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Are You Ready for a New-Gen TV Voyage?

If you’re looking for an affordable TV plan that guarantees wholesome entertainment, then you’ve come to the right place. Like the TDS TV, the new TDS TV® Plus service gives you a good mix of local and the most watched American channels. A vast On Demand library, in-home streaming capability and of course, TV Everywhere programming are all on the TDS service menu.

You will love the experience of being able to search across Live programming, recordings, apps and on demand content all in one place. The smart TiVo® learns what you love to watch. And, helps you explore more on your new-gen TV voyage with TDS TV® Plus. Things become still more simple with the voice remote. You can conveniently run a search on the world of entertainment by speaking to your TDS TV.

  • The Cloud DVR lets you record and store your TV favorites—up to 300 hours in storage.
  • The Start Over feature lets you catch on a favorite series’ latest episode up to 72 hours after it is broadcast
  • The TDS TV® Plus App lets you stream in-home and record on the go
TDS TV Service TDS TV Package
TDS TV Freedom 125+ Channels Local, sports and cable networks, commercial-free music
Expanded 135+ Channels A&E, BRAVO, CNN, Comedy Central, HGTV, Disney Channel, ESPN etc.
Expanded Plus 190+ Channels NFL Network, Cooking Channel, DIY Network, Boomerang etc.
TDS TV® PLUS Explore 60+ HD Channels NBC Sports, HGTV, BRAVO, ESPN, CNN, Cartoon Network etc.
Journey 80+ HD Channels MLB Network, CMT, E!, FOX News, Freeform etc.
Voyage 110+ HD Channels AMC, HGTV, Comedy Central, Oxygen, Lifetime Movies, Hallmark Channel etc.

*Channel availability may vary with location.

Why Choose TDS TV Service?

Its Diverse, Customizable and Intelligent

TDS TV and TDS TV® Plus—both services from TDS Telecom bring you in-home TV entertainment that keeps everyone in the family happy. Powered by futuristic IPTV technology, these TDS services make for a great digital TV experience. Choose a channel lineup that does the job for you. Or customize a lineup with what you watch the most. Stream Live TV in-home via the TDS TV+ App. Or catch your TV favorites via TV Everywhere on the go. With free access to Video on Demand titles you’ll never be without exciting content to watch. The all-new TDS TV® Plus makes your TV-watching experience smart and simple.

The Diversity of the TDS Channel Guide

Well balanced channel lineups is the hallmark of both TDS TV services. Because, TDS pays attention to including what America loves to watch on TV. Be it local networks, regional sports, or popular networks, it is all there.

If you are not too big on TV entertainment, you can subscribe to TDS TV Freedom Programming. Affordable, with all the entertainment essentials included. It brings you access to local networks and popular digital cable networks too. Pretty all-round with networks like Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, NatGeo, HGTV, Hallmark, Lifetime, Disney Channel, NBC Sports Network, ESPN & ESPN2, FS1 and more. The Expanded Programming gives you more of Freedom—Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, Discover Family Channel, Lifetime Movie Network, MTV, ESPN Classic, Golf Channel, CBS Sports Network are all included. Expanded Plus Programming is the ultimate mix of 190+ channels with many sought after sports networks—FS2, NFL Network, NHL Network, ESPNU, FOX College Sports, Outdoor Channel and the Big Ten Network.

On the other hand, TDS TV® Plus may not have such a great number of channels on offer, but the lineup sure has been curated with the “inquisitive, adventurous and the enthusiastic” viewer in mind. Explore, Journey and Voyage, all come with local content, and well chosen popular American networks, which make for a great all-round viewing experience.

TDS TV Channel Guide

Customize Your TDS TV & TDS TV® Plus

Perhaps the best part about both TDS TV services is that both offer you a set of premium networks that you can add-on to your primary subscription. This way you can customize your primary channel lineup with exactly what you love watching the most.

Add one or more of the premium entertainment networks on the menu. Watch award winning originals with the HBO® network, the best from Hollywood with STARZ®/ENCORE, blockbuster movies and hilarious comedies with SHOWTIME® and a variety of cinematic genres with Cinemax®.

