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When you’re looking for a new home internet connection or cell phone plan or thinking about switching to a new provider, one of the first questions that pop up in your mind is “how much data would I get?”. And, the idea of getting unlimited data sounds tempting. Imagine browsing the web, sharing on social media platforms, streaming videos, video chatting, and playing online games without a limitation. Sounds amazing right?

Plus, if you are working from home or attending school online, and shopping or banking online, besides using the internet for leisure time activities, unlimited data plans become necessary. And, even in the case of cellular service plans, if you are on the go most of the time and rely on mobile data, an unlimited data plan can work the best to meet your needs, and keep you free of stress.

Yet, as appealing as unlimited data sounds, the quality of your overall experience depends on several factors. And, the internet service provider you choose is the biggest one. Opting for a reliable and trusted ISP is therefore the topmost priority when you’re looking for a seriously good plan.

Why Should I Sign up for AT&T Internet Unlimited Data Plans?

Speaking of reliability, AT&T is atop the list of the best internet service providers in the U.S. ISP industry. Because AT&T endeavors to combine innovation with dependable quality at affordable prices. And for this purpose, employs multiple networking technologies that ensure delivery of fast and reliable internet to urban, suburban, and rural areas under its coverage.

The leading internet service provider not only supports a variety of internet connection types, including traditional DSL, high-speed IPBB, fiber optic, fixed wireless, and mobile broadband—depending on its network infrastructure in the region but ensures consumers are able to choose between capped and uncapped data plans at competitive rates. With AT&T internet unlimited data plans, you no longer have to worry about staying connected at all times.

Trustworthy Speed and Unlimited Data

AT&T vows to deliver the fastest speed possible at your location—no matter where you are in the AT&T service territory. With AT&T high-speed IPBB internet you can get speeds up to 100 Mbps, while with AT&T Fiber data transfer rate becomes blazing fast at 1 Gbps.

Traditional or high-speed DSL and fixed wireless plans from AT&T come with capped data. So, if you are looking for a combo of speed and unlimited data, you get that with AT&T Fiber. AT&T fiber internet unlimited data plans pledge 99% reliability and get you consistent speeds even at peak times. Everyone in the family gets to connect, and you can even hook up your smart home devices to your in-home Wi-Fi network. You won’t find yourself stressing about slow internet or an overage fee!

And, if AT&T Fiber, which is in the process of spreading farther out in AT&T service territories, is not yet available at your address, AT&T offers you unlimited data when you bundle AT&T high-speed internet with DIRECTV or AT&T TV. That way you also get to enjoy a discount on your TV service, satellite or IPTV, during the 12 months of the promo term.

AT&T Internet Security

A FREE McAfee security suite is offered with AT&T internet plans above 5 Mbps. Online security is an issue AT&T takes very seriously. That is why the provider ensures maximum protection from fraud, malware threats, phishing attacks, viruses, hackers, etc. Thanks to the internet security suite that comes with your AT&T unlimited data plan, you no longer have to worry about being hacked or tracked by malicious hackers.

Customer Satisfaction

When you subscribe to an AT&T internet unlimited data plan, you can rest assure you are in good hands. Because, AT&T endeavors to deliver the best customer experience—not only in terms of products and services but customer service and support. Customer care is one of the big reasons why AT&T is seen as a trusted ISP. Being rated #1 in customer satisfaction over cable for 4 consecutive years (2017-20) is no doubt a testimony to AT&T’s commitment to the consumer.

No Annual Contract

No one likes to be bound by a contract—walking away from which can cause you a hefty penalty. Not only does AT&T not bind you with data caps on its Fiber plans, it gives you the freedom of paying on a month-to-month basis once your 12-month promotion period comes to an end. Meaning, if you have to cancel your AT&T service for any reason, you would not be subjected to an Early Termination Fee after the promotional offer term has come to an end.

AT&T Fiber Internet Unlimited Data Plans & Pricing

Keeping its word to the consumer, AT&T Fiber enables you to be more productive as it allows seamless multi-tasking when you are working from home. While in your leisure time you can enjoy smooth streaming with AT&T fiber internet unlimited data plans. The best part is AT&T Fiber brings you unlimited data at competitive rates. So really, you get the best of both worlds—fiber optic internet with unlimited data—that too from one of the most reputable names in the industry.

