Feature Rich Mediacom TV Packages – Find Your Fit!

Mediacom Communications, in a bid to provide services comparable to those enjoyed by residents of big U.S. cities, offers countless smaller communities spread across 20+ states, feature-rich internet and TV bundles at economical price points.

Just like Mediacom Internet is able to offer you a variety of speed and data tiers through its ground-breaking fiber-cable infrastructure, which now runs on the DOCSIS 3.1 standard, the Mediacom channel lineup is also crafted to fit variations in consumer needs and wants. From a basic channel lineup, which includes the channels most watched by America, to a significantly extensive one, which includes programming from an array of genres, Mediacom TV brings something to suit a range of preferences.

Take a look at some popular internet and TV bundles, and subscribe to the one that rings the most bells for you!

Internet 300 + Variety TV

  • Download speeds up to 300 Mbps with powerful in-home Wi-Fi
  • 170+ local, cable, sports and music channels
  • TiVo intelligent Search & Guide with voice remote
  • Relish the incredible variety of On Demand titles
  • Take your TV everywhere with Mediacom TV app


For 12 months.
Plus monthly local broadcast station surcharge ranging from $17.10 to $24.62, monthly regional sports surcharge ranging from $1.99 to $12.23 and other monthly charges. Activation and installation fees apply.

Internet 1 Gig + Variety TV

  • Download speeds up to 1 Gbps with powerful in-home Wi-Fi
  • 170+ local, cable, sports and music channels
  • TiVo intelligent Search & Guide with voice remote
  • Thousands of On Demand TV shows and movies
  • Watch TV everywhere with Mediacom TV app


For 12 months.
Plus monthly local broadcast station surcharge ranging from $17.10 to $24.62, monthly regional sports surcharge ranging from $1.99 to $12.23 and other monthly charges. Activation and installation fees apply.

Why Choose Mediacom Cable Packages?

Not many service providers in the United States offer fiber-level speeds at prices as affordable as that of cable broadband. Fewer still, pitch in decently comprehensive TV entertainment and voice connectivity options to sweeten the deal, as well as Mediacom does.

Mediacom Communications has been catering to the connectivity needs of U.S. residents since 1995 – today it ranks among the top five residential cable service providers, offering over 7 million Americans a chance to make their lives more convenient and interesting.

Mediacom innovatively delivers fiber-rich internet employing coaxial cable lines only for the “last mile” between the Node and a subscriber’s location, alongside a contemporary TV service. With an impressive coverage across Georgia, Illinois and Iowa, in particular, Mediacom Cable thus continues to earn the approval of many smaller communities across 22 states. These are essentially cross sections of a population which would not otherwise have a chance to experience such top-notch residential telecom services.

So if you want to be part of the happy Mediacom Family, get yourself one of juiciest Mediacom cable packages. Contact Mediacom Customer Service to make your subscription now!

An Innovative Televisual Experience with Mediacom TV Packages

Staying true to the company’s guiding principle, Mediacom Cable designs its offers to be as value packed as the ones accessible to the mass population in the fastest growing U.S. metropolises. Mediacom TV packages neither lack richness of features nor technological innovation.

The extensive Mediacom channel lineup provides you with programming variations while gazillions of On Demand titles feed the thirst of every individual in the family - from young to old. Premium channels and other add-on options, which you can subscribe to spice up your in-home cinema, come in plenty. From the state-of-the-art DVR service and the intelligent guide & search options made possible by TiVo® to the Xtream Voice Remote and Xtream TV app powered by TiVo®, you get to experience televisual entertainment the 21st century way.


The TiVo® DVR lets you record and stream a whopping 1,000 SD and 150 HD hours of TV. No more fighting for the remote control, when hundreds of episodes can be recorded and streamed to any screen at home, that too at a time of your choosing. Be it a smartphone, tablet, or PC, everyone can now watch their TV favorites in peace, thanks to the multi-room feature furnished by the TiVo® DVR service.
The DVR service offers splendid ease. You can continue watching from where you last left the show, and you can resume on a different screen too. With the play-back, pause, rewind and fast-forward options, there is no chance of missing out on your favorite program for even a second.

