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Let’s admit it, going into the gameplay mode means muting all noise from the world surrounding you, and immersing yourself in virtual fantasy. So it is not a surprise that online gaming is a favorite pass time for millions around the globe. Not to forget, a well-acknowledged profession. In 2017 the number of console gamers in the U.S. was over 53 million. Whereas just a year before that, i.e. in 2016, it was estimated 59% of online gamers were in fact over 50 years of age. Meaning, online gaming is not popular among young adults alone, rather the charm of living in virtual reality catches the attention of all age groups.

So, it’s only fair to assume many among you would understand the pain of getting stuck in the middle of the game behind a frozen screen. Imagine losing a game you were all set to win just because your internet connection couldn’t hold up for a few milliseconds. There cannot be anything more frustrating than this for a gamer.

Online gaming requires practice, strategy, quick reflexes, and the most important of it all, a fast internet connection. The gaming world survives and thrives on a reliable internet connection. It doesn't matter how many gaming consoles you spend money on when the real cause pulling your effort down is your internet plan. For this reason, choosing only the best internet provider for gaming should be at the top of your priority list.

Why is AT&T the best internet provider for gaming?

For years and years, AT&T has been a popular choice in the U.S., with hardly a household that may not have heard of the ISP. With a clever mix of technologies, AT&T manages to make reliable, secure, and high-speed internet access to over 100 million consumers in 21 states—from DSL and IPBB to Fixed Wireless, Mobile Broadband, and cutting-edge Fiber Optic—all internet types are available under the AT&T roof.

“Excellent Customer Service, Classy, Reliable, Must have and Everywhere”—this is how 47% of subscribers describe AT&T. After all, the telecom company has built a strong repute over its years in service, and people have come to trust AT&T with their online experiences—from streaming their favorite Netflix show to playing a multiplayer game online.

Online gaming is akin to a huge umbrella, sustained by a combination of factors. So, as a gamer, you look for low latency, fast speeds, and generous data. All these factors are interlinked, and collectively affect the quality of your gaming experience.

How does AT&T Fiber help with latency?

Latency is the time it takes to send and receive a response over the internet. And, low latency implies the quick transfer of data from your end to the server, and back—no ping spikes or lag causing you to wait before you are able to receive input from the other end and respond. Let's say you and the opponent have an equal opportunity to attack at the same time. If latency is lower at your end, you’ll have an upper hand—you’ll be the first one to attack because your signal will reach the server first. In other words, how fast you are able to react is determined by latency. Low ping rate and low latency are key to smooth gameplay and better graphics.

AT&T Fiber is delivered to you via fiber-optic lines running straight to your premises. So, the ultra-low latency—around 10-15 milliseconds—makes it an ideal choice for gamers. Plus, AT&T pledges 99% reliability even at peak times—meaning you do not have to suffer from unexpected ping spikes that can throw you off your winning streak.

Also, a hard-wired connection via Ethernet is thought to be the best way to minimize latency, and it is advisable for gamers to take the wired route. But, AT&T Smart Wi-Fi gives you a signal strong enough to play on. The high-tech AT&T gateway device is capable of providing wall to wall coverage. And if you need more strength, you can use the Smart Wi-Fi Extender(s). This is how AT&T ensures you have good Wi-Fi for gaming and are able to reap the full advantage of Fiber.

Is AT&T internet fast enough for gaming?

Fast internet speed is important for gaming for various reasons. Without fast speeds and low latency, you are likely to keep lagging when playing online. Albeit many factors contribute to the latency level, delay in propagation of information is a big one among them—whether it's about data packets being propagated from your end to the other, or vice versa. That is why gaming requires good upload and download power.

AT&T Fiber gets you the fastest internet type available in the market. And, brings you symmetrical speeds—100/100 Mbps, 300/300 Mbps, or 1 Gbps/1 Gbps. What you get is super-fast fiber optic internet at affordable rates with the same download and upload power. All other connection types, inclusive of high-speed Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial internet, can provide only 15%-20% of the download speed for the purpose of uploading. So, even if you get a 1,000 Mbps fast HFC connection, your upload speed may not exceed 50 Mbps.