You can connect multiple devices, stream your favorite shows, and play seasoned multiplayer games at speeds many times faster than cable, without worrying about running out of data or an overage fee.

In addition to service features we’ve already talked about, the exciting part about signing up for the service is the 30-day FREE trial for HBO MAX™. And, if you opt for the AT&T Fiber Gig service you get HBO MAX™ included in the plan, not just during the first month of your subscription.

Take a look at the AT&T Fiber Internet unlimited data plans. Judge your need for speedwell, and pick the speed tier that fits your digital needs the best.

Internet Plan Max. Download/Upload Speed What You Can Do with it Per Month Price
AT&T Fiber 100 100/100 Mbps Browse the web/social media Stream HD & play online Work from home or study online Connect up to 5 devices 10 times faster than cable $35 for 12 months & $55 thereafter
AT&T Fiber 300 300/300 Mbps Browse faster Stream in 4K Play multiplayer online games Transfer large files Connect up to 10 devices $45 for 12 months & $65 thereafter
AT&T Fiber 1000 940/880 Mbps 15 times faster than cable Browse at ultra-fast speeds Stream 4K UHD Play competitive online games Transfer large files Run a home-based startup Connect 12 devices 20 times faster than cable $60 for 12 months & $80 thereafter

AT&T Wireless Unlimited Data Plans

When it comes to mobile broadband, AT&T Wireless is everywhere from coast to coast. And comes with a wonderful variety of unlimited plans. These plans are designed to keep you connected, on and off the road. Not only do you get unlimited text, talk, and data with these plans, but top-notch network security and more, depending on which tier you subscribe to.

Take a look at the 3 AT&T Wireless unlimited data plans. And pick the one that matches your needs the best.

Unlimited Data Plan What you’ll get Per Month Price
AT&T UNLIMITED ELITE Unlimited talk, text, data 100 GB of Premium Data 5G access included Unlimited texting to 120 countries Unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico & Canada Advanced Mobile Security High-definition streaming available 30GB wireless hotspot data per line per month HBO Max™ included $50/mo. per line
AT&T UNLIMITED EXTRA Unlimited talk, text, data 50GB of Premium Data 5G access included Unlimited texting to 120 countries Unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico & Canada Advanced Mobile Security Standard-definition streaming 15GB wireless hotspot data per line per month $40/mo. per line
AT&T UNLIMITED STARTER Unlimited talk, text, data 5G access included Unlimited texting to 120 countries Unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico & Canada Standard Mobile Security Standard-definition streaming $35/mo. per line

The Bottom Line

AT&T Fiber aims to bring the fastest speed possible to every household in America. With AT&T determined to expand its fiber-optic infrastructure, the service is expected to be more widely available across the 21 service states in the near future. Meaning, it would become easier to subscribe to unlimited data paired with fiber-optic speeds. You could check AT&T Fiber availability in your area by calling AT&T customer service at 855-925-2541. 

And, if the wait for AT&T Fiber to arrive gets a little longer than you’d desire, you can always bundle high-speed AT&T Internet with value-packed entertainment options like AT&T TV and DIRECTV to grab an unlimited data deal. At the same time, AT&T Wireless is also on the menu—more than able to look after your unlimited data needs via one of the fastest wireless networks in the US, and wholesome plans.

So, whether you're a full-time employee working from home, a serious gamer winning multiplayer games online, or your work regime keeps you on the go, with AT&T internet unlimited data plans, you can do it all in a breeze. For more details contact an AT&T expert at 1-855-925-2541. They’ll be able to determine AT&T internet plan availability at your address and also extend pro advice if you need it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is AT&T Unlimited Starter plan for?

Unlimited Starter allows you to talk and text with 5G access, includes Unlimited texting to 120 countries, unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico & Canada, offers standard Mobile Security and standard-definition streaming for only $35/mo. per line.

Which is the cheapest AT&T internet unlimited data plan?

AT&T Fiber 100 offers 100/100 Mbps speed for only $35 a month for a whole year and AT&T Fiber 300 offers 300/300 Mbps speed for only $45 a month for a whole year.

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