TiVo® Search and Guide

The brilliant TiVo® search and guide on your TV home screen, lets you search thousands of titles with a mere keyword, actor name, or title. The integrated search powered by TiVo® is capable of fetching you results from across the full range of your subscribed TV programming, On Demand library, and available streaming network apps. If you are not in the mood to exercise choice, the guide will give you personalized recommendations to make the process still more convenient and hassle free.

Xtream Voice Remote

Just say what you like to watch and let the voice-activated remote do the rest. All you have to do is enable the microphone on the remote, and order it to play an episode from the selection of your shows or switch to a different app!

Mediacom Channel Lineup — Diverse Entertainment

Whether you are a sports devotee, music lover, news junkie, family TV champion, or you are simply fond of TV programming with a local touch, Mediacom TV presents the choicest packages for you.

Local TV

Perfect for a solitary individual or a small family, not too big on TV, this Mediacom TV package includes more than 50 channels with free HD. Discover local programming options with the likes of FOX & ABC, and enjoy the variety of shopping networks you get to access – from local educational programs to digital music, Mediacom’s Local TV covers it all!

Essential TV

Upping the entertainment ante by a mile, this Mediacom TV package includes more than 125 channels with a diverse collection – watch American favorites such as AMC, A&E, Comedy Central, FOX Sports 1, TBS, and much more. Essential TV covers all that is local to you, and beyond!

Variety TV

When each individual in a huge household has a unique taste for entertainment, the Variety TV package delivers something to keep everyone entertained. With a Mediacom channel lineup as extensive as 170+, you get every genre of programming a family could wish for.

Get More with Mediacom Add-ons

Think the extensive channel lineup and thousands of on-demand titles aren’t enough? Well, then include these awesome add-ons in your Mediacom TV package, and personalize it to your taste.

Premium Networks

Mediacom lets you add premium channels to your acquired bundle, even if you are already subscribed to it. Just choose and watch your favorite programs from one or more of your preferred channels i.e. HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, and STARZ® via your TiVo® box and Xtream TV app.

Digital PAKs

These Entertainment PAKS take customization to the next level as you include one or more Digital PAKS to your Mediacom TV.

Sports & Information PAK

If you are a sports aficionado and would like an entire sports channel lineup for yourself, subscribe to Sports & Information Pak that includes over 20 channels to cater to your sports obsession. With your Sports & Information PAK subscription, you will also get access to the NFL RedZone® that will never let you miss your Sunday afternoon game!

Kids & Variety PAK

If you are a family that loves to spend quality time watching TV favorites together, the Kids & Variety PAK from Mediacom will prove to be a great add-on. The offer is packed with 20+ channels & FREE HD.

Movies & Music PAK

If you are a movie and music fanatic, this add-on packs a punch with 15+ channels & FREE HD.

Digital Extras

Mediacom TV knows fun and entertainment should never be confined to borders. So you have an array of international programming options from across the continents – Canales Latinos, International channels with news, entertainment and sports from Europe to Asia, and the NFL RedZone® (requires subscription to the Sports & Information Digital PAK).

Contact Mediacom Customer Service to get your choice of international networks added to your TV subscription.

TV pic by Mediacom cable TV

Make Mediacom TV Mobile with the Xtream TV App

Who said cable TV entertainment can only be accessed by your TV set at home? Mediacom cable doesn’t think so, and equips the consumer with ways to watch their favorite TV anywhere, anytime. With your Mediacom TV subscription, you can watch your favorites while waiting or commuting, or while chilling at a picnic spot – just about anywhere you can access Wi-Fi. In fact, Mediacom offers you quite a few ways to access your favorite TV at a time and place, and on a device of your choosing.

You can log into watch.mediacomtoday.com with your Mediacom credentials and start killing boredom!

You can also download any of your favorite channel apps from your Mediacom lineup, log in with your Mediacom ID, and catch that game you have eagerly awaited.

