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According to a recent survey, at least 24% of U.S. homes have at least one home security service – complete with video surveillance and more. It is no surprise that the rate of burglaries and property crimes is at an all-time low as the popularity of home security services continues to rise. In this article, we compare two well-known home security systems in the U.S., ADT, and Ring – in hopes of finding the next best solution for your home. So let us begin!

ADT Vs Ring – A Head-to-Head Comparison of Services

ADT is one of the longest-standing security services within the U.S. with over 145+ years of experience.  Ring is a more modern security service, with a contemporary approach and easy setup. Even so, both of these services are dedicated to protecting your home from external and internal threats.  Let us take a look at what you can expect with both at a glance!

ADT has a good number of monitoring stations spread across the U.S. ADT security not only offers a range of professionally installed plans but has recently also added a selection of DIY home security plans. This is perfect for people who like a hassle-free approach to things and do it on their own. You can purchase all the ADT equipment and system at once but a reasonably priced monthly lease is also available at no interest. If you go for professional monitoring with ADT you can expect to be tied up with contracts but a wonderful 6-month money-back guarantee makes things a lot easier.

With Ring Alarm System, things are a little more laid back and simpler. While the system is almost always DIY, you can get it professionally set up if the need for it arises. For DIY lovers, a range of products is available from outdoor and indoor cameras, to doorbell cameras, alarms, and more to build your own system. Financing is also available and you can choose if you want professional monitoring or self-monitoring. With the latter, however, you do not get 24/7 pro monitoring so it is far from ideal. There are no contracts to consider with Ring, so that is a big advantage.

Let us take a quick look at some of the main comparisons between ADT and Ring Alarm systems before we get into the details.

ADT Home Security Ring Alarm System


Professional, DIY

Mainly DIY




Money-Back Guarantee

6 months

30 days

Smart Home Integration



Pro Monitoring Plans

Around $60/mo.

Up to $20/mo.

ADT Vs Ring – Security System and Equipment Costs

With the ADT camera system, you get to choose from a range of security equipment and products. Although ADT itself manufactures most of its security equipment, you can also get several other products with the system that would work just as well; for instance, the Google Nest cameras.

Depending on the size of your home and needs take your pick from three separate ADT equipment plans ranging from $599 to $1158 if you pay upfront. For people who can’t pay such a big sum all at once, ADT offers different financing plans at 0% APR with contracts for qualifying customers. This breaks down the ADT equipment cost to low as $9.98 per month with a 60-month contract.

For a comprehensive look, here are all the ADT security plans. For more information on ADT equipment costs and plans, read this detailed blog post.

ADT  Security System Number of components Total Price

Secure Home

5, 7, or 10 pieces
(pick any one)

Starting at $599 upfront

Smart Home

7, 9, or 12 pieces
(pick any one)

Starting at $849 upfront

Video & Smart Home

9, 11, or 15 pieces
(pick any one)

Starting at $1158 upfront

*Financing available at 0% down and 0% APR for 60 months. Data are accurate as of publish date. For the latest plans and pricing, call 844-343-1168

For those interested in the ADT self-install plans the equipment cost can vary between $175.48 and $492.97. It is completely DIY; it’s best for people who enjoy doing stuff on their own and are techy enough to handle it. It is completely free without installation costs and is shipped to you for free.

Ring Alarm, on the other hand, comes with a set of different equipment plans as well. You can choose a base plan and then customize it by adding any more things that you want. Some of their most popular plans include:

Ring Equipment Plan Number of components Total Price

Alarm Security Kit
2nd Generation

10 pieces

$309.94 upfront*

Alarm Pro Security Kit
with built-in Eero Wi-Fi-6 Router

8 pieces

$299.99 upfront*

Alarm Pro Security Kit
with built-in Eero Wi-Fi-6 Router

14 pieces

$379.99 upfront*

3, 6, and 12-month financing available with Affirm.

ADT Security Vs Ring – Home Monitoring and Plans

ADT has been long known for the top quality of monitoring services it offers. You get not just 24/7 security coverage by professionals but you can also choose to self-monitor if you want. All video streams are available on the ADT app, as well as alarm systems and full control of your home.  Plus, ADT offers a maximum of $500 in insurance coverage if your house is ever burgled while your system is armed. Here are all the monitoring plans that you can get with ADT home security include:

  • Secure Home: $45.99 per month with a 36-month agreement
  • Smart Home: $49.99 per month with a 36-month agreement
  • Video and Smart Home: $61.99 per month with a 36-month agreement
  • ADT Self-install monitoring: Between $24.99 and $34.99 per month.

You have to sign a contract to get professional monitoring with ADT which is about 3 years or 36 months. In California however, ADT offers a contract length of only 24 months.

As for the Ring alarm system, both self and pro-monitoring are available. Self-monitoring can be done even with one camera at one location and is priced at $3.99 per month. Professional monitoring, on the other hand, costs as low as $20 each month per location with Ring Protect Pro. This comes with video sharing and saving to local storage, around-the-clock pro monitoring, backup internet, and even Eero Secure to keep your network and information safe.

