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The AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet (FWI) service aims to deliver high-speed internet to around 2.7 million people, residing in the rather far-flung areas of the United States. With this endeavor, AT&T Fixed Wireless powers homes and small businesses with high-quality internet at reasonable price-points, cultivating opportunities for education, entertainment, information, and a lot more for rural America – a cross section of the population that would otherwise have few other alternatives save for the expensive and limited satellite internet or phone data plans.

AT&T Fixed Wireless Availability

Since first announcing its commitment in 2015, AT&T has rapidly expanded its wireless network infrastructure and now successfully offers its AT&T Fixed Wireless plans to approximately 1,000 counties across 18 states, including Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin.

AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet Plans

AT&T has only one standalone Fixed Wireless Internet plan priced at $49.99/mo. tax for 12 months – a connection designed to furnish the fastest speed possible at the subscriber’s address. Promised at least 10 Mbps of downstream speed and 1 Mbps upstream, AT&T subscribers typically experience 25 Mbps-fast downloads.

The plan comes with a 250 GB data allowance every month and charges an extra $10 for an additional 50 GB if you so require. More data can be bought, but it should be utilized within the same billing cycle. In addition, the subscribers get a Wi-Fi Gateway device too, for stronger wall-to-wall coverage.

AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet Bundles

The AT&T Fixed Wireless Service can be bundled with the satellite TV service, DIRECTV . Upon bundling, subscribers get $10 off on the DIRECTV service every month for the first full year. The DIRECTV service enables simultaneous streaming on 5 devices, offers up to 330 channels, free genie HD DVR with 200 hours of storage, access to premium apps, thousands of on Demand TV shows and movies, NFL SUNDAY TICKET, and a lot more.

What you can do with the AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet speeds?

10 to 25 Mbps internet speeds can achieve a lot more than expected, especially when delivered by AT&T’s network. The service offers swift and seamless connectivity for multiple devices through Wi-Fi. The wired connection can easily enable download of 10 songs in 34 seconds or a 90-minute HD video download in less than 53 minutes. Moreover, subscribers can surf effortlessly, stream audios and videos, utilize social networks with zero lag, and do a lot more with AT&T Fixed Wireless, which usually isn’t the case when saddled with a satellite connection.

How does it work?

All you have to do is determine the availability of AT&T Fixed Wireless in your area via the BuyTVInternetPhone ZIP tool and order the standalone plan or bundle your internet as necessary. AT&T will make sure to send a technician at your residence within 10 business days. The technician will determine an ideal spot outside your home to install the antenna so that it catches the strongest signal, ensure your antenna, Wi-Fi Gateway, and devices connect harmoniously. AT&T charges up to $99 as a one-time professional installation fee.

Are the internet woes of rural residents gone now?

AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet performance is dependent upon the location of a cell site – in terms of how close a proximity from your residence is it situated in. Cell site capacity, the number of users connected at a time, the extent of radio frequency interference, and the terrain – any and all of these too play a role in determining the performance of your connection. However, AT&T stubbornly delivers on its promise of 10 to 25 Mbps-fast internet delivered consistently at a reasonable price, courtesy of its ever-progressing innovative technologies. So we can safely expect faster internet speeds in the future.