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Being a tech geek has perhaps never been more exciting! We’re right in the midst of a digital revolution and each technological innovation makes us look forward to what more may be in store for us. But, in recent years 5G has sure stolen all the hype. Even before its arrival, and quite regardless of the controversy around health hazards, which some suspect to be associated with its widespread usage, 5G gained quite the attention. And now, after years of speculation about how this Gen-5 tech could transform the digital ecosystem, we finally have the chance to test it out ourselves.

Living in a digitally connected era, we’re always on the lookout for tech tools and innovative means to connect us faster with the world around us. And, AT&T 5G service couldn’t have come at a better time!

Putting multiple technologies in play, AT&T was already delivering pure fiber optic internet, hybrid Fiber-Copper IPBB internet, high-speed fixed wireless internet, and mobile broadband services across the US. Given its dedication to making the fruits of the latest tech accessible to all, the kingpin amongst the biggest internet service providers in the U.S. was, therefore, the first to deliver mobile 5G service to businesses and consumers. By April 2019, AT&T was already providing 5G to early adopters in parts of 19 cities. Moreover, AT&T was also the first to make a 5G device commercially available in the US. Fast forward to 2021, and you have a long list of counties, cities, and towns where AT&T 5G is available, while select parts of certain areas and renowned venues also have access to 5G .

What is 5G & What is 5G ?

Well, 5G is the successor of 4G—the fifth-generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks. Cellular service providers worldwide started deploying the 5G standard in 2019. And, given the increased bandwidth and higher download speeds that 5G is capable of delivering, it is estimated by 2025 5G networks may as well reach an estimated 1.7 billion subscribers around the globe.

The 5G tech comes in quite a few flavors, and each brings a different experience depending on whether the service utilizes a low-band, mid-band, or high-band spectrum. Because the spectrum utilized to deliver the service is what essentially determines the coverage and speed.

While the low-band spectrum makes it possible to provide coverage over a large area, the speed and latency experienced with low-band 5G is only a little better than what a 4G network delivers at its best. With that said, the low-band spectrum does make it possible for the wireless signal to travel farther despite physical obstacles in its way, so it serves the purpose as far as providing better coverage.

The mid-band spectrum gives a combo of coverage and speed—meaning a 5G service when delivered via the mid-band spectrum has a greater ability to transfer bigger volumes of data over longer distances. For this reason, many countries around the globe are planning to use the mid-band spectrum for 5G.

The high-band or millimeter wave spectrum (mmWave) facilitates speeds between 1 and 3 Gbps, and it is estimated eventually high-band 5G will come to support up to 10 Gbps fast internet. But the downside is the signal does not travel far on mmWave. And, is vulnerable to interference from objects in its way—even trees. So, if only you are close to the cell site, you are likely to receive the full advantage of high-band 5G internet, as you’d expect. It is this high-band 5G that AT&T has named 5G .

What is the Difference: AT&T 5G Vs 5G

As we said, the main difference between the two flavors of 5G in use by AT&T springs from whether it is delivered via the low or high band spectrum. At this time, the two layers of the AT&T 5G network are shaped by the sub-6GHz (low-band) and the mmWave (high-band) spectrums. And, the provider is set to build on the sub-6GHz roots of the network, so we can assume the mmWave spectrum will be put into full action more widely in the near future.

The AT&T 5G network delivers lightning-fast speed in high traffic areas such as arenas, campuses, airports, etc., where the extra speed and capacity is needed to enhance business and consumer experience. But, for now, AT&T 5G is available only to enterprises in select parts of its service locations.

On the other hand, the sub-6GHz spectrum has been employed to provide coverage over larger swaths of land across the US. Because, while it does not deliver speeds as fast as 5G , it is able to carry the signal farther out without being interfered with by physical objects in its path—as is the case with 5G .

So—the difference between the two types of 5G, as AT&T likes to categorize them, boils down to the spectrum being used, which in turn creates variation in broadband speed and service coverage.

AT&T 5G Coverage & Availability

AT&T is continuously expanding and enhancing its 5G network—and is set to bring the service to every region in the US. Currently, it offers 5G service in the following areas. If you can’t find your hometown in the list below, click here and learn about AT&T 5G coverage & availability in your area.