Ever had a full-fledged TV experience on your smartphone? Well, the free Xtream TV App now makes it possible. Just connect to Wi-Fi, install the app on your device, and log in with your Mediacom credentials to relish the Live TV moments from your choice of hand-held screen. Find how comprehensive your control of the TV becomes with the Xtream TV app - schedule and manage your recordings or use your smartphone as a convenient replacement of the remote for your TV. With the Xtream TV app, subscribers can access programming options from their Mediacom channel lineup, and also watch content of all the premium channels included in their Mediacom TV subscription with TiVo®.

Mediacom On-Demand

Watch programming that ranges from timeless classics to the latest blockbuster hits, and do so on your own timeline. Just press that button on your remote to access Mediacom On Demand.

Besides free access to thousands of titles from your Mediacom channel lineup and any premium networks that you may have added on, Mediacom Cable affords you the golden opportunity to spoil yourself with a massive variety of movies and TV shows that you can order from.

Have a Problem? Contact Mediacom Customer Support

Experiencing an internet outage? The Wi-Fi is malfunctioning? The internet speed is lagging? Want to know more about Mediacom cable packages? Call Mediacom Customer Service at 1-855-349-9315 anytime, and get your problem resolved promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

The bundled price for the basic Mediacom TV and Mediacom Internet is $49.99/month* for the first year of your subscription. The package includes 50+ local cable TV channels and 60 Mbps-fast internet.

*Plus monthly local broadcast station surcharge ranging from $14.13 to $21.53. Activation fee applies.

To connect your Mediacom cable box to the TV via HDMI cable follow these steps:

  • Insert the HDMI connector of the HDMI cable into the Mediacom cable box. Ensure that the Mediacom cable box is already connected to the wall outlet via a coax cable.
  • Next, connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the television set.
  • Switch on the DVR box.
  • Press the “Input” or “Source” button on your remote. An Input or Source window will appear on your TV.
  • Choose the HDMI option. Your cable box and TV are now connected.

Note: In case of lack of HDMI port on your TV, use an RGB component cable to connect the cable box and TV, and use the corresponding TV input.

Simply switch it off with the remote. The Mediacom TV box automatically goes into standby mode if it remains inactive for four hours, although it continues to record as scheduled. If you want to change the default standby settings, press the “Home” button on your remote. Choose “Help and Settings” option. Then, select “Settings” and go to “Devices”. Find the “Power Saving Settings”, and choose the option that fits your preference.

The following steps will help you program your remote:

  1. Find the code for your television at urcsupport.com by selecting Mediacom as your provider.
  2. Choose the remote, which matches the one you have, and click on the code finder button.
  3. Scroll down and find the remote control setup section.
  4. Search the list and find the brand of TV you own.
  5. If you already know your TV model, enter it. If not, select the option “I don’t know my model number”
  6. The model numbers for your TV brand will be displayed for you to choose from.
  7. Now, scroll down and find a set of instructions that will direct you about programming the remote using the given codes.

Yes, Mediacom offers a variety of double and triple plays that include the cable TV service. Prices and features vary for each. Customers have the option to choose double or triple plays that include either the Local, Essential or Variety TV channel lineup.

Yes, Mediacom TV packages come with the option of TiVo® DVR that has a capacity to hold video content worth 1,000 SD and 150 HD hours. The Multi-Room DVR service lets you record and watch on any TV in your home.

Mediacom cable operates in 20+ states with dense coverage in Iowa, Georgia, and Illinois. If you want to determine whether or not Mediacom provides internet, cable TV, and phone services in your area, input your ZIP code in the BuyTVInternetPhone ZIP tool, and find the available Mediacom cable packages.

The Mediacom channel lineup varies according to the tier you choose. There are three levels of channel lineup available:

  • Local TV — 50+ Channels
  • Essential TV — 125+ Channels
  • Variety TV — 170+ Channels.

You can only subscribe to Mediacom TV service as part of highly affordable TV and internet bundles. You can also add feature-rich Mediacom home phone to your internet and TV package to add more value while saving up.

You are liable to pay a one-time service installation fee of $99.99 after subscribing to Mediacom TV. However, Mediacom may waive this fee for new customers who subscribe online. You may call 1-855-349-9315 for details.

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