routers are perfectly capable of switching bands automatically when necessary. So, it is likely sometimes the channel might change without your knowledge. This would result in your device requiring to use a specific channel. At times, these channels might appear on your phones and laptops as standalone networks. So, when you try connecting to a specific channel you might be unable to do so because it is not the connection your router now requires. Whatever the case, make sure you log into the routers web interface to find out exactly which channel is the router using. Once you find out, you can reset the channel. A channel change might also help you fix the overcrowding issue on a channel. The 5 Hz channel is less used so you might want to consider shifting to that.

Go to Settings, click on Network & Internet, and then on Status. There you will find the option Network Reset. Just click on that. For Mac users its a little different. Go to System Preferences Network pane where you will find TCP/IP settings. Press the button Renew DHCP lease and then select Wi-Fi. Youll be shown your Preferred Networks, click OK, and using Keychain Access Utility to find the stored network password. Remove it and restart your device.

If it says Not Connected, select connect. If it says Acquiring Network Address or Authenticating, just press Diagnose and your IP address issue will be fixed. If however, it still doesnt budge then you might have to debug your wireless network settings which is a case of advanced troubleshooting.

Resolving ISP issues

If you find everything at your end is in order, chances are your internet service provider is blocking your access to Wi-Fi. To start off, you might want to check if your bill is paid and that no illegal data was sent over your connection. Additionally, if your area is facing extreme weather conditions or effects of another disaster, the ISPs in the region might have had to suspend network services. Mediacom Internet offers a 99% reliable service, but it sure cant fight inclement weather now, can it? Worry not though as soon as it is safe your ISP is sure to restore the service.

So how do you know the problem is at the ISP end?

Well, you could call customer support and inquire whether local outages are affecting your neighborhood. You can also check your ISPs website for any such update. Cox Internet usually uploads such important information well in time. However, since thats not the case with all providers, you do well to give them a call. They can also let you know if you have unpaid bills, or if any data was transferred from your connection that was deemed illegal.

Usually calling ones ISP is the first thing many people do, but it should be kept as the last resort – one that you go for only after you have checked all other options. Keeping that in mind can save you from a lot of unnecessary stress.

If you are frustrated with slow speeds, it could be a case of internet throttling. Run a standard speed test followed by a VPN speed test at different times of the day while doing different activities, and check what speed you are getting. Then compare these speeds and you will know if your connection is being throttled. If you use a cable internet service, chances are youll experience extremely slow connection at peak hours. Then again, if your service has a data limit and you have exceeded that, youll experience slow speeds, because some ISPs use speed throttling in such situations until the next billing cycle kicks in. AT&T Internet employs speed throttling as a means to handle network congestion and to ensure everyone remains connected.

Whatever the case, once you know where the problem lies, you can work to resolve it.

It goes without saying weather conditions are out of mans control and youll just have to wait out if that is why you have no access to the internet. For everything else, there a way. If its late payments, you can talk to your provider about paying the bill, and if it is about illegal content, you can pay the penalty. However, if you were not responsible for transferring illegal data you must make sure to secure your in-home Wi-Fi network. A security breach can arise if the installation process is not done right which is why wed suggest you go for professional installation when its time. RCN Internet offers free installation with select plans and packages, so you are sure to get a good deal. Not to forget, a safe deal too!

If your internet service is being throttled let your provider know and register a complaint. You can call them and email them. You can also visit the retail store if thats what suits you. Spectrum Internet offers great customer service, so with them youll be able to get it all sorted soon. Just, keep the data you collected for Spectrum Wi-Fi speeds with you. Do remember to check your ISPs policies before approaching them to save yourself the hassle.

Final Words

We hope this information helps you solve any and all Wi-Fi troubles that may come your way. With this, you will know exactly where the problems lie, which in turn would enable you to find the solution quickly enough. So say goodbye to your frustrations! Wi-Fi not working is now thing of the past!