Arkansas New York Louisiana Georgia
Little Rock Chautauqua County Baton Rouge Atlanta
Fayetteville-Springdale Elmira Caldwell Parish Bleckley County
Fort Smith Jefferson County Claiborne Parish Early County
Polk County Poughkeepsie Iberville Parish Jasper County
Ouachita County Yates County Lafayette Warren County
Clay County Albany Monroe Dawson County
Cross County Glen Falls Morehouse Parish Marion County
Franklin County Otsego County St. James Parish Athens
Madison County Syracuse West Feliciana Parish Albany
Pope County Binghamton Beauregard County Hancock County
Cleburne County Orange County Houma-Thibodaux Whitfield County
Marion Utica-Rome Lake Charles Chattooga County
Sharp County Rochester New Orleans Macon
Pine Bluff Binghamton Shreveport Liberty
Hempstead County Buffalo Massachusetts Worth
Garland Columbia County Plaquemines Parish  
  New York City Springfield  
California Ohio Florida Texas
Elmira Ashtabula County Melbourne Austin
Jefferson County Columbiana County Miami Dallas
Alpine County Lima Orlando Navarro County
Fresno Mansfield West Palm Beach Victoria
Kings County Williams County Bradenton Wilson County
Salinas Youngstown Dixie County Amarillo
Sierra County Clinton County Fort Pierce Brownsville
Stockton Mercer County Hamilton County Bryan-College Station
Visalia-Tulare Morrow County Hardee County Galveston
Chico Perry County Ocala Killeen-Temple
El Dorado County Steubenville Pensacola Parmer County
Redding Hamilton Sarasota Runnels County
Sacramento Dayton Tampa Tyler
Tehama County Columbus Calhoun County Abilene
Yuba City Springfield Citrus County Beaumont
Santa Cruz Ross County, Collier County Concho County
Madera County Hancock County Fort Myers Fannin County
Mono County Sandusky County Fort Walton Beach Lubbock
Santa Rosa Tuscarawas County Gainesville Newton County
Vallejo Cincinnati Glades County Sherman-Denison
Bakersfield Akron Jefferson County Waco
Modesto Cleveland Lakeland Atascosa County
Oxnard Youngstown Tallahassee Burleson County
San Luis Obispo   Walton County Chambers County
Santa Barbara   Daytona Beach Cherokee County
San Jose   Jacksonville Corpus Christi
Los Angeles   Putnam County Edwards County
San Diego     Houston
San Francisco     Laredo
      San Antonio
      Briscoe County
      El Paso
      Hardeman County
      Jack County
      Wichita Falls
Michigan Missouri Illinois Indiana
Jackson Columbia Alton-Granite City Bloomington
Alger County Springfield Chicago Decatur County
Allegan County Kansas City Mason County Huntington County
Benton Harbor St. Louis Adams County Kosciusko County
Manistee County Moniteau County Aurora-Elgin Muncie
Muskegon Bates County Bureau County Newton County
Cass County Callaway County Champaign-Urbana Randolph County
Kalamazoo De Kalb County Clay County Warren County
Newaygo Joplin Joliet Brown County
Battle Creek Saline County Montgomery County Elkhart-Goshen
Cheboygan County St. Joseph Springfield Evansville
Detroit Marion Vermilion County Fort Wayne
Gogebic County   Washington County Gary
Roscommon   Decatur South Bend
      Terre Haute
Kentucky Kansas Maryland Montana
Spencer County Lawrence Cumberland Billings
Fulton County Brown County Hagerstown Mineral County
Mason County Wichita Kent County Deer Lodge County
Meade County Topeka Frederick Great Falls
Trimble County   Garrett County Beaverhead County
Lexington-Fayette   Baltimore Lincoln County
Mississippi Maine North Carolina New Hampshire
Jackson Portland Anson County Portsmouth
Leake County   Hickory  
Tunica   Charlotte  
New Jersey Minnesota Massachusetts New Mexico
Vineland Chippewa County Worcester Lincoln County
Atlantic City Duluth Boston San Juan County
Trenton Le Sueur County New Bedford Colfax County
Hunterdon County St. Cloud Barnstable Grant County
Sussex County Hubbard County Franklin Santa Fe County
Long Branch Koochiching County Pittsfield La Cruces
New Brunswick Minneapolis    
Ocean County Fargo-Moorhead    
  Lake of the Woods    
Utah Oregon Connecticut Colorado
Salt Lake City Eugene-Springfield New London-Norwich Fort Collins-Loveland
Beaver County Lincoln County Hartford Greeley
Provo Medford New Haven Colorado Springs
Box Elder County The Dalles Bridgeport San Miguel County
Carbon County Clatsop County   Denver
Nevada Oklahoma Alaska Hawaii
Lander County Grant County Anchorage Maui County
Las Vegas Beckham County Bethel Honolulu
Reno Garvin Haines Kauai
Storey County Tulsa Wade-Hampton County  
Alabama Pennsylvania Washington Puerto Rico
Anniston Crawford County Okanogan County Aguadilla
Dothan Lancaster Olympia Aibonito Municipality
Florence Allentown Pacific County Arecibo
Gadsden State College Bellingham Mayaguez
Mobile Harrisburg Clallam County Ponce
Tuscaloosa Reading Ferry County Rincon Municipality
Franklin County Northeast Kittitas County San Juan
Huntsville Altoona Richland-Kennewick Adjuntas Municipality
Birmingham Bedford County Seattle Ceiba Municipality
Butler Bradford County Tacoma Ciales Municipality
Cleburne County Huntingdon County Yakima  
Shannon County Jefferson County Bremerton  
Lamar County Lawrence County Skamania  
  Lebanon County Spokane  
  Greene County    
  Union County    
  Wayne County    
South Carolina Tennessee West Virginia Virginia
Anderson Lake County Charleston Caroline County
Calhoun County Chattanooga Grant County Danville
Laurens County Fayette County Huntington-Ashland Frederick County
Oconee County Giles County Tucker County Madison County
Cherokee County Maury County Monongalia County Amelia
  Memphis Parkersburg-Marietta  
  Nashville Wheeling  
    Raleigh County  
    Wetzel County  
Rhode Island Wisconsin Idaho Arizona
Newport County Kenosha Idaho County Gila
Providence Racine Elmore County Mohave County
  Sheboygan Boise City  
  Wood County Boundary County  
  Columbia County Lemhi County  
  Pierce County    
North Dakota Delaware South Dakota Iowa/Nebraska
Bismarck Kent County Hanson County Sioux City
Bottineau Wilmington Kingsbury County  
Divide   Marshall County  
Grand Forks   Rapid City  
    Sully County  
Wyoming U.S. Virgin Islands
Casper St. Croix
Converse County St. Thomas
Sheridan County  