For sports aficionados TDS has a sports package on offer with both TV services. With TDS TV, you get the Sports Tier which gives you a range of SD & HD sports channels including the NFL RedZone®, Fox Soccer Plus, and more. While, the TDS TV® Plus service allows you access to 14+ sports networks in the Sports+ add-on package—ESPN Classic, BTN, FOX College Sports etc.

TDS TV offers Latino Programming too. The 9 most popular Spanish language channels are available for add-on subscription at one low price. TDS TV® Plus on the other hand, gives you the Variety+ package—with 10+ entertainment channels packed inside—fyi, Hallmark Drama, TCM, Boomerang, MOTORTREND, VICELAND, RED TV etc.

TDS TV packages

Watch TV the Smart Way

TDS TV® Plus makes your TV viewing so smart, simple and convenient, you would not want to watch TV any other way. Sure it offers you a diverse channel choice, lets you personalize the primary lineup with add-ons. But at the same time, the service allows you to benefit from intelligent use of new-gen technology.

The smart and intuitive Cloud DVR does away with recording conflicts—you can record many TV favorites simultaneously. Pick a DVR storage capacity that works for your household, with a maximum of 300 hours available. Use the personalized guide to explore video content—it gets to know you and suggests what you may love to watch. The all-in-one intelligent search and record mechanism is capable of finding every episode of a series from across downloaded apps, Live TV and On Demand. You can start watching a Live show from where you left up to 72 hours later. And, catch up on the ones you forgot about. Pause, Rewind and Fast Forward Live TV and DVR recordings—controlling the pace of programs is now possible with TDS TV packages.

You will love the ease of a voice activated remote control. The TDS voice remote takes the convenience of managing in-home entertainment to a new level. From searching for content to launching apps, just tell the remote what you want and consider it done!

More from the House of TDS TV


The TDS TV Companion App turns your smartphone into a TV remote and TDS channel guide. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play free of charge, and pair it up with your TDS TV receiver. Search content or manage recordings—the app is sure to enhance your experience.

With the TDS TV® Plus App you can enjoy in-home streaming of Live and on demand content on any screen of your choice, and benefit from the integrated search feature too.

TDS TV Everywhere

For instant access on the go, your TDS subscription lets you catch on your favorites via any internet-enabled device. Log into TDS TV Everywhere and kill the boredom anytime, anywhere. More than 50 popular networks are included, and the list is growing fast!

TDS TV On Demand

For TV and movie buffs TDS TV On Demand is the go-to-place. From the latest Hollywood blockbusters to the most sought after primetime content and family favorites, it is all there in the TDS On Demand Library. Titles from networks you are subscribed to in your primary lineup are free of cost. Others are available at a low rate.

About TDS Telecom Availability

With coverage in 25+ states, TDS enjoys an impressive footprint in Wisconsin, Tennessee and Michigan. In some regions TDS Telecom operates via its subsidiaries. For example, in Oregon you will be able to enjoy the quality of TDS services via Bend Broadband. While in parts of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Texas, TDS services are available through Hello TDS.

Coverage Area of TDS Telecom Services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is TDS TV®+ a month?

Prices may vary from area to area. We’d recommend you get an estimate for your address by calling TDS experts at 844-343-1172.

If you’re subscribed to TDS TV® Plus, you automatically get access to the TDS TV®+ App.

Yes, TDS offers a wide selection of local channels in its lineup both with TDS TV and TDS TV® Plus.

You can stream Live content from networks included in your subscription free of cost. And you can also stream on demand content from networks in your primary channel lineup. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. All you need is your TDS TV credentials and you are good to go. The only added expense would be that of high-speed internet.

For TDS TV subscribers, Connected-Home DVR comes included in the plan and doesn’t cost any additional money.

If you want to add premium channels, you can subscribe to one or more at the time of your order. Many affordable options allow you to customize your TV plan as you see fit.