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Ultra-Fast Mediacom High-Speed Internet Services in Ankeny, Iowa

Mediacom high-speed internet performs faster than your average cable or DSL service in Ankeny, Iowa, and even delivers speeds rivaling that of pure fiber internet, but at inexpensive price points. Focused investment into boosting network output has helped Mediacom reap the fruits of fusion between fiber optic and coaxial cable TV infrastructure. By employing the DOCSIS 3.1 new-gen tech, Mediacom effectively delivers a high bandwidth to subscribers in 22 states. The dream of attaining superfast seamless online connectivity becomes a reality with Mediacom!

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Multiple Speed Tiers

Mediacom internet plans offer varying speeds starting from 60 Mbps – this lowest speed tier is more than adequate for standard online activities such as email and web surfing. As your internet needs intensify, and the number of connected users expands, you can step up to any of the next speed tiers – 100M, 200M, 500M all the way to 1 Gbps!

Xtream Wi-Fi

For stronger signals that reach every corner of your house, no matter what shape and size, Mediacom Internet comes with a standard in-home Wi-Fi setup. If you want to boost the signals even more, opt for WiFi 360. You can include more than one Extender too, for seamless connectivity, depending on the area that needs to be encompassed.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

With Xtream Wi-Fi hotspots strategically scattered across 7 states, you stay connected to Mediacom high-speed internet even when out and about on the streets of Ankeny, Iowa.

Total Defense™ Security Suite

The free security suite that comes with Mediacom internet plans protects up to 5 devices from malicious hackers and cybercriminals, while Parental Controls help you put in place extra protection for your children as they explore the online world.

Fun-Packed Mediacom Cable TV Services in Ankeny, Iowa

You cannot get bored even if you have been holed up inside the house for a good while with Mediacom cable TV as your only entertainment option. The service offers way too much variety on the televisual front for all budget sizes.

Three-Tiered Channel Lineup

You’re offered three different tiers of channel lineups to choose from by Mediacom. The Local TV package includes over 50 channels with basic programming and free HD. The Essential TV consists of 125+ channels with an array of programming options in vivid HD. While the Variety TV includes it all – a 170+ strong channel lineup with local, news, sports, and family programming – something for everyone!

Customize with Add-On Digital Paks

Get more out of your Mediacom TV package by including add-on Digital Paks. Premium channel subscriptions (HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®), Movies and Music Digital Pak, Sports & Information Digital Pak, Kids & Variety Digital Pak, Digital Pay-Per-View, and International Channels are all on the menu to cater to the broad range of individual cravings. Canales Latino, a Digital Pak that boasts all-round programming in Spanish, now includes an expanded variety.

The Complete TiVo® Experience

Mediacom TV packages include the intelligent TiVo® setup that comes armed with powerful tools. The TiVo® DVR lets you store up to 1,000 SD hours of video recordings and 150 hours of HD content. The smart TiVo® Search and Guide helps find your favorite shows effortlessly from the vast entertainment library. And the Xtream Voice remote, powered by TiVo®, does all the work at your command. With Mediacom and TiVo®, a traditional televisual experience undoubtedly transforms into one that is truly 21st century!

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Reliable Mediacom Phone Service in Ankeny, Iowa

Mediacom phone service offers a complete home connectivity experience as you bundle it with the internet at little to no cost whatsoever. The digital phone service boasts 15+ modern calling features that guard your privacy and security, and help streamline your daily communication. The Mediacom Phone also proves to be an effective connectivity backup for your home – no more fretting over poor reception resulting in dropped calls and distorted voice. The call quality and reliability you get to experience with Mediacom is bound to make you quit using your cell phone when at home.

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Unlimited Nationwide Calling

With the Mediacom phone, you can make unlimited local and long-distance calls across the 50 United States and to Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands, and still incur minimal cost.

WorldTalk Plans

As you opt for the Mediacom home phone service, you automatically get the WorldTalk30 plan for FREE, which lets you use 30 minutes every month for international calls. For more international calling minutes, you can subscribe to inexpensively priced WorldTalk200 or WorldTalk250 plans, and enjoy 200 or 250 minutes of international calling to landline and mobile phones in up to 87 territories.

Popular Digital Calling Features

The Mediacom home phone service comes fully optimized with essential and popular calling features. You can conveniently make 3-Way calls while telecommuting, trace call origin in case you find yourself at the receiving end of harassing calls, get Caller ID on TV so you don’t have to interrupt your favorite evening show and do so much more. The home phone service is designed to help you cut the struggle of keeping your every day communication organized.

Juicy Mediacom Bundles in Ankeny, Iowa

With Mediacom as you buy more, you save more. The provider offers the juiciest Mediacom Bundles in Ankeny, Iowa, which feature high-speed internet, cable TV, and home phone at a surprisingly good value for money.

You can choose to bundle the Mediacom internet service with either the digital phone or cable TV, or bundle them all in one fine Triple play package, whichever suits your lifestyle. Each Double and Triple Play comes with varying levels of internet speeds, from 60 Mbps to 1 Gbps. You can also ask the Mediacom Customer Service to include the channel lineup of your choice — Local TV, Essential TV, or Variety TV — depending on your budget and your love for TV entertainment. TV add-ons let you customize your bundle still more, helping you maximize the value of your investment. Lastly, the Mediacom home phone is a reliable alternative to your smartphone with nationwide calling and WorldTalk plans that only reflect as a minimal increase to your bill.

24/7 Mediacom Customer Service in Ankeny, Iowa

If you are still left wondering which package to go for, simply contact the Mediacom Customer Service in Ankeny, Iowa to help with picking a standalone service or a bundle that perfectly fits your unique set of needs.

The Mediacom customer support staff comprises of highly trained experts, well-versed in all things Mediacom - the individual plans and bundles available in your Ankeny, Iowa, add-ons to opt for, any conditions and limitations that may come along with the service, promotional and regular pricing, installation and activation charges, equipment rentals – just about everything you may want to know.

So call Mediacom Customer Support at 855-349-9315 to get help with your purchase process!

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