AT&T 5G Coverage & Availability

At this time, AT&T 5G is available in select parts of the following cities and venues:

State Cities/Venues
Arizona Phoenix
California Los Angeles, Menlo Park, Oakland, Redwood City, San Bruno, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, West Hollywood Dodger Stadium & Oracle Park
Colorado Ball Arena (Pepsi Center)
Florida Jacksonville, Miami, Miami Gardens, Orlando, Tampa Hard Rock Stadium, Raymond James Stadium, & Tampa International Airport
Georgia Atlanta Mercedes Benz Stadium
Indiana Indianapolis
Illinois Chicago United Center Chicago
Kentucky Louisville
Louisiana New Orleans
Maryland Baltimore, Ocean City
Minnesota U.S. Bank Stadium
Michigan Detroit
North Carolina Charlotte, Raleigh Bank of America Stadium & Spectrum Center
Nevada Las Vegas. Las Vegas Convention Center
New York New York City
Ohio Cleveland
Oklahoma Oklahoma City
Pennsylvania King of Prussia, Philadelphia
Tennessee Nashville
Texas Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Waco AT&T Dallas Stadium, Kay Bailey Hutchins Convention Center & AT&T Center
Wisconsin Milwaukee Fiserv Forum & Miller Park

How to get AT&T 5G?

AT&T 5G service presents a great solution for all broadband users. And, as the provider continues to build on its 5G network capabilities with an aim to deliver the best mix of speed, latency, and coverage, consumers of the new AT&T 5G service are already reaping the benefits—especially businesses that have recorded significant positive impact on their operations.

For the non-commercial consumer, 5G simply implies faster downloads and very little lag—whether you are at home or on the go—as long as you are covered by the AT&T 5G network, you can stream your TV favorites or play your preferred mobile game with unprecedented ease. And, as AT&T continues to upgrade its 5G network, increasing its capacity and bringing more bandwidth your way, you can expect to connect more and more devices to your 5G internet.

To take advantage of this futuristic service, there are however a few prerequisites you must fulfill: You must be housed in one of the AT&T 5G locations. You must own an AT&T 5G phone. Or a compatible 5G hotspot device if you want to convert your mobile broadband connection to AT&T 5G home internet. And, you must also be subscribed to a qualifying AT&T Wireless Unlimited or Pre-paid plan.

Call AT&T customer service at 855-925-2541 to get a 5G subscription! 

AT&T 5G Phones and Hotspot Device

A number of new cell phones introduced parallel to the rollout of AT&T 5G, support the service. Albeit, some are compatible with low-band 5G, others with high-band 5G , while the likes of Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra support both 5G configurations. The iPhone 12 models are not only compatible with the current range of AT&T 5G spectrum but are said to support the mid-band 5G service too. You can shop for the best-selling AT&T 5G phones here .

