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Looking to Watch TV with WOW!?

WOW! no longer offers a namesake TV service. You can now bundle reliable and fast WOW! Internet with YouTube TV at a discount. For more information on available offers visit this page.

TV entertainment?the one most common source of relaxation?and let us face it?a worthwhile escape for millions, is fast evolving. Not only in terms of content that is created, but how it reaches TV fans everywhere. From over-the-air to Cable and Satellite, and now streaming TV?we have a number of ways in which TV entertainment reaches our screens. Advancing technology and cut-throat competition have forced every service provider to evolve with time if it is to remain relevant for the consumer.

What you need to know about WOW!

Among the variety of internet and TV service providers in the U.S. industry, one such name is that of Wide Open West, better known as WOW!

With an estimated 859,200 subscribers, WOW! is easily one of the best-performing providers in its markets. The Colorado-based company was formed in 1996 and first began offering services to 200 people in the Denver area. Since then it has expanded to 19 markets in the Southeast and the Midwest. If you live in the following areas, you too can subscribe to their plans:

In recent years, WOW! has put in a concerted effort in shaping its product lineup so as to take the changing consumer preferences into account. The rising cost of cable TV programming coupled with the on-the-rise cord-cutting trend has no doubt hit the Cable industry pretty hard. But, WOW! has been quick at recognizing what must be done in order to retain customers.

Not only has WOW! Cable TV service has been optimized to deliver a more contemporary experience and kept as affordable as possible by creating internet and TV bundles, but the provider has ventured into streaming TV. After all, it is the charms of subscription VOD & lives TV streaming services that are driving hoards of cord-cutters to ditch traditional ways of accessing TV entertainment.

Thus?currently you’ll find WOW! Cable TV services available parallel to its new venture i.e. WOW! tv which is an IPTV service from the provider. At the same time, WOW! partners with popular subscription streaming services such as YouTube TV, fuboTV, sling, and Philo?giving consumers the opportunity to cut the cord while supporting their streaming passion with super-fast and affordable WOW! Internet.

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How to Stream WOW! Cable TV?

The WOW! Cable TV subscription by no means limits you to watch your favorite shows and movies on the TV in the living room. Rather the service brings together the traditional charm of Cable and the flexibility of streaming TV in one place. So you not only get access to an extensive cable lineup that includes broadcast, Cable, and Premium favorites, but the freedom to stream live and on-demand content on your tablet, computer, or smartphone?in the privacy of your own space.

Stream via the Web

Need to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy? Well, you can stream ABC live and On Demand with WOW!. All you need is to connect with the high-speed WOW! Internet connection, and tune in here using your WOW! credentials?username and password. And, if you’ve signed up for WOW! Large TV, you can stream the hottest shows from HBO Max™, SHOWTIME®, and Cinemax® On-Demand?at a time of your choosing, and on a screen of your liking.

Stream via Network Apps

You don’t always have to visit the WOW! online TV portal to stream content. If you are an “app-person” you can access favorites via available network apps as well?again all you’ll need is your WOW! credentials to sign in and start streaming!

Stream via the ULTRA App

WOW! Internet and TV subscribers who are equipped with ULTRA can stream their TV favorites via the ULTRA app when connected to the WOW! in-home Wi-Fi network via the ULTRA gateway. When away from home, you can always schedule DVR recordings ensuring you will be able to stream your favorite shows’ next episode once you are back home!

Streaming Your Favorites with WOW! tv

Just as 2020 came to a close, WOW! announced its WOW! tv ?an Android TV-based product that lets you stream TV?was accessible to people across 95% of the provider’s footprint. Having launched the product in Columbus, Ohio in March 2020, WOW! tv soon became a top choice in WOW! markets, as its reach continued to expand.

So, what is different about WOW! tv compared to WOW! Cable?

Essentially, the difference lies in how the service reaches you. The new WOW! tv is an IPTV service that gives you access to the same 3 tiers of TV plans as available with WOW! Cable?Small, Medium, and Large. As with WOW! Cable, you get access to live and on-demand content from networks included in your primary WOW! channel lineup?sports, news, shows, movies, local broadcast TV, premium networks?it is all there. You just get to stream it over the internet!

The service comes complete with contemporary features such as?

And here is what you need to run your WOW! tv service:

An Additional Perk of the WOW! tv Service

While not many devices are yet compatible with the WOW tv app, the Amazon Fire Stick definitely is! WOW! tv was launched on Amazon’s Fire TV Stick late last year. You can download the Watch WOW! app to get started?view lives channels, on-demand content, and more.

Stream with WOW! Internet & a WOW! Streaming Partner

WOW! partner with some of the best streaming services to make things easy for the growing number of cord-cutters, who love the sense of freedom that comes with a subscription to a streaming service, at rates more affordable than Cable TV. So when you sign up for WOW! Internet for your home, you can cut the cord and add any of these streaming services to your subscription.

Here is a list of streaming platforms that WOW! partners with:


YouTube TV





Terms apply

$64.99 /mo.
Terms apply

$35 /mo.
Terms apply







Simultaneously streaming on

3 devices

2 devices included?upgrade to 5

Up to 3 devices
*May vary based on service

3 devices

Profiles with subscription

6 profiles

6 profiles

1 profile

10 profiles

Final Words

There you go!

For all those TV watchers who prefer to stream their favorite content, in their own comfort zone and on a screen of their own choosing, WOW! indeed brings many options to choose from.

For families a WOW! Bundle with super-fast internet and Cable TV is still an ideal choice?it can keep everyone happy because the option to stream live and on-demand content is very much there. WOW! tv is just more contemporary in multiple ways, albeit it gives you the same choice of plans as available with Cable TV?along with ultra-fast WOW! internet speeds, it makes a great combo. While for streamers who just want to cut the cord now, WOW! Internet plans are ideal to pair up with a low-cost streaming service that covers most of their preferences.

This should help narrow down the list of platforms you can use. Call WOW! Customer Service at 1-844-343-1373 and speak to pros about what maybe the best fit for your needs and wants.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Does WOW! cable offer internet in my area?

WOW! operates in 19 markets across Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and South Carolina. To check the availability of WOW! services in your area call 1-844-343-1373 and speak to pros about what maybe the best fit for your needs and wants. 

Does WOW! cable offer streaming service?

WOW! does not have its own streaming platform, but it partners with some popular streaming platforms. You can pair up WOW! Internet with any of these for a cost-effective package. WOW! tv which is available across 95% of the WOW! a footprint is a popular and contemporary IPTV service, and together with fast internet makes a value-packed WOW! bundle. Call us at 1-844-343-1373 for more information.

How much does WOW internet cost?

WOW! internet plans start at the promo price of $29.99 with enrollment in AutoPay & paperless billing. Call us at 1-844-343-1373 for more information.