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When it comes to choosing the right satellite internet provider, the choices might be limited, and the competition tough. But, wait a second, satellite internet? We know your mind is racing right now and the number of speculations it’s brewing is massive, but allow us to tell you something. Satellite internet may have had a difficult past, but things have changed now. This is 2020 and we have a satellite internet option that is on the case to give other competitors a tough run for their money.

Meet HughesNet – USA’s major satellite internet provider, with 60% share of the residential consumer base in the arena of satellite internet connectivity – while also providing services for governmental, military and business utility. In 2018, the provider came became the first satellite internet provider to have met the FCC’s criterion for broadband with the launch of high-throughput satellites, which made HughesNet’s Gen5 high-speed internet service a reality. 

HughesNet specializes in offering satellite-based internet service, and boasts cross border coverage. Not only the 50 states across the U.S., but Brazil, Columbia, Peru and Ecuador too, are encompassed by the provider.

In parts of the U.S. where access to a wired coaxial cable connection or fiber optic connectivity is not a probability, HughesNet comes forth like a knight in the shining armor – high-speed internet connectivity from the provider reaches the dwellers of rural America who otherwise find themselves stuck with slow-speed DSL options only.

HughesNet Brings You Satellite Internet Reimagined

First of all, what makes HughesNet a tough one to beat is the fact the provider has accumulated valuable experience spanning over years in the fields of satellite tech and provision of services that employ SmartTechnologies™.

Homes and businesses across America, and beyond, are connected to the World Wide Web via the EchoStar XIX satellite – one that is considered to be the world’s highest-capacity broadband satellite. And this service from HughesNet comes with revolutionary features too - such as shrinking of the web data and the pre-fetching of the building blocks of a web page - which allow you to save data and load a web page faster. HughesNet subscribers can also keep an eye on their data allowance and add more, with tools like Usage Meter and Data Tokens. Moreover, with the help of the download manager you can manage your consumption of data and schedule huge downloads to take place during the Bonus Zone (more on that later in the article).

HughesNet Gen5 thus ensures provision of high-speed internet connectivity as well as a service packed with techy features, regardless of where you maybe located,. Gone are the days when an internet connection with rapid-speeds was a struggle to find if you hailed from rural America or had a home in the suburbs. Now you can stay connected with ultra-fast internet even if you love to live in the middle of nowhere!

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HughesNet Gen5 Satellite Internet: What Sets it Apart?

Going for a typical DSL connection that widely utilizes existing copper phone lines to transmit data, is no less than a hassle given the lagging state of affairs that comes with this rather old-school internet tech. So, if you reside in a remote area where you do not have another wired option, HughesNet becomes a rather straightforward and logical choice – one that brings you on par with other types of high-speed internet connections and allows you to do all that online which requires decently high download/upload speeds.

In a rural or suburban setting, satellite internet, is in fact a blessing. The cross section of population residing in regions not yet fully urbanized find it no less than a sport to locate a trusted and reliable internet service provider - one that could present an alternative to the slow DSL speeds and limiting bandwidths, which make even a meager task like browsing a time consuming event. When you choose HughesNet Gen5 Internet, the biggest plus you get alongside its widespread availability, is the consistently high speeds that transform your experience of the internet.

HughesNet Gen5 undoubtedly takes the spotlight with its robust speeds – a consistent and uniform 25 Mbps downstream and 3 Mbps upstream across all data plans. And the best part is, unlike most providers, HughesNet, in fact delivers what it promises – the provider ranked the highest on FCC’s Measuring Broadband America Report for 3 years for having ensured provision of advertised download/upload speeds.    

On offer are four variations of internet plans from HughesNet – each brings you the same download/upload speeds however the data allowance varies with every plan thus letting you pick the one that fulfills your needs and fits your pocket the best. The four data tiers offer 10, 20, 30 & 50 GB per month allowance, more than adequate for most small to large regular household consumption.

Yes, you heard it right. HughesNet Internet comes with data caps but don’t worry, these are not hard caps by any means. Even after you have consumed your monthly allowance you will remain connected to the internet at about 1-3 Mbps. Plus, you can conveniently purchase Data Tokens to boost your monthly allowance.

With that said, we must also tell you the provider gives its subscribers an additional 50 GB of data every month with their plan – you can utilize this during the Bonus Zone i.e. between 2 AM and 8 AM. So use the download manager to schedule your downloads and updates, accordingly.

Wait, there’s more! HughesNet believes in a 100% satisfied customer experience, which is why with each internet connection, you are sure to get Built-in Wi-Fi – your satellite modem is a 2-in-1 with an advanced Wi-Fi router, which lets you connect multiple devices from anywhere in the house – your connection is secure and employs the latest tech capable of delivering high speeds and wall-to-wall coverage.      

What Makes HughesNet Voice Worth it?

You didn’t think HughesNet does satellite internet only, did you? Phew! Because things would’ve remained pretty bland if there was no voice service to keep you in touch with your loved ones, especially in times like these. HughesNet Voice is available in a bundle. Pair it with Gen5 Internet and you can save BIG every month!

HughesNet uses the latest Voice-over-Internet-Protocol technology that lets you enjoy a plethora of features, while you remain free of bill-related anxiety. This means, without going down the route of conventional (and not-so-inexpensive) landline options, you can enjoy essential digital calling features like Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail etc. and you also get to make unlimited nationwide calls in the U.S. and to Canada. International calling plans are available too, at highly affordable rates. On top of that, HughesNet provides Voice equipment totally free of cost – an investment worth $75 that the provider willingly makes in you!

One more thing, even though HughesNet VoIP is delivered over your satellite connection, you won’t have to worry about the phone eating up your internet data. In fact it does not even interfere with your internet connection. Subscribers are given an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), which works by routing your calls through your satellite modem and dish, without affecting your data. So yeah, even your Gen5 satellite internet connection will be happy to be paired with a partner like this!

Smaller perks include the option to keep your existing phone number or get a brand new HughesNet phone number. The choice is all yours, but one thing is guaranteed, HughesNet Voice won’t cost you a single penny in vain.

Go For Gen5 Internet Only or Pair with Cutting-Edge VoIP

The good thing about HughesNet Gen5 Internet is that it’s not only available as standalone service, but pairs with HughesNet VoIP that has perks of its own. That’s right, when you pair together the internet with phone, setup and activation of HughesNet Voice equipment will take place free of cost for all new Lease subscribers.

Another thing that makes HughesNet a tough competitor to beat is the highly-proactive customer service available round the clock.

HughesNet is all about delivering unprecedented services. If all this time you’ve been looking for an internet and voice connection that delivers what it claims, give HughesNet a chance. If what we say hasn’t convinced you, the only option left is to actually try out HughesNet for yourself.


Is HughesNet Gen5 unlimited?

Nope, it has a data cap but HughesNet gives an extra 50GB of internet per month that can be used during its Bonus Zone, more specifically, between 2 AM and 8 AM.

Is HughesNet Voice worth the money?

If you want to keep in touch with your loved one all over the words, then yes, it’s worth it. Moreover, HughesNet utilizes the latest Voice-over-Internet-Protocol technology that offers amazing features.

Will HughesNet Voice consume my internet data?

You can rest assured as HughesNet VoIP won’t be consuming your internet data.

Does HughesNet Gen 5 come in a bundle too?

Yes, it does and HughesNet VoIP is offered alongside in the bundle at an affordable price.