The Netgear Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot Pro, was launched in September 2020. The device not only leverages the AT&T 5G network but the latest Wi-Fi 6 protocol. Whether you pick the device because you are always on the go, or you want it to become the source of your new AT&T 5G home internet—either way, you get the best combination of advanced tech.

Netgear gives you a device that is able to squeeze the most advantage from AT&T 5G and Wi-Fi 6—it connects more devices, catches both 5G and 5G signals, and gets you a more powerful in-home Wi-Fi network. With an easy-to-use touchscreen interface and long-lasting powerful battery, the 5G hotspot device gives you the chance to use the fastest available internet for your work and leisure activities at home and away.

AT&T 5G Plans: Wireless & Pre-paid

Once you’ve switched to a 5G supported device, you’d want to make sure you sign up for the right plan so you can enjoy the 5G experience to the fullest. AT&T Wireless and AT&T Pre-paid plans give you options to pick the perfect fit.

As for AT&T Wireless Unlimited plans, all 3 offer 5G access, along with other great service features. While the top of the range AT&T PRE-PAID Unlimited Plus also gets you 5G access. Take a look at the perks and prices of AT&T 5G plans, and sign up for the most suitable one!

AT&T Wireless Plan Key Features Price
AT&T UNLIMITED ELITESM Unlimited talk, text, data with 100GB Premium data Unlimited texting to 120 countries Unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico & Canada 30GB hotspot data per line per month Advanced Mobile Security HBO Max™ included $50/mo. per line when you get 4 lines
AT&T UNLIMITED EXTRASM Unlimited talk, text, data with 50GB Premium data Unlimited texting to 120 countries Unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico & Canada 15GB hotspot data per line per month $40/mo. per line when you get 4 lines
AT&T UNLIMITED STARTERSM Advanced Mobile Security Unlimited talk, text, data Unlimited texting to 120 countries Unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico & Canada Standard Mobile Security $35/mo. per line when you get 4 lines
AT&T PRE-PAIDSM Unlimited Plus Unlimited high-speed data 100GB personal cloud storage 10GB hotspot data Use in Canada & Mexico $60/mo. with AutoPay

You can also look into other data plans on offer from AT&T which give you 5G access. Although these come with a specified data allowance:

  • Best Value Plan—20GB 5G high-speed data for $25 per month if you pay $300 in advance for 12 months.
  • Essential Data Plan—15GB 5G high-speed data for $35 per month.
  • Great Deal Data Plan—25GB 5G high-speed data for $50 per month.
  • The Most Data Plan—40GB 5G high-speed data for $75 per month.

AT&T 5G for Business

AT&T has been actively researching mobility and business-centric solutions to help enterprises move forward. Enhanced business communications are one of the core reasons behind the vigorous development of the AT&T 5G network. AT&T 5G allows you to achieve business goals with ultimate wireless flexibility and enterprise-grade mobility at a super-fast speed. It is for this reason AT&T 5G has been made available only to businesses and corporations at this early stage.

How will AT&T 5G help your business?

You need more than just basic 5G access to fulfill your business needs. You need smart and secure solutions. And, AT&T 5G can reshape the future of your business by redesigning business mobility in the smartest way possible. It will do so by providing:

Improved Connectivity

More devices can connect to the network without slowing down or experiencing performance issues.

Low Latency

Low latency is critical for faster computing of info. 5G increased capacity makes room for more processing capabilities which a business typically needs. Plus, it makes near real-time transfer of data a reality—giving an edge to operations in a great many industries.

Faster and More Reliable Speeds

Combined with ultra-low latency, blazing-fast speeds ensure a strong and reliable connection—one that supports complex apps and services critical to the running of a business.

Better Experiences

5G creates an array of possibilities for businesses, particularly the tech-driven ones. From video support and new flavors of IoT to consumer experience and real-time communication, growth opportunities are endless with 5G. That is why it is believed 5G holds an incredible potential to change the future of businesses in this digital age. With the right tools and strategies put into place at the right time, you can expect to gain an edge as 5G comes to dominate the market.

Final Takeaway

5G access in today's time is nothing less than a digital revolution. With AT&T 5G plans, you can enjoy faster speeds and real-time data transfer which makes for an overall improved online experience! If you don't have 5G available in your area yet, don't fret! AT&T 5G network infrastructure is continuously expanding and is soon expected to cover every city in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does AT&T offer 5G access in Mississippi?

Yes AT&T offers 5G internet in Leake County, Jackson and Tunica in the state of Mississippi.

Does AT&T offer 5G access in North Carolina?

Yes, it offers 5G internet in Anson County, Hickory, Charlotte and Yancey.

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