ADT Vs Ring – Installation Fee and Type

ADT camera system offers you the convenience of picking what you want – professional or self-install. With professional installation, you get someone who will set up the entire system for you. It comes with an installation fee of $150 and is only a one-time charge. However, those who wish to self-install the system can choose a DIY plan instead and have it shipped to their address for free. There is no fee for self-installation and it is quite straightforward as well.

Ring is particularly known as a DIY home security system and hence easy enough to do yourself. There is no fee for installing your Ring alarm system on your own. However, if you do need assistance or a trained professional to set it up for you, professional installation is available as well. The installation cost is usually quoted by the OnTech professional that comes to your home, but you can expect to pay $64.99 or higher for the setup.

ADT Security Vs Ring – Annual Contracts

There is a contract for an ADT professionally monitored plan, up to 3 years or 36 months in most locations. For self-setup plans with ADT security, however, you do not have to sign any long-term contracts – even if you opt for professional monitoring. When you buy the system once, you just have to pay the monitoring fee on a monthly basis and cancel it anytime. It is good for people constantly on the move who do not want to be caught up in messy contracts.

One of the best things about the Ring Alarm system is that it comes without long-term commitments. Whether you choose to go for a self or professionally monitored plan, Ring does not tie you down with any contracts. Just pay on a month-to-month basis and remain free. However, do remember that if you are on a financing plan for Ring equipment you may be asked to sign a minimum term contract.

ADT Vs Ring – Smart Home Automation

ADT is not just one of the first security services to offer smart home automation, but does so with a certain knack. ADT smart home integration is powered by the Z-Wave tech, which weaves a net of seamless connectivity. Get all the controls for the smart devices in your home via the ADT Command Center and use your app to view cameras and regulate whatever functions you want done. Of course, for this to work, you would need an ADT plan that can support it – Both Smart Home & Video and Smart Home qualify for smart home automation.

ADT works with all your favorite devices at home, bringing you control of your home at your fingertips. It also connects to a variety of different virtual assistants including Amazon Alexa, Echo, and Google Assistant, to orchestrate entire actions based on your voice command. Easily controlled through the app, you can use it to have your coffee ready before you get up in the morning or set music to greet you at the door after a long day of work.

With Ring, things are not very different – it too employs the use of the Z-Wave technology to work. While it does not have many of its own smart devices, Ring is an Amazon service, and offers smart home automation via a number of smart devices from Amazon and credible manufacturers. These include Yale and Schlage locks, Chamberlain garage door openers, Leviton smart plugs, Honeywell thermostats, and more. Plus, you do enjoy a level of hands-free experience since the system works with most virtual assistants. The experience is particularly good with the Amazon Echo which heeds to your voice commands, showing you the security cameras, activating smart plugs, and even locking your doors remotely.

ADT Security Vs Ring – Mobile Apps for Monitoring and Automation

As far as mobile apps are concerned, ADT has a lot to offer. The ADT Control app  works for professionally installed systems with pro monitoring and allows you to keep an eye on your ADT home security system, as well as regulate your smart devices.  For ADT self-setup or DIY systems, the ADT+ app is a more fitting app that provides you with all the home security you need and the home automation you crave to prepare your dream home. You can download both of these apps from the Google Play Store as well as the iOS App Store.

Ring, on the other hand, comes with just one app that controls everything – The Ring Always Home App. You can use it to monitor your home through the security cameras, get real-time alerts, and connect with all your devices to give you a wholesome experience.

ADT Home Security Vs Ring – What to Pick for Your Home?

Whether you choose to get ADT security or Ring, the choice is yours. Some of the most basic aspects of the two competitors are quite similar, but we do see a difference in the way they function and operate.

If you are looking for a DIY home setup with simple monitoring, a decent alarm system and no long-term commitments, Ring is the right pick for you. However, if you do want a service that does everything a little better – ADT is the one for you. With over 145 years of experience under its belt, you not only get professionally installed but also self-setup systems with ADT. Enjoy top-notch home automation with excellent equipment and control of your home remotely. And on top of all that, you also get a 6-month money-back guarantee with all plans which is definitely something very exciting.

Your final choice is just yours to make. Do a careful analysis of every possible angle and then decide on whatever fits your home best.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does ADT security come with contracts?

Professionally installed ADT plans are tied down with a contract, which is usually for 36 months. Except California where this contract is only for 24 months. However, self-setup or DIY plans with ADT have no long-term commitments once you purchase all the equipment and you only have to pay a monthly monitoring fee.

Get ADT professional monitoring without any contracts! Call 844-343-1168 today!

Is there an installation fee with ADT?

ADT professionally installed plans come with a technician setting up your entire system, hence there is an installation fee. It is about $150 but it is only a one-time charge. However, if you do not want to pay an installation fee, you can always get one of the ADT self-setup plans with free DIY setup. To learn more about ADT self-setup plans, reach out at ADT phone number: 844-343-1168.

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