But, with AT&T Fiber that is not the case. You experience less delay in back and forth propagation of data packets and are able to act and react in near real-time. Because you have the same power to download and upload data packets.

Besides playing online, another aspect of a gamer's life is also well taken care of by ultra-fast AT&T Fiber. Most games require frequent updates and need you to download game patches on your PC or console. AT&T Fiber gives you the consistent fast speed you’d need for that!

How does AT&T Fiber help with the data needs of gamers?

As we said earlier, generous data is what you must have on you if you are an enthusiastic gamer. And the best way to ensure you don’t run out of data while in the middle of a game is to subscribe to unlimited data. And this is where AT&T Fiber gives you a win-win deal—with all AT&T Fiber plans you are allocated unlimited data every month. So, once you are subscribed to AT&T Fiber, you can conveniently bin all your data anxiety.

AT&T gaming internet plans

So, if you are a gamer looking for lightning-fast internet, which ensures low latency and no ping spikes, AT&T Fiber internet plans would be the perfect pick for you.

Internet Plan Max. Download/Upload SpeedsPrice(for 12 months)Key Features
AT&T Fiber 100 100/100 Mbps 10x faster than cable $35/mo. 80% more bandwidth than cable No Contract Unlimited data Whole-Home Wi-Fi Internet Security powered by McAfee Get a FREE HBO Max™ Trial with AT&T Fiber 100 & 300. AT&T Fiber 1000 includes unlimited access to HBO Max™
AT&T Fiber 300 300/300 Mbps 15x faster than cable $45/mo.
AT&T Fiber 1000 1 Gbps/1 Gbps 20x faster than cable $60/mo.

Which AT&T gaming internet plan is good for me?

It all comes down to what games you play. The minimum recommended speed for gaming is considered between 3 and 6 Mbps. But, that is good if you are a causal on-off gamer. If you want to indulge in competitive gaming online you must at least hit the FCC broadband mark of 25 Mbps. The faster the speed, the better would be your experience. Plus when you are choosing a plan, you must also take into account other household needs that will have to be fulfilled.

The AT&T Fiber 100 plan may be good for smaller households, not big on gaming or streaming. If you are a serious gamer, the AT&T Fiber 300 plan is where you must start. The speed covers you well for competitive online gaming and standard household requirements. With an amazing bandwidth, speed that is 15 times faster than cable broadband, and 99% reliability—this plan may be the best internet for gaming, given your overall household needs.

And, if you want to go a notch up, because you have more than one gamer in the family, go for the AT&T Fiber 1000. This plan gets you the best internet speed for gaming without a doubt. Not only you can experience superior gameplay, but keep everyone in the family happy and all smart home devices connected.

Final takeaway

The quality of your gaming experience depends on a number of factors. Several factors affect your overall experience. While it's normal to blame your gaming console or PC, the problem is more likely to lie with the speed of your internet connection. And that is why it is critical that you choose the best internet provider for gaming.

With a reliable and trusted ISP like AT&T, you don't have to worry about facing a poor internet connection. AT&T delivers everything a professional or passionate amateur gamer seeks: reliability, speed, and quality gameplay!

AT&T Fiber is not currently available everywhere, but the network does cover 30% of the 21 AT&T service states. And, the process of extending the AT&T Fiber footprint continues. You can check for availability at your address with an AT&T representative at 1-855-925-2541. And, subscribe to the best internet for gaming in the area. We hope this handy guide helps you make a smart choice for your future gaming experiences!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is AT&T internet fast enough for gaming?

AT&T Fiber gets you the fastest internet type available in the market. And, brings you symmetrical speeds—100/100 Mbps, 300/300 Mbps, or 1 Gbps/1 Gbps.

Which is the best AT&T gaming internet plan?

AT&T Fiber internet plans promise low latency and no ping spikes. The best investment would be the AT&T Fiber 300 plan that offers speed 15 times faster than cable for only $45 a month.

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