Call for TDS Deals: 844-343-1172

Call For TDS Deals: 844-343-1172

For Answers to Questions & Solutions to Problems 844-343-1172

TDS Phone Support Numbers

Ask a Question or Share a Concern

There are quite a few ways to get in touch with TDS Customer Service. But, most of us still find it more convenient to dial in a support number, instead of taking the online route. That is why TDS phone support remains within your reach besides other channels.


Have Questions about Residential Products and Services?

Are you thinking of getting a TDS service plan? Do you want to know more about the TDS line of products and services? Want expert help to choose a TDS package that is right for you? Are you an existing customer who wants a solution to a TDS account related issue or a billing concern? Or may be you want to upgrade the service or request more channels.

Call TDS Customer Service at 844-343-1172. TDS professionals are well-versed in all matters related to TDS products and services. And, are always ready to help!


Facing Service issues and Need Technical Assistance?

Let’s face it. A service could be as steady as it can be. And, the equipment as high-end as available. But, there are always instances when unexpected circumstances cause a disruption to the service. It could be a network problem that affects a wider area. And, it could be a piece of equipment acting up at your end.

TDS Phone Support for technical and repair related matters is available to you 24/7. Call 1-888-225-5837 and share the problem. You’ll be connected to a repair advisor to help resolve the matter.

TDS Customer Service

Making the Customer Experience Exceptional

TDS telecom is available in 30+ states. The TDS network covers the greatest chunk of population in Minnesota, Michigan, New Mexico, Tennessee, Utah and Wisconsin. DSL broadband from TDS is available to over 2 million people. This makes TDS Telecom the 10th largest DSL provider nationwide. Fiber and cable broadband from TDS is accessible to over 500,000 people in select areas. But, with Fiber being the future of the internet, TDS Fiber network is fast expanding.

TDS understands how critical it is to design offerings that meet or exceed customer expectations. And, goes many extra miles to ensure its customers are always provided ready after-sales assistance. That is why TDS looks after you for the life of your customer experience.

Affordable Quality

TDS offers all three essential residential services. High-speed internet, digital TV and home phone. TDS plans and packages come at competitive pricing without compromising on the quality.

TDS internet deals are designed to take care of a range of customer needs. In terms of service type, speeds, data allowance and cost—there is a good variety. Committed to keeping you entertained, TDS brings you America’s most-watched channels via TDS TV and TDS TV® Plus. These futuristic IPTV services are offered at a great discount when you bundle your TV with internet. TDS Home Phone is a landline connection that you can bank on at all times. And, this service also gives you many plan options with nifty features that are sure to come in handy. That too, at rates that fit your budget.

Ready Customer Support

From the time you first contact TDS Telecom, help and guidance is only a call away. You receive ready support in terms of understanding which TDS service plans and packages may be the best fit for your digital needs. And, TDS Customer Service makes your subscription process hassle-free.

Once you become a TDS subscriber, support is available to you via phone or online chat. And, TDS also makes it possible for you to take the DIY route with service issues. A great volume of instructional resources is accessible online. With experienced Tech Support facilitating you around the clock, there’s nothing for you to worry about. Give them a call or shoot a message via chat. TDS Customer Service will be ready to respond.

TDS Customer Service

Gives You More Ways to Find Help

Providing quality customer care is of utmost importance to TDS Telecom. That is why you get more ways to connect than only TDS phone support. Here take a look at how else you can seek information or help regarding TDS home service related matters.

Residential Sales & Repair Chat Service

If you are looking for information on TDS products, services or promotions, you can get in touch with a sales advisor via online chat. Even if you come across an unexpected problem with any TDS service, you can receive help from a repair advisor via chat. Questions related to billing are also taken care of through the online chat service.

Residential Contact Form

Facing an issue with your current TDS service? Do you need clarification regarding your TDS account or bill? Or are you new to TDS and looking for product and pricing information? In any case, you can submit your inquiry by using the Residential Contact Form and forwarding required details to TDS Customer Service. It is however recommended you use this channel if your question or concern does not require urgent attention. You can expect TDS to respond within 3 business days.

Self-Help Online Resources

Self-help online resource materials from TDS are available in plenty. You will find common service issues as well as account and billing related topics addressed here. Whether it is a minor fix to the internet service or learning how to optimize your in-home Wi-Fi network; troubleshooting error codes or accessing TV user guides; getting Voicemail help or phone feature user instructions. You will find solutions on the TDS online support platform. Help with how to pay your TDS bill, manage your TDS account, or configure TDS email is also available from TDS through online resources.

Social Media Handles

TDS Telecom strives to ensure a reliable service, however at times an outage can occur due to a variety of reasons. You can check TDS Telecom Facebook or Twitter accounts for real-time information on an outage in your area. In case the outage occurs at a local level, you may not find an update on these pages. And, it is recommended you contact TDS phone support for an update if necessary.

TDS Phone Support

Here is Your Pre-call Checklist

Getting the help you need requires that a dialogue take place. It is a two way street and the best way to get the quick service you want is to be patient and cooperative. Dialing customer support without due preparation will slow the process and build frustration for you. To ensure you get fast service and that your concern is sorted without hassle, here are some things you can do before you make the call. Remember, a little help from you can make the process less stressful both for yourself and the customer service representative handling your case.

Note Down Your TDS Account Number

If you’re an existing TDS customer, the first thing the customer service representative will ask you for is your TDS account number. With that information available, they will be able to see details such as the plan you’re subscribed to and where you’re located. The process will move faster than if you have to scramble for your account number while on the call. If you’re not sure what your account number is, check your emails or any TDS paper bill lying around the house. You are sure to find this information.

Keep Pen & Paper Handy

After you’ve given the TDS phone support staff the relevant information, they may give you some instructions to follow. Having a pen and paper handy helps you jot down any details. This makes the process more efficient and effective for both sides.

Have Your Service or Billing Address Ready

New customers who want to set up their TDS internet, TV or phone service, must make sure they have their service and/or billing address ready. The TDS customer service representative is sure to ask for this. We’d suggest you also have the last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN) noted, as you’ll need to provide that as well when signing up. This information is required to verify your identity. And, the process cannot move forward without it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are TDS customer service hours?

TDS customer service is available from Monday to Friday between 7am and 7pm CST. On Saturdays you can contact them between 8am and 5pm CST.

No, TDS customer service is not available on Sunday. But TDS Tech Support is available 24/7 for your convenience.