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TDS Phone Service

The Great Variety of Packages

With changing times and advancing technology, TDS Telecom steps up to the plate. TDS phone service for your home, reaches you over a traditional landline. But, it is a wireless phone that connects you at the end of that line. You get many digital calling features that help you streamline your everyday communication. Some come included, while others can be added-on at a low rate. Here take a look at the available phone plans—both standalone and bundled options.


Classic Unlimited Phone Package

Giving you unlimited local and long distance voice service, this premium phone package requires that you bundle it with TDS TV. This unlimited calling plan from TDS phone service includes calls made to all American Territories—Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, and American Samoa. Classic Unlimited Voice also gives you 10 useful calling features and Voicemail.


Classic Phone Package

The Classic Phone Package from TDS Telecom gives you unlimited local calling and 30 minutes of long distance calling—that is a perfect balance many appreciate. Unlimited long distance calling includes calls to all American Territories. Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Caller ID on Call Waiting—these calling features come included. If you wish to add 7 more, you can do so for only $5/mo. The Classic Phone Package is available in a bundle with TDS TV.


5-Star Phone Package

Sometimes all you need is a good phone plan to stay in touch with your loved ones. And, with the 5-Star Package from TDS phone service, you get just that. This premium TDS Telecom phone plan gives you unlimited local and long distance calling—to the American Territories and Canada as well. You have access to Voicemail that helps you stay on top of your communication. And, calling features like 3-Way Calling, Anonymous Call Rejection, and Special Call Acceptance.


4-Star Phone Package

This mid-range TDS phone service plan offers 300 long distance minutes each month, along with unlimited local calling. Which makes it the perfect affordable addition to any home. With calling features like Preferred Call Forwarding, Per-call ID Blocking, Anonymous Call Rejection you have a great deal at your hands. Four more calling features and Voicemail are on offer for only $5 more per month.


3-Star Phone Package

The basic phone plan from TDS Telecom gives you all the essentials. Its cheap, and it covers you on all fronts. You get 30 long distance minutes each month, unlimited local calling. And, features like Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, and Caller ID on Call Waiting, which make everyday communication hassle free. As with the 4-Star package, you can add more features and Voicemail to the plan for only $5 extra per month.

TDS Telecom Phone

Its Reliable, Clear and Secure

With advancement of technology for a great number of people a landline phone connection has become outdated. But, one thing which sets the TDS phone service apart is that it is a balanced mix of the traditional and the modern. Quite like the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) suggests—an ideal combo of a landline and a wireless phone. Here is an overview of the service features you get to enjoy with home phone from TDS Telecom.


Keeps You Connected during a Power Outage

Your landline is not hooked to the power cables. That is why even when there is a power outage, short or prolonged, the TDS Phone keeps you connected. The provider has an emergency backup system, but that powers your phone jacks, not the wireless home phone set. So, keep one of those corded phones you thought of getting rid of. Traditional meets the contemporary. You can keep your conversation going even during a power outage. And enjoy peace of mind that you are not without a reliable backup in an emergency.

Lets 911 Locate You

When you are connected via a landline, your addresses reaches 911. No matter what kind of an emergency situation you are in, help arrives on time. Because even if you can not tell, your TDS phone connection does the job. Cell phones are useful when you are on the road. But, at home you must secure yourself with the reliability of a landline 911 connection. Let’s face it. No cellular service can compete with that.


No Dropped Calls or Voice Distortion

Your TDS phone service comes wired on its way. And that means, no more buzz in the background, feedback or lag. You hear crystal-clear and you don’t wonder if you were heard at the other end. There are no dropped calls with the wireless signal dropping in strength, no relocating yourself for better call quality. What you get is the highest quality of voice transmission over the secure TDS landline network.

Privacy of Connection

The one thing we often forget is that at times cellular services operate on radio frequencies that can be intercepted. The analog radio waves carrying wireless voice signal can lead to a breach of your privacy. On the other hand, a landline connection is far from such intrusions. And ensures privacy of each conversation you make.


Home Protection

With home security systems becoming a new norm, it is wise to keep a landline connection. Some security systems such as a fire or burglar alarm get hardwired into your phone system. This way, the authorities get alerted right on time. It is the dependability of a landline connection that makes security companies depend on it when it comes to protective equipment.

Convenience with Useful Calling Features

TDS Phone offers all the essential and popular voice features. Premium TDS phone service plans come with all features included. And, you get access to Voicemail. However, the mid-range and basic plans come with the most necessary ones. But, TDS Telecom gives you the option to add the rest at a low rate of $5/month. Help yourself streamline your everyday communication. Here is the entire variety of these voice features.

Caller ID Anonymous Call Rejection
Call Waiting/td> 3-Way Calling
Caller ID on Call Waiting Priority Ringing
Call Forwarding Special Call Acceptance
Preferred Call Forwarding Per Caller ID Call Blocking

TDS Telecom Phone

Want to know about availability in your area?

TDS Telecom has been connecting people for over 45 years. The company took shape from telephone companies formed by local families, farmers and co-ops, with an aim to connect their communities. And, over the years TDS Telecom has carried forward the mission. The reason why TDS Telecom continues to use advance technology to shape exceptional customer experiences. TDS operates in over 25 states and connects more than 900 communities in rural, suburban and urban America. And, the company is proud of the 1.2 million connections to high-speed internet, phone and TV services under its belt.

In Minnesota, Michigan, New Mexico, Tennessee, Utah and Wisconsin, TDS Telecom covers vast populations in particular.

Coverage Area of TDS Telecom Services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the cheapest TDS phone package?

All TDS phone service plans are affordable. And when you bundle the phone service with TDS TV and/or internet from TDS, you get more value for your money. You can choose a premium, mid-range or basic plan option according to your needs and budget. With as much variety, you are sure to find one that is just right for you.

Yes. TDS phone plans are available on standalone basis as well. You don’t have to bundle them all. But, if you do choose to bundle, you can grab a good bargain.

Yes. You will be able to make calls to 911 over the TDS phone line. And, because it is a landline, 911 will receive your location information automatically. Which makes it possible for help to reach on time.

In case of power outage, your landline TDS phone will keep working. The company has an emergency backup system which powers the phone jacks. So, if you use a traditional corded phone instead of a wireless phone set, you stay connected even during a power outage.

You can call at 844-343-1172 and speak to TDS Customer Service representative. They will give you all the necessary information and also guide you to a plan or bundle that may be the best fit for you.