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Clevelanders are a jolly lot. It’s the city where Rock n Roll music took form – and it’s the figurative home to Son of Krypton, Superman. So quite a no brainer to already know that entertainment is king, and largely speaking, prevails the lifestyle of Ohioans in the city.

Cleveland certainly offers ample entertainment options to denizens who can look forward to impressive myriad that sustains their love for the outdoors. At the same time, Charter Spectrum™ enters the big picture, with its content-rich cable TV service, and saves the day for Clevelanders inclined towards staying entertained in the comfort of their homes.


Cable TV Service from Spectrum

Why is cable TV service from Spectrum renowned? With all the talk about cutting the cord and going wireless, why does Spectrum TV still hold great value? The reason is fairly simple. Spectrum’s TV packages are considered the best choice nationwide given the value of the service that reaches the subscribers. Available to 102 million U.S. citizens in 40 states, the no-contract, feature-rich Spectrum TV service is still as enticing as ever. Because, even amidst the fast-spreading streaming fever, Spectrum manages to place affordable quality entertainment at your disposal, along with innovative ways of expanding your televisual horizon.

The standard TV package i.e. TV SELECT maybe the prime selection of most Spectrum subscribers given its affordable price tag, and what it puts on the plate for only $44.99/month, but Spectrum’s TV offerings don’t end there. If you are a TV enthusiast, and video content is your chill-time partner, then you cannot possibly leave out premium channels that bring numerous glorious titles to your screen. If you are a sports aficionado, again you would hate to not have access to your sports favorites. If you are a family with kids you would surely want to have access to a variety of family entertainment options too. And if you happen to have made America your home away from home, you would want to have access to entertainment in your mother tongue. So how do you hit multiple birds with one stone?

For more details Visit Spectrum Silver Package

Well, through TV SILVER and GOLD from Spectrum cable service in Cleveland!

Spectrum TV SILVER

Package Details

$69.99/mo. for 12 months

Spectrum TV GOLD

Package Details

$89.99/mo. for 12 months



Get a Flavor of the Spectrum TV Silver and Gold Channel Lineups!

TV Silver brings you the likes of:



And TV Gold offers you big-shot networks such as:



*Visit Spectrum in Cleveland OH to find the full lineup for C-Town.

Spectrum TV SILVER and GOLD When Bundled Up

Both TV packages i.e. Silver and Gold, are available in duos, but the ones that catch the eye in terms of value, are Spectrum’s Triple Play Silver and Gold bundles.

Not many internet providers tend to offer bundles that hold such great potential in terms of service value and result in substantial savings, but Spectrum doesn’t disappoint you. Spectrum’s no-contract policy, the generous offer by the provider to buy-out your contract for up to $500,  availability of uncapped high-speed internet, a myriad of opportunities for you to devour TV content, and a home phone that comes with unlimited calling options - all together make Spectrum Bundles grab the attention of every potential subscriber. Especially so because you save significantly on services when you bundle them up – an area where Spectrum stands out. You don’t even have to go through the hassle of mixing and matching to customize a bundle for yourself. Spectrum has already done it for you. All you need is to make up your mind and choose a befitting bundle that serves you well.

So what is so alluring about Spectrum’s bundles? Ready to dive into the world of triple plays? Here it goes!


Spectrum Triple Play Silver

$124.97/mo. for 12 months when bundled

    Spectrum Triple Play Gold

    $144.97/mo. for 12 months when bundled

      Contact Spectrum Customer Service to subscribe to the Spectrum Triple Play of your choosing, or call 1-855-423-0918.

      To conclude

      Whether standalone or bundled into a trio, Spectrum’s service quality never falters. But if you are looking for an affordable option that doesn’t go about breaking your bank every month, choosing a bundle is the wisest. Once you choose the TV service and package of your liking, you don’t ever have to worry about switching from one channel to another and still not finding what you want to watch. Spectrum’s comprehensive channel lineup that includes news channels, family and sports entertainment, premium favorites and an abundance of On Demand titles won’t ever let you feel bored to the core!  


What is the price difference between Spectrum TV Select and Spectrum TV Silver?

Spectrum TV Select if for $44.99/month, whereas Spectrum TV Select is $69.99/month, both with a 1-Year term agreement.

Can I pick your own channels with Spectrum?

Spectrum has a Channel lineup for all its TV plans, but you can add on additional channels at a specific cost per month.

Is the Spectrum TV Gold package worth it?

Even though the Spectrum TV Gold package is on the more expensive side, you get a lot more channels, so if you’re a TV lover with a large family, it’s worthwhile.

How many channels are in the spectrum Silver package?

You can access 175 channels, including HBO and Showtime.